Ubisoft Confident Nintendo Will Make Wii U a Success

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Ubisoft Wii U will be Successful

While one publisher has pulled Wii U support completely, another is reaffirming its faith Nintendo will make their latest console a success. Shortly after Electronic Arts revealed they had zero Wii U games in development, one of the Wii U’s stronger third party publishers has come out to give Nintendo’s public image a much-needed boost.

After all, Ubisoft has supported the Wii U from day 1 with ports of all their latest games — from Assassin’s Creed 3 to Watch_Dogs — and a console exclusive in ZombiU. Not to mention they were, at one point, willing to sacrifice potential 360 and PS3 sales by making Rayman Legends a Wii U exclusive. That’s no longer the case, but the initial thought still counts.

While most publishers are “abandoning ship” or reeling in Wii U support, a spokesperson for Ubisoft wants to assure the public they will do the exact opposite. Ubisoft believes that their fall 2013 content will give consumers plenty of reasons to pick up a Wii U.

“As with any new console, it takes some time to grow an established base. Ubisoft has a varied and high-quality line-up for Wii U, with more big titles on the way including Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Splinter Cell Blacklist. We’re confident that this will help in continuing to attract gamers to the Wii U system and that Nintendo will take steps to ensure that the Wii U is successful in the market.”

Sure, gamers can pick up Assassin’s Creed 4 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the Wii U, but will they? When a game like Watch_Dogs is available on consoles gamers already own, what is the incentive to purchase a new console? This would be good news for gamers who only own a Wii U, but there’s no telling how many of those are out there.

It’s also important to mention that a new console generation is looming in the horizon, and pretty soon those new platforms will become the standard. And while the Wii U will become the superior alternative to the PS3 and 360, it will still presumably be at least a few steps behind both the PS4 and Xbox 720.

So while Ubisoft reaffirms their faith that Nintendo will be successful, their success isn’t really dependent on third party publishers like them. Rather, it will be Nintendo’s exclusive content that will make or break the console — games like Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros., Mario, etc. These are the types of games that most deem “system sellers.”

Do you think third party titles from publishers like Ubisoft will help Wii U sales? What will it take for Nintendo to recover?

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  • Fate

    Patience is key to success. Nintendo knows THAT best.
    -Proud Wii U owner!

    • COREY_1993

      seriously… youre a proud owner of a probably dusty wii u XD hahaha

      • Lulz

        Why hasn’t Gamerant ban this guy, that obviously a personal attack and trolling attempt!

        • Vampet

          In no way was that a personal attack.

          • Lulz

            But you can agree it was a trolling attempt.

        • COREY_1993


      • Joe

        I am proud to own one. and it is NOT dusty, the PS3 I have is now dusty as it is basically just a Bluray player now. The Wii U also lets me re-play some of my Wii games. the new systems will not. Graphics over innovation is not a good idea, unless you like watching games as opposed to PLAYING them. the generation of people who like the modern games are most likely people that grew up WATCHING their friends or big brother playing games instead of actually playing them. just like the modern developers.

    • breado the great

      Did you hit your head? Cuz i dont see how you can be proud, you own a Wii…

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    I seriously had my doubts about Ubisoft’s commitment to Wii U. The Rayman Legends debacle was a MAJOR black eye IMO. However, after the RL challenge app, all the multiplatform support, this announcement and the recent “reveal” that they are “working hard on a ZombiU 2 prototype”. Ubisoft is very quickly working on my good side.

    I think Ubi knows more than they are letting on. I honestly think, not only as a Nintendo fanboy but, as an informed consumer, Nintendo will be making some major waves in the near future.

    I own all the last-gen consoles (including Wii U) :) and if I were to buy Assassin’s Creed 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist or Watch_Dogs, I would buy them for Wii U. Every muliplat game I have played on Wii U has been made such a better experience because of the GamePad and Miiverse.

    I had an absolute BLAST playing The Walking Dead: SI, by all opinions a terrible game, all night long, JUST because of the Miiverse community. I downloaded the demos for Resident Evil: Revelations for both the PS3 and Wii U. First, I played the PS3 version for about 5 minutes and then quit. I finished the Wii U demo and decided to buy it on May 21st.

    As far as this gamer is concerned, Wii U just makes games better.

    • COREY_1993

      hahahahaha… ok then, that was funny.

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        hahahahaha… ok then, which part?

        • COREY_1993

          all of it.

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            Wow! You are so full of wisdom, insight and rational thinking. Your frank discussion and strait shooting attitude should be commended. It truly is a wonder why I only consider you a Troll. Thank you for only confirming my already established assumptions.

          • COREY_1993

            in a human… not a troll.

      • Joe

        i’m sorry you never got to play real games when you were still a kid… oh, wait… you still are, most likely… I’m sorry all you had to play were these dumbed down things people call games.

    • breado the great

      i can see why you enjoyed the wii u, you enjoy the miiverse. You my friend have the unabashed wide eyed doe stare of a child …it’s….it’s beautiful! Don’t let anyone make you grow up, you stay in neverland you gorgious little bird you!

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        While your post is obviously meant to be derogatory, it has more merit than you may know.

        I don’t play games to kill people. I don’t play games to slander people’s mothers over headset communication. I don’t go on articles with the sole purpose to ridicule and to spread hatred.

        But that’s me. I play games for the fun of it. I enjoy playing Pokémon and Kirby. I like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Hell, I’ll even take a Harvest Moon or an Animal Crossing over a generic, repetitive, craptastic, Halo or Gears any freaking day! Does that make me less of a gamer? Does that make me not as good as you? Do you think I really care what you think of me?

        I own approximately (without counting) 50 different gaming consoles. I own literally thousands of games. I have played almost every home console release of the past generation. I have been playing games on multiple systems since before the Crash. My dear sir, I think I know what makes a good game and what makes a good console.

