Leaked ‘Watch Dogs’ Poster Suggests Next-Gen Holiday 2013 Release

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Watch Dogs Next Gen Holiday 2013

Like crossing west over the International Date Line, crossing into the next generation of gaming consoles can leave developers and publishers in a strange, somewhat perplexing state of dilemma. How much longer should you focus on rapidly-outdating systems, cozy in the confines of a decade’s experience. And how willing are you to leave it all behind, embracing the reality that a new day has dawned?

Initially — and because for some it also makes perfect business sense — many triple-A studios are apt to target both generations. We expect it from Call of Duty, it’s already been confirmed for Bungie’s Destiny (which gets unveiled this Sunday!), and now it appears that Watch Dogs — Ubisoft’s open-world cyberpunk adventure thriller which dazzled at last year’s E3 — will be playing to the platform panopoly when it releases in late 2013.

Screens of a new Watch Dogs promotional poster have surfaced on Kotaku (click below to enlarge). The front side loudly advertises the game as a Holiday 2013 release set to be “available on all consoles;” the rear portion presents a quote from G4 proclaiming it as a “truly next-gen adventure.” With late 2013 believed by many to be the advent of Microsoft and Sony’s next consoles (or at the very least, one of the two’s); with Watch Dogs believed by many to be destined as a next-gen title the instant it appeared on the E3 stage, shimmering with graphically rich environments, textures, human animations and shootouts; we’d say it’s quite apparent that Ubisoft is developing its Chicago-set cyber-hacker for systems both known and presently awaiting reveal.

Watch Dogs Next Generation pre order

Watch Dogs Next Gen Consoles Release

But there is still the question of what, exactly, “all home consoles” means. Obviously, the family of Xboxs, the family of PlayStations and the family of Wiis could be construed as “home consoles.” But by the end of 2013, what of the Ouya (expected to release in June)? What of Project Shield (expected to release in Q2 2013)? What of the Steam console (expected to release… well, whenever Valve finishes it)? It’s a surprisingly peculiar term, “home consoles” — broad, ambiguous, and subject to change within the very near future.

And Ubisoft didn’t attempt to downplay any speculation when responding to the leaked photos, either. Here’s the statement given by Tony Key, Ubisoft senior VP of sales and marketing, regarding whether Watch Dogs has been confirmed for any particular platform:

“Ubisoft is pleased with the response for Watch Dogs from media and fans. The game is an original IP that has been created from the ground up at Ubisoft Montreal with inspiration from many titles and ideas the studio has worked on throughout the years.”

Deflective? Maybe. But perhaps the posters tell most of the story anyway. Casting players as Aiden Pierce — an anti-heroic hacker-extraordinaire capable of manipulating any computer device connected to a near-future Chicago’s “central operating system” — Watch Dogs undisputedly stole the show at E3 2012 by teasing a compelling crime-drama narrative, immensely deep gameplay, high-powered action and, as mentioned, a veritable next-gen vibe.

However Ubisoft’s “inspirations” and “ideas” come to fruition this Holiday, we hope the distribution of pre-order posters — similar to the way Bungie appears to be rolling out Destiny — suggests that more Watch Dogs details are well on their way. Could Ubisoft be gearing up to reveal more at Sony’s February 20th press event — perhaps with a brand new demo to accompany a PlayStation 4 reveal?

Watch Dogs releases in late 2013 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360… and anything else Ubisoft deems a home console at the time.

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Source: Kotaku

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  • ATG

    I’d rather not get it on current consoles, really looking forward to this and fingers crossed it’s next-gen.

  • Alter

    this well be a good game

  • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille

    G4 quote on the promo materials. Vintage!

  • Ryuhza

    Now THIS is a game that looks next-gen quality, so I’m not surprised.

  • pauly

    Of course its gonna be on both gen consoles. It makes sense, not everyone is gonna fork out hundreds of euro/pounds/dollars for a new console to play this game.

  • ios

    They should have made an NES Style version !

  • Jak Frost

    not gonna lie it looks to poor quality for next gen consuls

    • Truth

      No, it doesn’t. What do you expect next gen to look like? At most, it will look like the highest end PC games (as they are technically running on Next Gen hardware.)

      and Watch Dogs is on par with that, you have to take into account the games scale and how much information is being processed on screen at once. It’s impressive how much is able to go on at once in terms of AI, Physics and graphical performance at a high frame rate with maxed textures all the while maintaining a significant view distance with just as much continuing to go on within the rest of the City or however far before textures and information begin “popping up”.

      There’s a lot more to graphics than just…graphics – this game looks Next Gen.

      • Jak Frost

        Now Im not saying that this game doesn’t look amazing witch it does. Now what im expecting is something that looks like Beyond two souls or Kara. Now The last of us looks incredible and its not going to next gen if were upgrading I want to see a Huge amount of change. Not something thats barely noticeable. And btw the guy at e3 was playing the game an xbox 360 I think .