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Wii 2011 Release Schedule

The Nintendo Wii is a console that may have been forgotten amidst the sea of triple-A titles that have launched this year, but Nintendo is aiming to change that with their Spring lineup for the Wii. Approximately 18 games will be released this Spring on the console, and while several of them are indeed movie tie-ins, there are a few exclusives as well.

Unfortunately, none of these games are exclusives that the masses have been holding their breath for. In fact nearly 25% of the Spring Wii lineup consists of Reader Rabbit games, so it’s certainly not geared towards the hardcore gaming crowd.

Nintendo has announced that blockbusters like Wii Play: Motion and Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust would indeed be releasing this Spring, right into the hands of mass mobs of fans in North America. Wii Play: Motion is the follow up to Nintendo’s extremely successful Wii Play, and it bring 12 new mini-games into the player’s house. It also comes packaged with a nice sleek black wii remote plus, which adds a very solid layer of precision to the game.

Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust is sure to tickle the fancy of wannabe detectives everywhere. Sega’s Conduit 2 is probably the biggest game of interest on this release list, and it promises online multiplayer and plenty of action in the form of explosions and cool guns.

You can judge the Wii’s lineup yourself by reading the list below.


Overall, the Nintendo Wii’s lineup is certainly lacking to say the least. Aside from the collection of Reader Rabbit games, I can’t really think of a single title in that list that I am going to purchase. Of course, the Wii Play: Motion package is a great deal for anyone looking to add another controller to their collection, and Conduit 2 is sure to be a decent title as well. Hopefully Nintendo can pick up the slack in the latter half of the year, but it seems they are completely focused on the Nintendo 3DS for the time being.

Maybe rumors are true and Nintendo is focusing on preparing a Wii 2 of sorts, and that’s why there’s a lack of blockbuster titles coming out in the near future. Only time will tell, and we should find out more about what the Big N has up its sleeve at this year’s E3.

What do you think about the Wii’s Spring lineup? Will you be purchasing any of these?

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  • Jacob Siegal

    How much bad news could we possibly hear on the Big N front in a single week? Get it together Reggie.

  • Thor_fan


  • Arindam

    Quite dismal. However, the rest of the year looks better, with Zelda: Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles, The KORE Gang, Rodea, and (hopefully) Earth Seeker, coming out.

  • Corey B

    The Wii Is dead the 3DS Is on life support and the WiiU Is stuck In development hell the over hyped controller Is still not functioning as It should be It teethered or not and the chipset for the WiiU Is cheap and an obvious rush to market job Nintendo has decieved us the rumours going around the developers at the moment the WiiU Is 50% for powerful than the PS3 are bulldust.