TellTale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead’ Retail Versions Now Available

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The Walking Dead Retail Release

The Spike Video Game Awards’ Game of the Year The Walking Dead is finally available on retail. While each episode (5 in total) from Telltale Games‘ first season of The Walking Dead have released over the past several months, this is the first time gamers can pick the title up, in boxed form, in one fell swoop.

While the episodic format helped provide gamers with enough time to emotionally recoup between playthroughs, there are still some out there that would rather marathon through all 5 episodes — maybe even in one sitting — and this retail version accommodates that nicely. Hopefully, as well as compiling the episodes into one succinct package, this version of The Walking Dead does away with the various hiccups many were experiencing on the consoles.

The XBLA version of the game, for example, was prone to frame rate and loading problems, to the point that the first few seconds of cut scenes would be off or out of sync. It wasn’t a terrible problem, but being able to deliver a smoother experience — one that closely resembles the PC version — is an added benefit to waiting for this retail package.

And for those that maybe hadn’t heard of The Walking Dead before the VGAs, or don’t have an internet-connected console, this is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with Lee, Clementine, and his fellow survivors. This game is, however, not based on the TV show, but is an original story developed in conjunction with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. It does feature a few cameo from characters featured in the graphic novel, and by extension the show, but it is its own story.

The Walking Dead Box Art

Nonetheless it is one of the most unique game experiences you’ll have all year, even if its qualification as a “game” isn’t wholly agreed upon. We think it’s pretty special and definitely worth checking out.

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The Walking Dead is available now for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in retail form. And is also available (in downloadable form) on the XBLA, PSN, iOS, Mac, and Android.

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  • COREY_1993

    this is why i never played this game. i knew they were gonna do this. i prefer cases to digital. call me old fashioned but i just like the physical thing.

    i hope its as good as people say it is.

    • Josh Calkins

      I do too! Plus hard drive space is precious, so any time I can not use it up is good. I install games on Xbox to speed load times, and they take up a lot of gigs until I delete them. In addition to the desire to have the boxes version, there may be something else on the disc that isn’t in the DLC version. Don’t know if there is, bt I will check it out when I see it, and before I download any more eps! Maybe a documentary or something?

  • COREY_1993

    how ling does it take to complete the game? each episode and them all together?

    • Josh Calkins

      Episode one took me a few hours, but When the action lulls I tend to meander and explore leisurely. Plenty of game for five bucks. I heartily reccomend it.

      If you want ANOTHER review in addition to the one above, please click on my name. That will take you to my blog, and you can scroll to the bottom to see the list of reviews. I made a very thorough page for it with great pictures and key details, so you may get something out of it… Hope so!

  • boogoo

    Picking it up this weekend!

  • The mighty avenger

    Picking up on Thursday when payday comes! Been waiting for this since I played the demo for episode 1.

  • Dario

    How much does it cost though?

    • boogoo

      30 bucks.

      • Josh Calkins

        So five dollars more than DLC. Still a great deal for such strong material. Dig it!

  • Gooch

    it’s on steam for 25

  • Roy

    I love this game that’s y I woke up at 10 am to get this game but I’m gonna tell the truth it is very very laggy to the point some QTE sequence freeze or even lag so bad you will die numerous time I just hope Xbox live patches it but in all very fun worth the cash to get

  • The Dark Knight

    Just picked up my collector’s edition and playing episode 1 its awesome!!

    • Josh Calkins

      So what is on it other than the episodes? Crucial question!

  • Alex

    Anyone know if this is for limited time only? I hope it will be available at least until Christmas lol.

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