Sony: No Plans to Bring PS Vita TV to North America or Europe Yet

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PS Vita TV North America Release Date

Alongside their announcement of a Japanese release date for the PS4, Sony also revealed the PS Vita TV, an intriguing little pseudo-handheld that could be the killer accompaniment to the PS4. However, outside of a Japanese release date for the Vita TV, Sony was relatively reserved when discussing additional exposure.

Apparently, that was for good reason, as the console maker reportedly has no plans to expand the device’s range beyond the Japanese market, at least not yet. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida even confirmed the news, saying that the Vita TV is being focused on Japan, as well as China and South Korea, right now.

That isn’t to say the Vita TV won’t hit North America or Europe some time in the future — even the near future — but Sony wants to keep the focus on Japan for right now. That position makes sense, especially considering Sony cut the price of the Vita in Japan first before expanding the discount to other territories. Clearly, they feel Vita-related items have greater appeal in Japan.

With that said, there’s still a ton of appeal for the Vita TV across the globe – for anyone who plans on picking up the PS4. The ability to stream PS4 games or even, as we now have learned, PS3 games, is immensely enticing and may be the biggest selling point for the device. It’s almost as if the added bonus is that the Vita TV plays actual Vita games along with PSP and PS One Classics.

However, despite strong appeal across the board, Sony’s Andrew House thinks the Vita TV is geared more towards casual gamers and the PS4 is for the hardcore. Personally, the Vita TV sounds more like a hardcore device for the gamer that can’t stand to be away from his or her PS4. Those casual gamers would likely be more interested in the Vita handheld for its portability.

Regardless, Sony has to know that there is a market for the Vita TV, and that a lot of gamers would like to see the device launch as soon as possible. Hopefully, the Vita TV will sell well in Japan, thereby encouraging Sony to expand the device’s reach.

Do you hope the Vita TV eventually expands to additional markets sooner rather than later? How interested are you in the device?

PS Vita TV launches in November 14th in Japan.

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  • Daniel Carlson

    god damn you sony!

  • Mike Pitcher

    absolutely a mistake. They would be able to make some serious bank on this over here in the US. Seeing as the vita as a handheld was basically a commercial failure due to its pricing of both the hand held itself and the memory cards. This would sell some of their games that are already released over here for sure. I can’t understand how they would leave out the rest of the world on such a lucrative opportunity.

  • John

    I have to agree with Mike. On top of that….. yes most actual Vita games can’t be played on the Vita TV because there’s no access to a touchscreen. for instance Killzone Mercenary which I’m playing right now. I wouldn’t be able to play that on the Vita TV…… since there’s no way to melee enemies without swiping the screen. You can START a melee with Triangle…. but the melee move itself…. is swiping the screen in whatever direction the prompt points.

    So yes some games that have REQUIRED touchscreen won’t work on there, but a lot of us have more then ACTUAL Vita games on the Vita. Personally I’d love to play my like 50 other games on the TV instead of a 5 inch screen and not get a headache playing. I’d love to play Final Fantasy III on the TV when I get to it…. yes please.