PS4: Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Released; Graphics Engine Makes EDGE Cover

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Within the first few minutes of Sony‘s PS4 meeting they had already jumped headfirst into the next-gen with a tech demo courtesy of Unreal Engine 4. The demo itself was part of a larger tech demo — called the Elemental demo — which gamers have seen before, but this was the first next-gen footage seen running on PS4 prototype architecture.

For a presentation that started off strong and, for the most part, only got better from there, the Unreal Engine 4 demo was a great jumping off point. The trailer illuminated just how superior PS4 is in terms of graphical capabilities, and showed off the types of experiences developers will be capable of delivering with PS4.

Here’s what Epic Games‘ Founder and CEO had to say about the relationship between PS4 and UE4:

“We are thrilled to build onto our long-established success with PlayStation. Unreal Engine 4 is expertly designed for the next generation of game development and the outstanding power of PlayStation 4. Today’s demonstration offers a preview of what developers can accomplish using our tools to create games for PlayStation 4.”

It wasn’t long before gamers saw brief glimpses of the PS4’s general potential, in trailers for games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Watch_Dogs, and Knack.

The next-gen is very much a tangible future now, and as such the media, developers, and publishers have begun to embrace its potential. Next-gen consoles might be exciting new hardware, but the next-gen engines are what will fuel those impressive console showpieces. That’s why EDGE has put Unreal Engine 4 on the cover their March issue. Inside the magazine, Epic discusses what UE4 means for the future of video games, a future that should hopefully include the most photorealistic graphics gamers have ever seen.

Unreal Engine 4 EDGE Cover

The issue also includes a head-to-head comparison between the PS4 and the next Xbox. Microsoft‘s next-gen console, however, is still mostly a mystery. A rumor suggests Microsoft will hold an Xbox 720 event in April, but apparently EDGE feels confident enough to assume the system specs for the Xbox 720.

Now that the PS4, and by extension the next generation of consoles, is a real thing, gamers can expect more and more elements, like Unreal Engine 4, to fully explore the capabilities of the new hardware.

What did you think of the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo for PS4? How would you like to see developers leverage the new engine?

Source: All Games Beta, Epic Games

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  • ATG

    Soon, the possibilities will be endless.

  • Dante

    This is why the Next Gen didn’t start with the Wii U.

    • Poncho

      Keep telling yourself that, bud.

      • Shalkowski

        I wouldn’t call the Wii U next gen. It does have better specs than the PS3 and 360 but thats not saying much. The PS4 and probably the 720(?) will blow it out of the water. Nintendo is still far behind.

  • Josh Calkins

    Although story and design can make great games on minimal hardware, I still have huge expectations for what new realms of power can bring to the experience. Aside from hopefully making everything we dig even cooler, it should open up new dimensions of fantasy realism. Imagine a car chase scene like the traffic on Corruscant from the prequels, or a windy field of spores and thousands of birds. I’m psyched.

  • suspicious gamer

    If that is all they have to offer as amazing, I’m waiting at least ten years to get excited again.

    • Dante

      Good to be suspicious, honestly, keeps your wallet happier for sure.

  • Ken J

    I love that this tech demo video is only up to 720p… LOL, maybe someone will upload the full resolution version of it… Maybe 1920×1200…

    Anyway, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Microsoft better not be stupid enough to call their next console the Xbox 720 because that’s the dumbest name anyone could possibly think of…

    • Shalkowski

      Okay, how about the 1080? Lol.

    • Josh Calkins

      Oh I don’t know… Xbox 360 was a pretty stupid name. They couldn’t stomach releasing the Xbox 2 next to the Playstation 3 I suppose, but the name is marketing cheese fluff. Not as bad a name as Wii, or Wii U, but not as cool a name as Genesis, Saturn, Jaguar, GameCube, Dreamcast, NGage (joking), or even the twenty six hundred Atari. doubt they want to take the name Xbox out of the title, but hope its not too stupid after that. Even Xbox Durango is better than 720…

      • Varteras

        I’ve been hearing that the name could end up being Xbox Infinity or something to do with Infinity.

