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The fourth episode of The Walking Dead is due out this month, and TellTale Games has prepared some tasty tidbits to entice fans of the series. With only one installment left (after this one), episode four – entitled “Around Every Corner” – will undoubtedly be the penultimate homage to Lee’s sacrifices and choices to get Clementine where she needs to be for episode five: the elusive, but possible, idea of safety.

The Walking Dead has proven to be a well-crafted game series in terms of both gameplay and storyline, and “Around Every Corner” looks to deliver on expectations.

After the unsettling events of episode three, Lee Everett and his pack of survivors are at their wit’s end as they approach the most urban setting in the series yet. Its fitting that the episode is entitled “Around Every Corner,” with Lee now having to worry about not only walkers at every street block, but the mysterious men trying to contact Clementine as well. Savannah will be ripe with danger, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see most cast members meet their ends along the ominous roads in the city.

Take a quick preview of what’s in store for Lee and the others by checking out the Episode Four images below:

If the screenshots and trailer are anything to go by, Clementine will be even more of a focal point than usual for the upcoming episode, and once again Walkers may not be the main threat to worry about. With Kenny closing in on his own plan and new members crafting their own opinions about who to follow, “Around Every Corner” won’t likely hold back in terms of potentially killing off characters and setting up the storyline for one final episode next month.

While most gamers are inherently good, the close-combat environments virtually guarantees life-and-death choices will be forced upon the player. After three previous episodes of making such dramatic choices, gamers may find themselves making sacrifices they never thought they’d make before, which is one of the best qualities about the game series itself – a series which may extend beyond Lee’s storyline. For now, gamers will have to be content with the video and images above to satisfy their hunger for walker-based action.

The release date for The Walking Dead: Episode Four hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to come out for a mid-to-late October window. We’ll keep you posted as news trickles out, and have a review up in a timely manner.

What do you think will happen to Lee and the others in episode four?

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  • feinsveur

    I’m very stoked for this. It just gets better and better.

  • The mighty avenger

    I’m gonna wait for the disc release of all 5 eps in December. Rather play them back to back. Very tempting though. Want to play it.

    Also looking forward to the Daryl based game next year

  • fanofgames

    A Daryl game!? Woot haha hes my favourite character on the show. So stoked for oct 15!

  • Randy

    Such an awesome game. Honestly, I almost feel honored to play this game and the wait might be killing me but it honestly keeps me in suspense and I really like it. I honestly don’t want this game to end! If anyone is a fan of The Walking Dead I will tell you right now this is a game that you do not want to skip out on.