‘Watch Dogs': Multiplayer Player Count Confirmed & Console Resolution Differences

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Watch Dogs Multiplayer Player Count

Heading into the latter part of last year you’d be hard pressed to find a title, especially a next-gen title, more highly anticipated than Watch Dogs. After surprising us at E3 2012, Watch Dogs quickly skyrocketed towards the top of our must-play list due in large part to its unique approach to open world gameplay.

However, after a delay into 2014, we soon began to wonder whether the title might not deliver on its initial promises. Thankfully, our hands-on time with the game this week (read our preview) has proven the game is as successful as we’d hoped.

But while that hands-on time provided us with a good sense as to Watch Dogs‘ basic mechanics and gameplay opportunities, it was not focused on the finer details. For example, although Watch Dogs boasts an open world multiplayer experience we hadn’t heard exactly how many players the online element would support. Now we have confirmation that the player count will be 8. Not much more to say on the matter, unfortunately, but we have a firm player count.

On the flip side, a topic that will likely be getting a lot of (undue) attention over the next few months — prior to Watch Dogsrelease on May 27th — is the game’s frame rate and resolution. Shortly after the latest trailer for Ubisoft‘s game hit, many were questioning whether the title had loss some significant resolution since its E3 debut. Obviously, an announcement trailer is markedly different from a trailer comprised entirely of in-game footage, but there still seem to be some gamers bothered by the disparity.

Further exacerbating things were claims that Watch Dogs only runs at 900p on the Xbox One while the PS4 runs at the usual 1080p. Those claims were further supported by the below tweet from February.

Watch Dogs Resolution

With so much attention placed on the next-gen consoles, it’s no surprise that resolution has become a hot button issue as of late. It started late last year with Call of Duty: Ghosts, and has continued thanks to claims that even Killzone: Shadow Fall, a game that looked absolutely stunning on PS4, wasn’t running at the full 1080.

The fact of the matter is if the game looks great then talk of resolution shouldn’t be an issue. However, since most of these details surface prior to release, it’s easy for these news items to get blown out of proportion. It’s only when gamers get their hands on the title in question that we discover whether a lower resolution, or choppy frame rate, are actually an issue. So, we’d suggest waiting until May.

Does a lower resolution on Xbox One impact your decision regarding which platform to play Watch Dogs on? When do you think resolution will no longer be an issue?

Watch Dogs releases May 27, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: OPM, Jonathan Morin

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  • Alter

    its not really about the rez but the frame rate / fps

    • Alex

      Yeah that’s why I am going to get this game on PC. In fact, I will get all games that are multiplatform for PC. I am only getting PS4 for its awesome exclusive games.

  • SanFranGradGuy

    I feel like the big resolution debate between the XB1 and PS4 isn’t really about the resolution, but more of the question of why the XB1, as a next-gen system, seems unable to run games at 1080p. Developers have been noting that the XB1 has a tricky architecture due to the SRAM in the console, which might be why, but mainly people are just using it to prove that the PS4 is better, when each system honestly has several flaws that kind of balance them out.

  • Michael

    This stupid 1080p 60fps debate won’t subside at all until sites like this stop adding fuel to it by announcing it every time the information is made available.

    • emortal1

      Seems a lil moronic if you ask me to expect them not to report things like this to us when they are in fact news and it does indeed matter to people ? You act like if they didn’t write stories on this then no one would care ? WTF ? GTHOH !!! It mate not matter to you, but it does matter to alot of people. I think resolution/framerates being lower on XB1 do make a difference and it is valid to ask why ?

      And for someone in this thread to explain this disparity by sayin “Well since both systems have flaws that means that the Rez/Frame issue balances out as a wash” ??? Uh hell no it doesn’t…. !

      • SanFranGradGuy

        Never said the resolution/frame issues balance out as a wash, although it could be construed as such so let me clarify. I meant that each system has it’s own flaws that balances them out so that neither system is better than the other OVERALL. Personally, I believe that the PS4 is better for gaming because it’s architecture is more suited to hardcore gaming, compared to the XB1 which is trying to be the ultimate home entertainment system, but honestly there have been games that have both had resolution and/or frame rate issues on both systems, like Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition.