ESRB Details the Naughty Content in Heavy Rain

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The ESRB has released its ratings synopsis for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, and in doing so has detailed some of the games finer adult moments — many of which may be considered spoilers. You can read the spoiler-filled ratings synopsis here, although note that most of the exemplified content is clearly described in the synopsis. Actually, it’s so detailed that there should be a separate institution to put a rating on the ESRB rating’s synopsis.

I did chuckle at some of the explanatory statements in the essay; The ESRB describes several of the games gory kill scenes in great detail and then concludes one paragraph stating “Blood sometimes accompanies the acts of violence.” Maybe it’s my ironic sense of humor, but I couldn’t help but generate a sarcastic “Ya think?” in my head while reading.

The third paragraph of the ratings synopsis does contain the kind of spoiler that may actually take away from the game’s shock value, as it’s the kind of event that relates heavily to character immersion for the player. Other confirmed content includes various scenes of torture, male and female nudity and strong use of expletives throughout.

Cleary, the ESRB gave Heavy Rain a Mature rating due to its raw content, although it does appear that the game’s graphics are terrific. The ESRB reports “overall, the game’s highly evolved motion-capture graphics (advanced renderings by 2010 standards) sharpen the sense of realism, increasing the impact of some aspects of pertinent content”.

Actually, Heavy Rain’s spoiler-filled rating synopsis is so juicy that it will probably be responsible for an additional 5,000 copies sold once word gets around.

Source: ESRB

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  • PaulSileo

    I am so excited for Heavy Rain. Any game that tries to transcend the general video game narrative structure and conventions is alright in my book. Plus, Quantic Dream has already proven they are able to deliver quality writing. The main worry is how the game will be received by the general public. I have a feeling it's going to be a huge success or a complete bomb.

  • Marc Bell

    history tell us that there is no such thing as bad press. The more media outlets discuss the graphic content of this game and it's un-denying link to the downward spiral that is our youth; the more copies will be flying off the shelves. After reading the ESRB rating synopsis I'm off to place my pre-order. …you had me at realistic and nudity :p

    • Rob_Keyes

      As John said, good point.

  • johncomerford

    Well said, Marc!