What We Loved About The PlayStation 4

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What We Loved About the PS4

PS4 Logo Sony finally took the liberty of addressing the elephant in the room during this week's grand PlayStation 4 unveiling, and (as is usually the case) it was met with equal amounts of excitement and scrutiny. Now that we've had some time to digest the massive amount of information pertaining to Sony's newly announced platform, a few members of the Game Rant staff have decided to chime in on some of the things they are looking forward to with the PS4. Be it a particular game, feature, or the pure processing power of the hardware, there's no shortage of reasons to be excited for the console. So without any further delay, let's jump right into some of the things we loved about the PlayStation 4.

The Next Generation Is Finally Here

Killzone PS4 Screenshots By: Riley Little It wasn't the gorgeous Killzone: Shadow Fall or the new sharing features that got me excited for the PS4 — it was the promise of something new. My passion for the current generation of console gaming has been running thin for a while now, with more and more titles failing to offer anything new or exciting. But new consoles (the PS4, specifically) will permit developers to expand their ideas even further and craft some truly original content. If more games like Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs are en route for the console, then it's hard not to be excited for the future of gaming. Gamers have been stuck with the current lineup of consoles for far too long, and the new generation should provide a breath of fresh air for consumers around the globe. Sony, it's time to bring on the PlayStation 4. We're beyond ready. - You can follow Riley on Twitter @TheRileyLittle.

PS4 Needs to PS Move Over

Media Molecule PS4 Screenshots By: Kyle Matthews Despite a somewhat lackluster appearance by Media Molecule last night, Alex Evans made an interesting nod towards a new title. Stating the intention to "marry [the PS Move controller] with the power of the PlayStation 4," Evans assured viewers that something new is coming, and that Media Molecule "are going to revolutionize 'making'." In a short demonstration that may have been the most captivating part of the event for me, the MM team showed off three-dimensional sketching and modelling using the PS Move — a wonderful concept in theory, but the final result has yet to be seen. While many would love to have seen a glimpse at a more fleshed out title, the technology shown was intriguing, showing that Sony still has a sense of fun and creative playfulness left over — and is ready to move ahead toward new and uncharted (no pun intended) territory with the PS4.

The Promise of E3

PS4 By: Kevin Moonlight I was less intrigued with the talk of all the hardware and specs of the PlayStation 4; largely in part because most of it goes way over my head. Instead, I was more fascinated about how Sony handled the showcase. It's clear that this whole thing was orchestrated to talk about the hardware, features, and especially the controller — that much is obvious — but the most prominent subject that the company kept pushing was the 'Share' button. The ability to stream (and I've labelled as the "Assist Me" helpline) are nice features, I doubt I'll be using them, but it's nice to have. Leaving the reveal of the console, along with more game reveals, to occur at E3 is probably the best move, and should keep the hype train rolling all the way to the system's release this holiday season.

Sharing is Caring

PS4 Lets Play By: Travis Grosz People share thousands of hours of gameplay footage daily on sites such as YouTube, much to the amusement of everyone. Some have even made it a full time job, uploading videos daily, often commenting during gameplay for the sake of comedy. Sony seems to understand how widespread and important this market is with the addition of the new "share" button on its DualShock 4 controller. This addition will allow you to record gameplay footage and upload it to a social site immediately, and gamers will never be taken out of the game while they upload the vids either. This seems to be a smart move on Sony's part since a huge portion of people watch “Let’s Play”-like videos daily, and some consumers even decide to buy a game because of them. Of course, only time will tell what this means for actual game sales.

Bungie-Inspired, Sony-Made

PS4 PSN By: Kalen Nelson During the Sony PS4 presentation, there was one particular feature I was actually most captivated and excited about. I am actually super stoked for the Sharing ability of the system. One of my all-time favorite social experiences was Halo 3 and its Forge and Theater features. I loved the social aspect of taking the awesome, and in some cases funny, events that occur in my game and sharing them with my friends. That one feature kept me hooked on the game months longer than a normal title did, so bringing that theater-type feature to all of my game experiences on the PS4 is going to be amazing. I get the feeling that Watch_Dogs will be a particularly fun game to share clips from.

