Nintendo Reveals 23 Games That’ll Launch Alongside Wii U

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Wii U Launch Titles

Nintendo is preparing to release the successor to one of the best selling video game consoles of all time, and consumers in general are all getting pretty excited. GameStop has already been forced to put a stop on Wii U pre-orders after blowing through its initial stock, and retailers everywhere are likely experiencing similar demand. While all of these pre-sales are a good sign that Nintendo’s next-gen hardware will fare well at launch, a gaming platform is only as strong as the content it has backing it.

Nintendo previously confirmed that there will be over 50 games arriving within the Wii U’s “launch window” (which begins on November 18th and ends on March 31st), but many gamers have been wondering what kind of content will be available alongside the system at launch. Today Nintendo has clarified that a grand total of 23 titles will be available on day-one of the Wii U’s release, and they should keep the masses entertained long enough to get new software onto the market. The initial roster of titles is filled with third-party blockbusters and desirable first-party content, but anticipated games such as Mass Effect 3 and Rayman Legends are noticeably absent.

The following games will all be available alongside the Nintendo Wii U at launch:

A few other games will be arriving at some point in November, while the rest have just been given a generic “launch window” release status. The following titles arrive within the same month, if not the same day, as the Wii U does in North America:

What’s very odd about the press release we received is that it makes no mention of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate arriving on the Wii U at any point before March 31st, which may be a sign that the Wii U version of the title has been pushed back. Meanwhile, the absence of games like Rayman Legends and Mass Effect 3 at launch are definitely felt by gamers who’ve been eyeing up Nintendo’s soon-to-be-released platform, but hopefully they’ll both be arriving some time before the Holidays.

The Wii U launches on November 18th.

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  • Matt

    Not too bad, but definitely not great.

    • veltar

      better than the 3DS release day titles.

      • UnbuildTheGame

        That’s not much of an achievement.

  • mike

    Literally nothing on that list to make me want a Wii u. Not one game. Shame really, cause I’d like to be excites about it.

  • Jeff Schille

    No Pikmin 3 and no Rayman Legends. Bummer.

    • Riley Little

      Agreed. :(

  • Conner

    I get Nintendo Land with the console and if I picked up Sonic Racing, Assassin’s Creed 3 and New Super Mario Bros U… I should be set. This is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

  • UnbuildTheGame

    The Wii U, to me, won’t be worth the money until Zelda, Super Smash Bros., or the new 3D Mario platformer releases. I liked what they did with Galaxy, but I didn’t feel like I connected with it as much as 64 and Sunshine. I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s new gimmicky-but-fun Mario game, whenever it’s released.

    • Riley Little

      I had the same problem with Galaxy 1 and 2. Something about it just didn’t gel with me. Mind you, they were both fun critically acclaimed games, but they just don’t stand out quite like Super Mario 64 does.

      I think it’s about time Miyamoto let us jump through some paintings again.

      • UnbuildTheGame

        I agree. I’m surprised to learn that people didn’t like Sunshine as much as 64. I loved the F.L.U.D.D.; I thought it allowed for more interesting puzzles and gameplay than 64. Plus the camera in 64 was garbage compared to Sunshine. The gameplay in Galaxy just seemed cumbersome, and at times, even a little confusing. It seemed like gameplay was slower in Galaxy than the previous two. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Sunshine 2, or even a game like SM64 where it didn’t have a unique gameplay hook, but rather just collecting stars while utilizing new features in the tablet.

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    The largest launch day library in history and people are still complaining.

    Myself included.

    Where the hell is The Wonderful 101!!!

    Yeah, Zombie U, SMB, Epic Mickey 2 and Nintendo Land will keep me occupied for awhile. But I want my Project P-100! Damn it.

  • boogoo

    I wonder how big the online community will be for games like Black Ops 2 and AC3.

    • Dante

      It depends, are you of the belief that PS3 & 360 users are going to drop their current consoles, friends lists, achievements/trophies, and huge established player bases for a Nintendo system?

      Nintendo can rely on selling Nintendo games, but beyond that…

    • unbuildthegame

      Dante has a point. Most people who would play these games online will already have them on 360 or PS3, so I doubt they’ll have a huge presence, at least for the first year, on the new system.

  • DrSamBeckett

    Very disappointed by the lack of Pikmin 3. That was the game I was looking forward too, but Zombi-U, New Super Mario Bros and Nintendo World look like good fun titles.

  • Yuuchun

    Should have put Monster hunter on it day 1. Nothing on this list to get me to buy one before march first.