Nintendo Confirms New Console/Wii 2/Stream

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New Nintendo HD Console Confirmed

With the sheer amount of reports leaking from from a variety of sources to outlets everywhere about Nintendo’s upcoming console, it became impossible to believe that it wasn’t true. It also helped that gamers know Nintendo was falling behind big time on the tech from with the Wii and that it became obsolete with the advent of Sony and Microsoft’s release of motion controls for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively.

Then came word from Shigeru Miyamoto himself that of course Nintendo had a new console in the works, revealing that they started work on it right after the Wii released. Reports indicated that Nintendo would announce their new console (Wii 2?) sometime soon, with a full reveal at E3. If you’ve been waiting for this moment, the Nintendo Wii 2 is officially debuting in 2012.

The new, more powerful HD Nintendo console has no official name, just confirmation that it is in fact, on its way for a 2012 release. The news comes via a financial report update to shareholders which explains that they did not include sales of the “Wii successor” in their latest financial forecasts. The best part of the small update, is that not only are they bringing it to E3 in June, but that the model they’re going to showcase will be playable, much like the Nintendo 3DS was!

Here’s the update if you wish to see it in their own words:

Nintendo official Nintendo Wii 2 Announcement

Hopefully, Nintendo sends out a press release soon with more details, but it’s likely they’ll hold back details on its design, name and possible launch titles until E3 so they can make even more headlines then.

For more information on the tech specs, controller designs, console name and what the Nintendo Stream (rumored name) may look like, check out the following:

Are you surprised that the rumors of the Nintendo console coming soon are true?

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  • Dante

    Nintendo Steam – as in running on.

    C’mon Nintendo, I have loved you for years, NES, Gameboy, Super NES, N64, Gamecube…then you gie us the Wii??? Really? …what should have been a peripheral controller/expansion for the Gamecube as a “new” system!?!?!?

    This better be good Nintendo. No, not good, this better blow us away!

  • DaimyoNintendo

    No, I am not surprised at all. Wii failed in one way but in another way it was Nintendo’s most successful console. But in the sheer number of ways it was lacking, I had a feeling Nintendo would NOT put out a Wii 2 and would release a more powerful console. But yes I do want Nintendo to return to the big league it was in with during the NES and SNES days.

  • Riley Little

    Finally! It’s about time they admitted to the existence console. Now if only they could release some official information, images, and games currently under development.

  • buy gold

    Other apparent inferiorities include less grass rougher antialiasing and lower framerates..How pish poor is that Im an xbox man so no problem for me but would feel slightly let down if I owned a ps3 especially since they both are next gen consoles and should both run at the same resolution.. I didnt know this but apparently they had the same problem with GTA4 maybe the game engine and blu ray just dont encode to well?