The Future of Console Connectivity

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 By: Brian Sipple A "Share" button? Really? The new addition to Sony’s DualShock 4 seemed innocuous, even a bit trivial, when it was leaked in January.  We share everything in our lives today after all through the prism of social networking — is it really so revolutionary to replicate the dynamic on a gaming console? Apparently, it might be. After learning about Sony’s intended uses for the button at this week's press conference — over-the-shoulder spectating, controlling another player's game session, instant real-time uploading to Ustream — I wasn't blown away, but it was striking to hear just how seamless the PlayStation 4's interface truly sounds. All of these concepts — not to mention other planned features like streaming games to the Vita and playing trials straight from the storefront — would be insufferably tedious at best on the architecture of today’s PSN and Xbox Live. Here, however, they're native and nimble. Execution, of course, like the PS4 itself, remains to be seen. But a button I was once ready to write off as a gimmick now appears aligned for limitless innovation — and bodes well for an age of console connectivity that’s only just beginning. - You can follow Brian on Twitter @Brian_Sipple.


PS4 Logo Thus concludes some of the things that a few members of the Game Rant crew are looking forward to with the release of the PlayStation 4. The Sharing functionality has proven to be a rather popular feature, but there are still a number of other functions and games that people are eager to get their hands on when the system hits retailers later this Fall. What features are you most anticipating on the PS4? Which of the announced games are you most excited for?

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  • ATG

    “…a huge portion of people watch “Let’s Play”-like videos daily, and some consumers even decide to buy a game because of them.”

    That is so true.

    Can’t wait for E3.

  • angel Zaragoza

    I just hope they have the PS1-PS3 library like a Nexflix feature through the PSN Cloud. That would be awesome. Even better if they made it part of Playstation Plus membership.

    • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille

      Would you be willing to pay a subscription fee for such a service?

      • Shalkowski

        This, plus all of the benefits that PS Plus comes with now? Hell yeah I would! You would be crazy not to subscribe if this would be the case. And the best part is, it’s optional.

      • GrayGriffon

        honestly? i wouldn’t mind paying a subscription fee for that at all!
        that would be awesome! =D
        i mean microsoft charges you to freak’n pay online, “Xbox live membership” always felt like a big rip off to me. but i never felt that way with a PlayStation plus membership, because they actually GIVE you something worth your money!
        so if some one made an online game library with all the classics? i’d totally pay for it! (whether or not it came with a playstaion membership)

  • Mike

    I think what impressed me the most was hearing developers comment on how much the architecture is geared towards making their lives easier. I think Sony really learnt a lesson with how difficult ps3 was to develop for, I’m hoping now with the ps4 they will have the power and ease of development to make this a killer platform. All eyes on you Microsoft, this is going to get interesting.

  • Josh Calkins

    Oh good! Can I be the first to hate this because it’s Sony?

    Only a joke. I can’t wait.


    i for one use gaming tips via youtube all the time, so to be able to get stuck on a level have one of my online buddies jump in is the icing on the cake…now i may finally achieve a platinum trophy, lol

    • DoublezZ

      I feel u Big time on this 1 dude!!! Lmao!!!

  • Arcane

    I think the share button might be pretty good at first, and not many people will use it, but the people that actually DO record. Though in time, I think it might become useless once everyone starts doing it and uploading, then there either won’t be time to watch the let’s plays because they’re doing their own or there will be just too many videos. Regardless, it’s a revolutionary action for Sony to put out. My opinion is only a downhill idea, whereas it can go many ways. So I’ll stay very optimistic to see the future of gaming.

  • ashley

    so when can we se what the console looks like

  • DoublezZ

    New and old partners + region free!!! I feel a lots and lots of good titles coming!!! New looking controller and with new features (gasp) Finally!!! Graphics more than a huge step up!!! Yes-in-freakin-deed!!! Instant communications with PSN Buddies whether in a game or home!!! SWEETNESS!!! And instantaneous remote-plat to vita and othe handhelds!!!! Beyond EPIC!!! All this together!!!!! WORDS I JUST CAN’T SEEM TO FATHOM!!! *_*

    • Varteras

      Sir! SIR! Step away from the exclamation point slowly, sir! Nice and easy… nice and easy. Let’s be cool about this so everyone gets to go home.

      • DoublezZ

        lol my bad =P XD just trying to get a point across!!

      • Rebanks