Current Nintendo Wii U Launch Line-Up Revealed

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Current Wii U Launch Line Up Revealed

Beyond just being the first major console release gamers have seen in six years, the launch of the Nintendo Wii U promises to bring with it a bevy of new titles to stand amongst the Zeldas and the Marios in the publisher’s long list of beloved games. While we’ve already been given some indication as to what titles might be launching alongside the exciting new console, that ongoing list of games has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

We still, at this point, don’t have any confirmation from Nintendo, but what we do have is the current launch line-up, as it stands right now. This list comes to us by way of Game Stop, who have compiled a list of all publisher’s projected Wii U releases, and when those titles might hit store shelves.

The list itself makes mention of many of the games that will already have released on other platforms — games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3 — but also includes some Wii U exclusives. Unfortunately, all the games listed are ones that Nintendo had previously unveiled to gamers either at E3 2012 or via one of the Nintendo Direct press conferences, but most of them should be out by this Holiday at the earliest.

A few of them, however, don’t even mention Holiday (which we assume to be before the end of 2012) but list ‘Launch Window’ as the release date. Not much has been revealed by Nintendo in regards to that launch window, but the one for Sony’s Vita lasted six months after the console released.

Wii U Launch Line Up

The games that Nintendo fans are going to want to keep their eyes on — games like New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, and Project P-100 — all should be released either by the end of the Holiday season or within the aforementioned launch window. Clearly, as they’ve already explained, Nintendo doesn’t want another console to release without some solid content to back it up. Obviously the quality of said content is subject to opinion, but gamers can’t argue there won’t be something to play at launch.

It’s also important to note that this is only the Wii launch lineup as it stands currently, and is subject to changes, both additions and subtractions. While titles like Arkham City: Armored Edition are definite day 1 releases a few of these games might slip outside of late 2012/early 2013.

Which Wii U launch title are you most excited to get your hands on? Does this selection of launch titles feel like enough of a selling point for a new console?

Nintendo’s Wii U releases this Holiday.

Source: Zelda Informer

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  • DrSamBeckett

    Pikmin is the big one there for me I think, and maybe Super Mario Bros and Nintendo Land

    But it all depends on how much this is going to cost. The Wii was a hit because it had a very reasonable price upon release, I hope Nintendo know this and price the Wii-U accordingly. Anymore than £250 and I don’t see myself getting one.

  • Jordan

    I just don’t care… I’m sorry too little way too late. Nintendo was great before they started going so far from the norm with wii. I’ve been through it all, being 30, I remember unboxing that nes in the mid 80’s. I took super Nintendo over genesis, 64 over ps1 and GameCube over ps2. Bought a wii, realized it wasn’t designed for gamers and sold it. Never looked back at Nintendo. I still think GameCube is one of the greatest systems ever released. We have lived in a world where everyone owns a 360, ps3 or both so why buy another console to play the same games. If they released a true hd Mario kart and metroid than maybe but that would still be a struggle.

  • Matt

    I’m not getting the Wii U, but if I were, I would be disappointed in this launch line-up. There are only a handful of games I would want. This line-up is missing a Mario Party game and a Mario Kart game.

  • UnbuildTheGame

    I counted at least 10 games from this list of 30 that have already released, or will release before the Wii U launches, on other consoles. Aside from one or two titles, excluding those 10, this lineup is complete garbage. Ben 10? Family Party? Wii Fit U? Seriously? Am I the only one that foresees this console being as casual and ludicrous as the Wii?

    • SuperTrainStationH

      Cartoon franchise games like Ben 10 are on ALL systems.

      I guess it only detracts from the platform if its on Nintendo though.

      • UnbuildTheGame

        I didn’t say it wasn’t on all systems, I said the launch lineup sucks. when those games are the only games people who own the system can play, what’s the point in buying the system? Sure, there are some crappy games on there that are on 360 and PS3, but I have other choices of games with those two consoles. With the Wii U, at least for 2012, the choices are crappy games, or games we’ve already played.

  • Hunter

    Pikmin 3 is definitely the one I’m most excited for, but I am happy with the line-up as there are at least six games that I want to play for it when it launches.

    • Jordan

      10 games?! Have you been living under a rock the last year?

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    Tank! Tank! Tank!
    Pikmin 3
    Project P-100
    Lego City
    New Super Mario Bros U
    Rayman Legends
    Aliens: CM
    Scribblenauts: Unlimited

    IMHO that’s a pretty solid launch line-up. When the Wii launched, what was there? Zelda? That was about it, or else that was all I was interested in. When the PS3 released, we got what? Cod 3, Resistance, Marvel: UA? Personally, I’d take any one of the Wii U titles I listed over anything that launched with the PS3. Granted some of the games like Aliens: CM won’t drop until February, but if they gave me just a couple of these games on launch day, I’d be a pretty happy gamer. If I could get ZombiU, Pikmin 3 and Tank! Tank! Tank!, that would keep me sedated for a while.
    Then there’s AC 3, Darksiders II and Tekken Tag 2, but those will release sooner for the other consoles and I don’t want to wait. :) Overall though, it’s pretty well rounded line-up. You got family, action, sport, racing, shooter, platformer, strategy. I’m really quite pleased so far with their offerings, not just as a Nintendo Fanboy but as a gamer in general.

  • Egad1

    I will get one even though most of those games don’t interest me. I have been buying Nintendo stuff for almost fifteen years now and I am going to keep buying them. Even if it is just for metroid.

    • Jordan

      that is a really bad reason why “just to buy” one. Anyways, metroid has only been discussed in this thread. There is no official announcement for it.

  • Daniel

    Nintendo knows what they are doing… Nintendo keeps changing and revitalizing the video game market. Right now video games in general are hurting. If we could find a more intuitive way to play like how the Wii u plays, it might generate sales, not to mention Sony and Microsoft will jump on the bandwagon. Just look at at motion controlled gaming PlayStation move and kinect. Either way the controller is cool and if u don’t like it, by the dedicated gaming controller. Nintendo has finally found a way to appeal to casual and hardcore gamers.

    • Dovahkiin

      All nintendo has done is had good ideas, wih poor execution. The move is way better than the wii, idk aboit the kinect. This seems like a good idea, but who knows if it will do well.