      • Ken J

        I don’t have a problem with them keeping the Xbox name, they obviously have to do that, but to just keep add 360 to the number is pretty stupid. It’s like they are just spinning round and round and round and always still facing the same direction… 😀

        • Josh Calkins

          You nailed the marketing I think. It will be cylindrical. Or wheel shaped! They could add a spinning rim attachment. Or really commit, call it the 1080, and shape it like a snowboard with a small HD screen embedded in it (max resolution 720p, with a 37 minute battery life.).

          As far as I know, the only people who ever refer to the next system as “720” are people who don’t know what to call it and use the name as a placeholder. I doubt it was ever considered. Back when 360 was announced I was thinking what you said: that’s just turning in a circle! I can see why they wouldn’t call it 180 unless there previous system was a disaster. Like “Sega CD 180: a complete about-face from everything that made the original suck!”

          • Ken J


            I don’t know, I kind of considered the first Xbox a disaster…

          • Josh Calkins

            KenJ, you call the Xbox a disaster? Odd. Microsoft went in knowing that they would lose lots of money, and that those were the entry dues to the home console market. They lost a lot of money, but built a top brand and released many of the best games and franchises and exclusive hits of a generation. Not to mention Xbox live, better controllers, hard drive and the most high tech system… Not exactly in the category with Sega CD, even if you didn’t like it.

          • Ken J


            Best games? Are you maybe talking only compared to PS2?

          • Josh Calkins

            KenJ- No, but I am only talking about consoles. All three had some great exclusives, and PS2 had by far the most I think, but then Nintendo tends to have the most hardcore fan exclusives that make people buy the system. I got a lot out of the Xbox. Don’t know why you didn’t, since you haven’t specified anything. Mine broke a few times, which sucked, but the 360 broke constantly! Otherwise I have loved that one too.

          • Ken J


            Pretty much every Xbox exclusive wasn’t my kind of game. But I guess my tastes are different than the norm. I mean, people consider Halo a great game… To me, that was the most boring and repetitive game I’ve ever played… I mean, honestly, I wasn’t too excited for any console exclusive actually, except Nintendo’s. But I bought my friend’s broken Xbox 360 and fixed it for Forza 4 because that game is freakin’ awesome…

          • Josh Calkins

            @KenJ. (don’t know why I can’t reply at the bottom of some posts…)

            That makes sense. Since I enjoy all the consoles and exclusives on all of them, I don’t always think about each companies tendencies. I’ve heard that Xbox tends to lean towards shooters, and I guess it does. Not the most cerebral or atmospheric genre, but it has it’s highlights. No reason everyone needs to like Halo, or anything else, but if you think it’s junk then you are mistaken. It’s quite elegant and nuanced, not to mention some fantastic sci fi story moments littered throughout. Not for everybody though. One of its design philosophies was to create a certain kind of fun that takes forty seconds to engage and then finding a way to keep delivering those forty seconds. Considering the variation of weapons, tactics and personal preferences, I’d say they accomplished that goal.

            I buy Nintendo regardless of doubts because I will always want those exclusives. On the other hand if they went the way of Sega and quit the console business to focus on games I’d be satisfied with that too… Forza is more of a racetrack simulator, right? Those can be impressive, but I always get bored without more beautiful environments, like forests and hills and beaches, or some traffic and route finding way points through cities as in Midnight Club. Shaving a few seconds off of a hyper real loop track might be fun with a great steering wheel, but it lacks a certain excitement for me.

  • Aaron

    They are all run in cinematics.. How much ACTUAL gameplay have you seen from these “games.” Haven’t seen anything that I’d want to play instead I’ve watched too many short clip of a cinematic.

    • Josh Calkins

      That’s exactly the question/issue/problem. We can’t tell how real time this powerr really is. Give me a controller and let me interact with cut scene quality visuals, and then I will understand what is real and what is just hype. Right now it is pretty tough to grasp.

  • Snurfer

    I know it’s been released, but I haven’t seen the PS4 in action. I’m stoked for MLB The Show (though I will probably wait until 2015), Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (if they’re doing an update), a Snowboarding game, and the new Uncharted.