PlayStation Meeting 2013 ‘See The Future’ Live Blog Recap [With Full Presentation Video]

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Game Rant is on-site for Sony‘s highly-anticipated “See The Future” PlayStation Meeting 2013, where the company is expected to reveal the PS4 at 6pm EST/3pm PST. We’ll be bringing you highlights from the event – which is likely to include the official unveiling of the PlayStation 4, along with a redesigned controller, game streaming service, a possible God of War 4 reveal, not to mention a PS3 price cut.

We’ll write-up a thorough summary of the event shortly after it concludes but you can watch the Sony Live Stream feed below – and keep refreshing the page for live updates and in-depth information.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our full “What to Expect From Sony’s PS4 Event Today” rumor round-up, this nostalgic PlayStation brand retrospective, as well as select PS4 speculation pieces from the last few weeks below:

Watch full 2-hour presentation here:

Liveblog Updates:

Here’s a list of the notable Sony announcements as they occur… beginning at 6pm EST.

The show is starting with opening comments:

  • Strengthening the PlayStation ecosystem through hardware, software, and networking.
  • The gamer, not the living room, is the focal point of the gaming experience.
  • Expanding PlayStation Vita to the living room – more on that later in 2013.
  • Revolutionizing the console and entire portfolio of products.

PlayStation 4

  • Available Holiday 2013
  • No pricing or physical hardware images yet.
  • Sony thinks of PlayStation as a leading authority on play.
  • Discussing the evolution of the PS3 and how it informs the PS4

Several goals:

  • Nothing comes between the platform and the player.
  • System architecture supports consumer experience.
  • Wanted to hear from developers.
Tech Specs:
  • Supercharged PC Architecture
  • X86 CPU
  • Highly Enhanced PC GPU
  • 8GB High Speed Unified Memory
  • Local Storage Hard Drive
Dual Shock 4 Controller:
  • Touchpad
  • Share Button
  • Headphone Jack
  • Light Bar: Stereo camera that tracks the 3D position of the controller.
Five Key Principles in Crafting PS4 Architecture:
  • Simple – Just a Button Press Away, User Friendly
  • Immediate – Reduces Lag, Suspending/Resuming Game with a Single Button Press.
  • Integrated – Background Processing, Digital Titles Playable While Downloading.
  • Social – Dedicated Always On Video Compression and Decompression, In-Game Recording and Sharing, Browse Live Game Video, Friends Social Network that extends outside of the console (Vita, Smart Phones, etc).
  • Personalization – The system learns your likes and dislikes, preloaded digital content can be preloaded.
Gakai Technology/PSN:
  • Try games immediately in the PlayStation Store
  • Facebook and Ustream Partnerships – Create the first quality Social Gaming Network
  • Share Button on Dual Shock 4 – Broadcast your gaming session in Real-Time live.
  • Friends can comment on your play session or even take over your controller to assist in tough spots.
  • New spectating tools for developers.
  • Remote play is built into the PS4 architecture using PS Vita. Longterm goal is to make all PS4 games playable on PS Vita. Uses Gaikai technology to make remote play snappy and immediate.
  • PSN remote functionality to include video and music unlimited, Netflix, Hulu, and legacy PS1, PS2, PS3 titles.
  • PlayStation Cloud Services to be detailed later this year.


  • New “synergy” between hardware, software, and the online network.

Stay tuned for full write-ups and trailers but here are the games that have been previewed during the event:

  • Knack – Animated style hack and smash action game.
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall – Killzone Sequel
  • Driveclub – Team-Based Racing
  • Infamous: Second Son – Infamous Follow-Up
  • The Witness – Puzzle Game from Braid Developer Jonathan Blow
Developer Tech Presentations:
  • Quantic Dream – Highly Detailed Character Models
  • Media Molecule – Move Controller 3D Sculpting

Third Party Developers:


  • Panta Rhei Engine
  • Deep Down – Medieval Action Game. New IP.
Square Enix:
  • Showing the Luminous Engine again. Watch the video here.
  • Teasing new Final Fantasy title for E3 2013.
Blizzard Entertainment:
  • Blizzard and Sony have entered into a strategic partnership to take over the world.
  • Diablo 3 available for the PS3 and PS4.
  • Playable at PAX East. Further details to come.
Activision and Bungie:
  • Destiny – New In-Engine Footage – Check out Game Rant’s prior coverage of Destiny.
  • Exclusive playable content for PS3 and PS4.
That’s it for the PlayStation Meeting 2013. Check back for full write-ups on the site detailing the games and hardware announcements.

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  • Atomic Gumshoe

    wow I only saw about half the stream but from the comments I’m reading people do not seem impressed. (For the record I am)

  • ATG

    This is the announcement of the PS4, guys. It’s not for the games, but to show case what it is capable of and its new features.

    The games shown were not too impressive but the capabilities are. Killzone and Watch Dogs stood out to me. Overall, I enjoyed the show. It wasn’t E3 or anything but got the point across.

  • Chaos707

    I’m an xbox fan boy and I was really impressed by this conference. I really hope Microsoft decides to do the same by having a stronger focus on gaming. On a side note, the last PlayStation console I had was the PS2. Great console, and I miss it. I’m actually considering getting a PS4 now.

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    Will you be able to rent games on Gaikai, or will just be demos? God it would be awesome if you had the entire playstation library to rent instantly, at the touch of a button. It seems like the obvious thing to do

  • Ryuhza

    I liked it, and unless the price is out of this world, I think I’m sold.

  • HelghastUser

    The only game that stood out to me was Watchdogs. Everything else was cool(Except KZ) to see even if it didn’t build a significant amount of interest..

    The PS4 sounds pretty cool so far and like its capable of so much so far but it due to its Heavy heavy focus on Social networking and such that it doesn’t have me sold as of yet. The game capture though is absolutely great…..

  • Varteras

    Not sure if this has been pointed out yet but everything I have read about the new Killzone says it’s a sequel set 30 years after Killzone 3… not a prequel.

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