Is Telltale Games Teasing ‘The Walking Dead Season 2’?

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser

When talking about The Walking Dead Season 2 in August, Telltale Games (or more specifically, writer Gary Whitta) teased there would be some additional content before then. While we’re still unsure what additional content Whitta was referring to, we have our first clue thanks to Telltale’s Vine account.

As many of you know, Vine videos are fleeting glimpses, and are the bane of news reporting. However, they also offer publishers and developers the opportunity to tease their projects without feeling like they’ve given too much away.

Such is the case with the Vine below, which has left us more perplexed than anything.

It’s not an absolute certainty the video is teasing The Walking Dead, although the art style featured therein evokes Telltale’s award-winning game. The “Day 2″ title for the Vine also suggests a follow-up to The Walking Dead — perhaps getting to where the Season 1 characters ended up (those that survived at least).

That being said, the cork board idea isn’t something we’ve seen in The Walking Dead thus far. Perhaps this is a pared down version of The Walking Dead, hence the interstitial release.

We know for sure that the game, whatever it may be, features a character named Vince who likes to party, and a girl wearing a Telltale Games shirt. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know.

That shouldn’t, however, temper fans enthusiasm for The Walking Dead Season 2. Telltale games found the right IP to support their game mechanics, and they executed on a story that was emotional and exciting. And they did it all without pandering to the TV show crowd (we’re looking at you Survival Instinct).

In addition to more Walking Dead, Telltale also has a new project in the pipeline, an adaptation of Bill Willingham’s Fables graphic novels called The Wolf Among Us. While we doubt this Vine is connected to that game, first details sound promising nonetheless.

What do you make of Telltale Games brief teaser? Is it related to The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 2 is slated to release later this Fall.

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  • Poncho

    I cannot wait for season 2. The Walking Dead was one of the best games I’ve ever played. I cried, no shame.

  • Andrew

    I didn’t cry since I am already a zombie and we don’t really cry we just go uhhhhhhhhhhh…also we do that when we are hungry, but I did enjoy killing my kin in this game.

  • sherlock

    I get it. If i am correct the animation starts off with a picture of two females. One looks like a similar picture of christa, and the other a totally different person not introduced in the game yet. This new female character looks between the age of 30 and 40 just like the new character Vince. When the picture attached to the paper is being placed on another piece of paper supposively saying wanted, the hand doing so is african american. This could represent Lee passing down his status as a protagonist. In the picture this new character seems to be drinking a beer while the bartender/buser in the back is pointing at him. She symbolizes that this is the main character. Last but not least, this character must have something in common with the photos of the two new girls. The blonde girl with the telltale games shirt could just be an artist of the team or it could be a potential character that gives vince his darkside personality. If the other girl is Christa then that would suggest that she does know Vince for the good, or even the bad. So if Vince and the new teaser character Bonnie are in fact two new protagonists then these are our characters on the hill. This deductive logic describes the reason why there was two characters on the hill and not three or four. The group size in the season 1 usually stayed at around 5 at all times. So this would conclude that statement as well. The two characters on the hill, Christa, Omid, and Clementine. If Kenny returns then thats a plus.