What We Should Have Seen at Sony’s PS4 Reveal

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  1. I was honestly hoping for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, or at least it being announced as a launch title for the system. I know E3 is going to have a new FF title announced for the system; but I’m hoping that it’s a cover up for Versus or just renaming it Final Fantasy XV.

  2. GOD OF WAR… why would they have that at a ps4 event, not to mention ascension is coming. id wait for that at E3.

    yeah, naughty dog not being their was weird… never expected that.

    we have this year to get info… they games they announced are not the only games coming, they have to show off and be the talk of the town at E3

    • Chances are that Uncharted 4 or something Uncharted related is coming, but Naughty Dog doesn’t like to show off their stuff until it’s nearly done. They also hate announcing release dates before they’re sure that it’s a done deal so that they don’t rush like they were forced to on Uncharted 3.

  3. Regarding Naughty Dog and Insomniac, Insomniac said they are done with the Resistance franchise which is probably for the best, and Naughty Dog is in the final throes of production on the Last of Us, it’s possible that they don’t actually have something to show. By the way Riley your commercial idea is great.

    • there are two teams in naughty dog, the second team is working on something not announced

    • haha I wish I could take credit for that idea, but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. That commercial was the brainchild of my friend Brian Sipple. I’ll agree with you, though, it is a wicked idea for an ad.

  4. This list seemed to whine too much about sequels. God Of War is getting another game not even a month away. Uncharted can rest for a few years, 3 was good, but it felt too mandatory. And TWO slides about The Last Guardian?

  5. Sorry to rant here, but I thought the Sony event played out like an extended train wreck. Most of the games’ graphics looked no better than today’s — and in some cases (the wintry scene outdoors) they looked worse. The tepid and sometimes non-existent audience applause added to this sense of failure. The biggest response came for a somewhat ridiculous game of Let’s Make a Puppet Band.

    Watch Dogs seemed boring — too much extensive walking and running about — as opposed perhaps to climbing into high performance or futuristic vehicles. I mean, open worlds are nice, but was that really the most exciting clip they could have shown us? A police car hits a hard pylon?

    Stocks for social media have been tanking recently. So Sony seems to have committed full-bore to a fading phenomenon. It’s gonna get pretty old pretty fast to see my facebook timeline choked with gameplay clips from friends and family. Nor do I want anyone talking in my ear who isn’t in the game playing beside me — and forget about inviting someone else to beat the hard parts FOR me! That would be a tad pathetic.

    Sony should have focused upon diversifying gameplay — knocking us out with an innovation, one more exciting than the latest FPS or RPG. Surely we haven’t exhausted every idea under the sun. Maybe the Wifi capability of the Vita could have been extended to controllers, so that gamers could use their touchscreens as playscreens on the go.

    At the very least, create game titles that are milestones for their genres — like the most difficult game ever(e.g. Ninja Gaiden or Dark Souls.) In other words, set a new mark of some kind. Do something worth the challenge.

    What I saw the other evening was a tired race toward the middle of the pack.

    • You’re right…I wasn’t impressed with the graphics at all.

      • Consider it was streaming as well, I know my stream quality was terrible.

    • Watch Dogs looks incredibly badass. Not every game has to be a run and gunner. This is strange, most people are looking forward to it. I guess not every one wants different out of the box gameplay..

      • I don’t understand your “run and gunner” comment. The trailer shows a guy running around with his gun drawn. I hope you’re right though and Watch Dogs turns out to be an innovative, out of the box game. But I didn’t see any sign of this in the trailer at the reveal — where it should have been on proud display.

        My rant was primarily a criticism of the Sony event, and only secondarily of that ho-hum trailer. But truth be told, I’d just as soon skip the hacking challenges in most games if I could; so I’m not really interested in an entire game of hacking. To each his own though.

  6. Gamers make a huge mistake in assuming they were the target audience for this presentation. There were three groups specifically targeted with this presentation; Developers, tech press and investors. Gamers will get their due at E3.

    All sources indicate Sony will report a profit for 2012, showing a strong balance sheet. This presentation will show investors Sony has a strong future, largely by trying to excite developers and tech press. This presentation was about boosting Sony’s stock price. So if you evaluate the presentation by that goal, I’d say a big mission accomplished for Sony.

  7. It feels like there’s something else missing…what was it? oh yeah, THE CONSOLE

  8. Imagine what would have happened if they announced Star wars battlefront 3 here, as a launch title. I hope that Disney now pushes for the game to be made since the first two and to a lesser extent the psp version were great hits.

  9. Im definetly looking forward to a next gen Uncharted title for the PS4.

  10. Naughty Dog have already mentioned that they are going to make a PS4 title but that their going to get accustomed to the PS4 first.

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