Epic Confirms ‘Unreal Tournament’ is Coming Back; More News on Thursday

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Unreal Tournament Coming Back

For nearly a decade developer Epic Games has teased a return to their flagship franchise Unreal Tournament in almost every way, shape, and form. And yet, the company has yet to make good on those teases.

Soon, though, it appears Epic Games is finally ready to say more about an Unreal Tournament sequel, or at least what they have in store for the future of the franchise. In fact, UT fans should have more information about the franchise by this time Thursday afternoon.

The purported Unreal Tournament details will apparently be included as part of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 development community event, which is slated for this coming Thursday at 2pm EST. There, Epic is expected to, as Paul Meegan teased, reveal “the future of Unreal Tournament.”

Doing Meegan one better was Epic Vice President and Co-Founder Mark Rein, who didn’t mince words when he confirmed, “Yes UT coming back,” on Twitter.

Of course, neither member of the Epic Games team would say in what form fans could expect Unreal Tournament, but you can bet the title will be a major showpiece for the studio’s new Unreal Engine 4 engine. Thus far, we only know of one Epic Games, UE4-developed game: the survival title Fortnite; but, we’d venture to guess that an Unreal Tournament sequel would generate even greater hype for the graphics engine.

At the same time, it’s unclear how much demand there is for Unreal Tournament what with all the Call of Dutys, Battlefields, and Titanfalls that exist. Back when PC gaming was king, you couldn’t do much better than Unreal Tournament — it was practically the center of the universe as far as competitive gaming was concerned.

Now, console gaming has staked its own claim on the competitive space, especially in the FPS genre. Or, at the very least, there’s a greater combination of both PC games and console games on display, even if PC gaming is generating greater global revenue.

Still, there’s no duplicating the hours of Unreal Tournament matches that captured a whole generation of gamers. Here’s hoping that what Epic has to show on Thursday speaks to that nostalgic idea.

What are your hopes for the next Unreal Tournament? Do you think the franchise still has a place in today’s market?

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  • MiffedMonkey1

    I think there’s plenty of demand for a new Unreal Tournament. Or there can at least be plenty of hype for a new one.

    Unreal Tournament is different from CoD, BF, and TF in the fact that it’s an Arena Shooter and those games are not.

    I have been CRAVING another good Arena Shooter for years. UT3 didn’t cut it though, so if Epic wants to get me on-board with another Unreal, they better amp it up.

  • tman

    Idk about everyone else but iam f@#k!ng hyped

  • COREY_1993

    i had unreal tournament 3 on my 360 when i didnt have internet and i used to play the computer all the time. i loved the game.

    but im 90% sure this will be a multiplayer only game like so many games now… i dont always like to play online cause i usually suck against people.

    • MiffedMonkey1

      Well, Unreal Tournament games have always been about multiplayer. To the best of my knowledge, UT3 is the only game that’s ever introduced a campaign like that.

      All of the the other Unreal Tournament games (and Unreal Championship) have straight up been about…well…the Tournaments and the Championships. The big sporting events of that universe. And while you could play with bots in those games going through a makeshift tournament latter, multiplayer was where it was at.

      UT4 (or whatever it will be) will still probably keep the bot element. No reason to take it out. But I wouldn’t always expect a “story” to go with the game.

      Now, I think the original games, Unreal and Unreal 2, were more story-oriented.

      I don’t really know. I don’t know jack-shit about anything! I liked UT99.

      • GaymeR

        all of the UT games have had offline botmodes. that is practically the only thing i ever do in UT99/2k3/2k4 and UT3.

        still cant get over playing UT3 on the ps3 running around as Samus Aran from Ninty’s Metroid :)

        anyway its about time we hear about UT. its been too long. i mean TOOOOOOOOOOOO long.

      • COREY_1993

        i know UT is a multiplayer focused game but with all the games now that are going online only i just hope it has a bot mode. i really like the game but if the game is still good then i would still get it. i just prefer to play offline sometimes.

        unreal tournament 3 was the only game in the series i played.

        • GaymeR

          get Steam on your pc and get UT99 and UT2004. then get the excessive overkill mods for em :) dual wielded chainguns anyone? 😉

  • Crash

    I still have my UT3 on Xbox 360 fun times!