Gamer Offers Virtual Bodyguard Service for Multiplayer Shooters Like ‘Call of Duty’

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Virtual Bodyguard Service Multiplayer Shooters

In gaming’s most popular multiplayer shooters there is a pre-conceived notion that one’s kill-to-death ratio is everything. So much focus is placed on getting more kills and less deaths that some gamers even forgo objective-based matches altogether or at least ignore the objectives during a team-based game mode.

But what if there was a service provided for gamers that kept them from worrying about their ratio, and actually allowed their attention to be paid towards objectives and their teammates? Well, as it turns out, there is.

Dubbed a virtual bodyguard, this service provides multiplayer gamers in Call of Duty, Halo, or Battlefield a 30-minute protector to do all the things a real life bodyguard would do: draw enemy fire, point out danger, and even surrender their (virtual) life for the client. All of these services, and more, will be provided for five pounds.

It’s pretty sad to see someone offer a service like this, but what’s even more disappointing is knowing there is a market for it. Over the years, the prevalence of gamers who are focused on kill-to-death has grown exponentially, and often times have resulted in a game losing its “fun factor.” It’s “services” like this virtual bodyguard that prey on that obsession, and further cheapen the competitive multiplayer experience.

Now this is just one gamer posting on an European Craigslist equivalent, but who’s to say this won’t open the floodgates. Somebody had to start selling MMO wares on EBay before Blizzard jumped in and offered their own marketplace.

As of right now the virtual bodyguard service is not being offered for any of the high profile shooters that released just this year (Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3), but based on their growing player population one has to figure it’s only a matter of time.

People who use this service, and anyone who provides it, should be ashamed of themselves. For thirty minutes you might feel protected, but for the rest of your gaming career you will be embarrassed.

Would you ever consider using a virtual bodyguard in a competitive multiplayer game? Do you think that services like this should be banned from video games, or is there too big a market for “protection”?

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  • BFTE-

    Really? I hope this never makes it to the big time market where people will advertise this daily. But hey, anyone will do anything for a great KDR huh?

  • iDancethroughshadoWs


  • bbig438

    Just like how mw3 now give you the opportunity to reset your all your info, basically giving players the opportunity to boost then reset there ratios when they get to that final prestige.

    • BFTE-

      well that is a good thing to reset because some people get better at a game as they go on. So i could see why that is in there but i wouldnt do it ever!

  • Fenix

    Absolutely unreal… thats taking gaming to a whole new level. The people who do this will forever be looked down upon.

  • harry dean stanton

    hey man this stuff gettin really stupid

  • Ghieri

    Oh, come on, what’s the big deal about this? I don’t know if it would make such a big difference in certain games, but I’m trying to imagine this in a game like Battlefield 3, and I’m pretty sure this “bodyguard” service wouldn’t be much different from playing with a friend and watching each other’s back. I mean, if the whole team was protecting one player, I would understand your concern, but having just one guy or even two protecting you?…. that bodyguard might -emphasis on the ‘might’- protect you from one or two enemies, but the way I see it, in most cases this service would only help your opponents by giving them the opportunity to get double kills.

  • Fenix

    Hey dude your missing the point, yea you can play with friends and they can act as your “bodyguards” but the kicker is that people are paying money for this instead of just grouping up with friends and using teamwork. Trust me I’m in a clan in bf3 and teamwork is essential. It’s laughable that people are going to these lengths to improve k/d ratio when they can just have an actual friend watching your back instead of some creep who sits in his basement and wastes his life being a “virtual bodyguard” even if my friends not as good as the guy who cares… At least I can shoot the sh!t with my friends instead of talking to some socially awkward dude who hasn’t seen a human being in months

  • Tarathiel

    It’s stupid,lazy, and embarrassing, but if people want to put money onto something like it, let em… No need to ban something if you don’t like it.

  • matt

    HAHAHA team work in Battlefield or MW3…. you guys are funny some times 😀 and in COD, its not like KD ratio matters because everyone jsut hacks their way to the top anyways.

  • Joe

    I am THE worst example of a multiplayer shooter. People hate having me on their team because I am absolutely terrible. Even so, I’d never consider this. That would take all the fun out of it for me. And yes, I do have fun even when I’m getting owned. And if I ended playing against someone that did, I spend all my time, and all my minimal skills, trying to take out a person like that. It just ruins the game experience for everybody.

  • Misleading Name

    troll them. Pay them to protect you against hackers. and then sue them for fraud when they can’t protect you.
    because they’re hackers
    and everyone knows game developers don’t really care about hackers.
    if they did, they would go to extreme limits to stop it
    and they dont

  • Bob

    Well My K/D In BF3 Is Like .98 You Know Not Fantastic But I Honestly Don’t Care About It Anyone Who Pays Money For Someone To Watch There Back In A Video Game Deserves To Be Shot

  • Josh

    See. Call of Duty players’ mental is getting worse and worse… god bless them in theirs life….


  • sickdog1028

    In all honesty I actually want this service to do well because like the people in minecraft who pay to get help on their creations this is just a way for intelligent people to make a little money and for people who can’t realize what is actually important in life to either learn lesson or give money to someone who is actually using their brains.

  • Fenix


    You put BF and COD in the same category… that right there is a mistake. Two different shooters. While you can play either game without teamwork, its more encouraged in battlefield and you will find your team more successful if you work together. This can also be done in COD but players don’t get rewarded like they do in BF for say reviving a teammate or dropping ammo. Oh and the other thing… COD is littered with kids whos balls haven’t dropped. Id rather play a game that’s supposed to simulate war with actual adults instead of kids who do stupid stuff like camp, find glitches/eploits and generally just don’t work together. And if you think battlefield truly doesn’t require teamwork than im interested to see what games you think do… humor me

  • Vin


  • Bodyguards

    , but for the rest of your gaming career you will be embarrassed.All of these services, and more, will be provided for five pounds.Now this is just one gamer posting on an European Craigslist equivalent, but who’s to say this won’t open the floodgates.