‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’ Multiplayer Beta Impressions & Details

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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Preview Impressions

It’s always a nice bonus when everyone is included in a “private” beta – with most PSN users in firm hold of a PlayStation Plus account after the PSN outage, it’s nearly impossible to miss out on Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta.

Game Rant got a chance to see what the online version of Drake’s adventure was shaping up to be during an E3 hands-on demo – but this time, with thousands of players taking part online, we get to see a more robust idea of what to expect come November.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves delivered an impressive online addition, capturing the third-person platform campaign action and superimposing it over a constant barrage of taunts and gunfire. With the core mechanics in place, it was just a matter of refining details for Uncharted 3 – and Naughty Dog seems to have done the trick quite nicely.

Currently the beta offers two maps to test your skills — Chateau and Airstrip — the fun is found in the wide array of game variants available: Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Hardcore, Three Team, Deathmatch, and Co-op Arena. More modes and maps are to be added by the end of the week, which will give players time to test their mettle and learn any intricate advancements.

If you’re looking for something a little more “tried and true,” Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All will be as common for anyone that has picked up a stick and played an online match. Letting players enjoy more of the simple mechanics of the game (a quick-leap from a high platform to a lower deck while firing off a few rounds), this is where the players go to warm up and get their feet wet. Hardcore is the same principle, only it removes the Boosters and Perks, allowing the core gameplay to shine through.

However, the new game variants work especially well in Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Three-Team Deathmatch can initially come-off as abrasive and cluttered: a lot is going on – and occasionally it can be hard to distinguish friend from foe. Yet after playing a few rounds, the adrenaline-fueled thrill kicks in. Two teams in a firefight make a perfect ambush opportunity for the third, and a great way to sneak into the lead. It’s ultimately satisfying to use guerilla tactics against each other  – and discerning the best time to strike.

Uncharted 3 Beta Three Team

Co-Op Arena is a different set of rules however. Offering three types of variants — Co-Op Hunter and Co-Op Adventure will appear as the Beta advances — Arena is something like Halo: Reach’s Firefight with additional mini-objectives. For example, two players may have to retrieve an artifact during a round and secure it and then bunker down and wait for the counter to click down for the next instance. The Arena play adds an interesting layer to the general ‘Wave” styled game variants, yet the Beta only offers a few objectives, which makes it pretty repetitive (for now).

Surprisingly, there are a lot of perks and boosters available in the Beta. Taking some cues from games like Call of Duty, boosters such as extended ammo, reload faster, and radar stealth make an appearance. There is also a separate Co-Op boosters pack, which will allow players to heal faster and reduce respawn, which is a nice variation on the regular multiplayer. A new addition (which is new to most shooters) is the Kickback system. Allowing players to get a one-time boost during a match by picking up medals or artifacts found around the map (or on fallen enemies) – which adds a new layer of strategy.

Yet, before anyone can play, they have to customize their character – and the Beta is just the tip of the iceberg: clothing, race, emblems, poses and taunts, as well as weapon skins and loadouts, are up for grabs. While the beta only offers limited customization at this time – the depth and amount of options available bodes well for the full game.

Uncharted # Beta Airport

Plus, the levels Chateau and Airstrip are gorgeous and exciting to play on. Giving players ample opportunity to jump, climb, dive, and duck their way to victory, the levels themselves are painstakingly crafted and designed to bring the action from the campaign to the online world. Occasionally, there’s even a short little cutscene showcasing the factions (giving a little insight into how they operate) – grounding the levels in a situation, not just a static sandbox.

Since this is a beta, there are still glitches to work out but the only real concern that we encountered was the Co-op A.I. – which appears to be be stuck in ‘simple’ mode – and acts like a pack of penguins on holiday.

While these are marginal complaints and will no doubt be sorted out before the release, the Uncharted 3 beta is an exciting sneak peek at one of the biggest titles of 2011. It’s a clear and sharp step-up from the multiplayer in Uncharted 2, and brings all kinds of new merriment.

If you’re a fan of the series, make sure to get-in on the action before the end of the beta on July 14th.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will release November 1, 2011, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/iflabergastedi IFlabFaceI

    Im absolutely loving the Beta. It is a b;ast and I cant wait till they add more maps and game variants in the beta to play. The character customization is fun and I can tell is going to be alot bigger and more robust in the final game. My favorite game type so far is Co-op Arena. Even though it is a bit repetivitve its such a blast, especially if you get together a team that can really work well together. If you havent tried the beta yet you really need to because your missing out!

  • Jago

    Do you guys know if the levels you obtain in the beta for your character remain intact for when the actual game comes out ?

    • Tha Boss

      no, but if you get pass level 25 you get more money and if you play all the different modes atlest 5 times you get a reward. If go to the website you can find out more.

  • kobraman88

    been playing the beta the last couple of days and i have to say its one of the most fun games iv played online and this is only the beta so it can only get better and better from here on out.
    im really looking forward to the full game coming out as im a big fan of the previous 2 and from what iv seen of the actual offline campaign Naughtydog have kept going with the formula that worked so well in the previous 2 and obviously added a few new things but nothing to major to ruin the flow of the what fans have been use to with the previous ones.
    that being said the only thing thats ever been really wrong with the series is the aiming i find it very rigid at times but after a while i get use to it but would rather not have to but thats the only thing i can say they need to improve on in the 3rd game couldnt really tell with the beta seeing as its not the finished article yet but i think they may have solved that lil problem, now all i have to do is wait till november so i can buy the awesome special edition of the game 😉

  • kobraman88

    im guessing so it would be a bump if they didnt but then again people who dont get the chance to play the beta will be p*ssed coz everyone who played the beta would be miles ahead of them but hey thats their business looool

    • Jago

      Lol yes but its going to be the same deal for those that decide to buy the uncharted collection deal and play it for the first time. They would enter the ring with people who are waaaaaay over level 50 (i never made it there… Close but no cigar as they say lol). Either way just like you i’m excited for this game as well. The good thing about this game is that its coming out around the same time as MW3 & BF3 so the pissed off teens on mics will hopefully be away from this game fir a while lol…

  • whytenoiz

    One thing I cannot bear is the fact that one of the glitches I used to encounter often, the fact that if you try to form a party with friends it disbands the party either instantly or after about ten seconds, has not been fixed or still occurs. Every other game I have does not show this issue. Please Naughty Dog, fix this so I can show my friends in game how much better than them I am.