Sony Addresses Vita Memory Card Prices

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Sony Addresses Vita Memory Cards

We are less than two weeks away from the launch of PlayStation Vita in Japan. With its surprisingly reasonable price and solid lineup of launch games, the Vita has managed to generate a lot of good will — with one major exception. No one is pleased by the system’s shockingly expensive, proprietary memory cards.

In an effort to tone down the criticism, Sony has offered its reasons for pursuing a custom memory card solution with Vita, and at least one of those reasons should hit home for players affected by the PSN hack earlier in the year: security.

As a quick refresher course, memory cards for the PlayStation Vita will be initially available in four configurations: 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB, with the largest card coming in at a whopping $120.00 — nearly half the price of the Wi-Fi only Vita. Even the smallest card will set players back $25 bucks, which sounds reasonable until one considers that a 4 GB SD card can be purchased from Amazon for about $6. So why didn’t Sony go with an established format, when it appears to be working just fine for Nintendo and the 3DS?

In an interview with Japan’s Munechika Nishida, translated by Andiasang, members of the Vita development staff (Sony Computer Entertainment Senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto, Division 2 Software Development Head Muneki Shimada, and Product Division Chief Hiromi Wakai) address the memory card issue.

Vita and Memory Card

Key to understanding Sony’s point of view is that Vita’s memory cards aren’t just memory cards, but are “storage” for the system. In addition to game saves, the Vita memory cards will be used for “patches, game data, download content and more.”

As a general storage solution for Vita, Sony’s proprietary cards obviously need to be secure. After all, the system will connect with the PlayStation Network, and Sony can ill afford to endure another security breach. That said, the assembled developers do not elaborate on exactly how the new tech manages to be more secure than standard SD cards, or why it must necessarily be so much more expensive.

While some Vita games will require memory cards, others won’t use them at all. However, what of the system itself? If the cards are indeed “storage” for Vita, will some system features not work without a card? A note on the packaging for the 3G Vita reads “Memory Required (Not Included),” though that may well be specifically for mobile services. In any case, we should know in less than two weeks.

Ranters, what do you think of Sony’s reasons for developing custom Vita memory cards? Are they valid, or is this another case of Sony trying to control the format, just as they did with everything from UMD to Blu-ray?

The PlayStation Vita launches December 17, 2011, in Japan and February 22, 2012, in North America and Europe.

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  • Brian

    I can understand a desire to keep the cards secure, but I don’t think that’s anybody’s problem with it at all. You and I know it, but Sony is crazy to charge so much for these memory cards.

    • randy

      its ok, ill buy the smallest size first and wait for the Chinese to make an aftermarket 32 gig for half the price months later.

  • Ostego

    If anything, it sounds like they plan to have these cards not only prevent online breeches, but also possibly preventing players from downloading ISOs from online sites onto the cards for free play. That’s my only guess to it, considering that there’s no real reason for that kind of information to be put on the card before being sold.

  • Ryuhza

    This really puts me off from wanting to buy a PS Vita.

    Hate to say this but, get real Sony.

  • Dime

    This won’t matter. Eventually someone will make a working microSd to PSVita card adapter. There is already something like it for the pro duo.

    People will always find a way to not be ripped off.

  • sfterq

    Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift

  • Luis_PR

    being that the games are download only how, how big will these games be. if you look at this carefuly things can get expensive very qickly.

  • Lexph3re

    Wow, gamers really just don’t understand what the secure portion of memory units really mean. Whatever, You guys just keep thinking it’s about piracy smh

  • messiah2505

    Smells of a big con to me, Sony trying to force a new memory format on us to squeeze even more money out of people.

    • biggug

      Hmm. Secure, Storage, Reliable. Because the term “secure” in Secure Digital ,as in SD cards, are highly unreliable. Wow Sony is just so full of BS.

      • Lexph3re

        When the word secure is used in products for technology it isn’t implying that the security comes from attacks or hacks. It is one of the OTHER many definitions of secure like this “Fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost” It is a utility used to secure/hold data and do it efficiently. So to have a device that does things better then other devices means that it would be a little pricier I just don’t see this rip off

  • Pawnty

    So…. Sony is making it’s own proprietary cards for security reasons… wonderful. What does this article have to do with pricing?

  • EternalWrathX

    Okay so you buy a 4 gig card for 25 dollars and a game for 40 dollars that makes 60 dollars but that card will probably have enough storage for more than one game so lets say it holds 3-4 games you pay upwards of 145 dollars for 3 games while it’s still pretty pricey that is not that bad but it’s still a rip off. Also will PS+ members get cloud storage on the Vita.

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  • paxsato

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