        The Wii U is a GOOD console. The “giant awkward ipad” of a controller you seem to have such disdain for is one of the best controllers this old gamer has ever laid hands on. The Wii U OS, after the update, is probably the best I’ve ever used. (However, I still prefer being able to insert a game, hit power and play.) The Wii U home menu is an easy and innovative way to traverse options, even better than the quite frankly awesome XMB. Miiverse is fantastic. Being able to, in real time, converse and share with people, all over the world, who share your enthusiasm for a certain game is quite remarkable and given the proper game and context, a whole LOT of fun. The Wii U has the ability to play a game, hit pause, go into Miiverse and THEN surf the internet to boot. Good luck doing that with the PS360.

        Then there are the many different control options, the easily upgradable storage, the backwards compatibility, etc., etc.. There are MANY different things that I “enjoy” about Wii U, not just Miiverse. That may be just the “little bird” in me speaking. But if growing up means I can’t partake in actual good gaming experiences, then you are right. Nobody can take that “unabashed wide eyed doe stare of a child” away from me. Especially, someone of the likes of you.

    • Vampet

      You are entitled to your opinion as I am to my own. I personally never liked the feel of the Gamepad. It didn’t really feel right to me playing games with it. I’m used to smaller controllers that fit more comfortably in my hands while I play games.

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        That is completely understandable and I respect your opinion. I “tried” the GamePad at GameStop, after I had already preordered my Wii U and was like “What the f*** is this piece of crap?” However, after actually getting it home, having it my lap and using it for the past 6 months, it seems like it is the just the way that gaming is supposed to be. I love the second screen and it’s touch capabilities. I does take some getting used to, but once you go black…shiny, Wii U GamePad you never go back. :)

        • COREY_1993

          i went back…

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            See, here’s the thing. It doesn’t work like that. You need to actually go somewhere, to be able to come back from it. “Back”…I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • COREY_1993

            i think it does. the wiiu is the biggest waste of money.

  • TheHonorableHero

    Haha!!!! Losers!!! Believing in the Wii U!!!? Haha!!!! Losers!!!!

    • Varteras

      Wow. Incredibly productive post.

  • frayzure

    it’s sad that all you idiots care about are “better” graphics. Marjority of sony/microsoft games have cause many people to be shut ins and only socialize with people through a headset while they’re calling someone a noob. atleast nintendo is finally finding a balance between online multiplayer and local multiplayer.

    • breado the great

      yes in that they discoved multiplayer and hd…about a generation too late.. oh look a new mario game! wiiiiiiii! (word play)

      • Lucas

        Nintendo had local multiplayer on the NES, before PS1 or Xbox.
        I think what Nintendo is doing is great because like a previous comment has stated they have found a balance between Online and Local. Local is great for families because it gives them a way to connect with each other.
        Online will never have the same feeling that local multiplayer.
        Personally, I have all consoles. Microsoft and Sony have never delivered the same kind of entertainment that Nintendo has, and probably never will.

        • Frayzure

          Exactly. Like I said sony/microsoft just worry about online. neither system has amazing local player like nintendo has. Smash Bros, Mario(new,kart, and party) Olympic Games. They even have their own social system for players to comunicate on. sony and microsoft will always try to copy nintendo but they will never be able to copy the thrill of playing a game with people that are in the same room.

    • breado the great

      yes in that they discoved multiplayer and hd…about a generation too late. oh look a new mario game! wiiiiiiii! (word play)

    • Vampet

      Which is why Nintendo’s consoles are generally seen as the ‘family/party’ console.

      I personally love my PS3 because Sony puts out many exciting exclusive IP’s. The Last of Us looks to be outstanding and a serious contender for GOTY, along with Beyond: Two Souls. Both of these games releasing at the end of the PS3’s lifespan. Outstanding support from Sony.

      I haven’t touched my Xbox360 in a while. Only to play small indie games and arcade games honestly.

      I’ve owned a Nintendo Wii but sold it a few years back to a friend. I would mainly play Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Legend of Zelda games.

      • Joe

        The last of us looks like a movie mixed with a little of Uncharted’s bad acting and character design, only worth playing through once, if even that. Beyond:two souls IS a movie… (Heavy Rain was utter boring crap) with little interaction as a game. I prefer playing my games, not watching them, but I grew up playing games. back with My Atari 2600 and N.E.S. the “Next Gen” is not impressive, thus far.

  • Varteras

    This is why fanboy/hater wars start. Someone makes a sweeping and inaccurate generalization about something that they know is going to piss the other side off. This notion that the only thing Sony and Microsoft are good for is visuals could only be made by a bias fanboy. Just as when Sony and Microsoft fanboys say Nintendo games were made for ten year olds trapped in the bodies of men who will never know what it feels like to have intimate relations with someone. Meanwhile the companies they act like they would die for are laughing all the way to the bank. Video game fanboys are some of the most illogical, unreasonable people I end up talking to.

    • Frayzure

      I’m with you, and the majority of the negative comments come from the sony/microsoft fanboys. I don’t know about you but I hardly see nintendo fanboys start console wars in the comments. I admit I do it from time to time to see the ps360 fanboys get pissed and squirm. Plus I’ve owned all the systems except the ps2. Highly doubtful the people that mock the wii u have even touched one.

      • Vampet

        If you start fanboy wars on behalf of Nintendo, that makes you no better than the people who start the same wars on behalf of Sony or Microsoft.

        I’ve played the Wii Uand I don’t mock it, I criticize it. I’m a proud owner of a Playstation Vita, yet I still criticize how Sony is handling the handheld.

        • Frayzure

          I agree sony has done poorly with the marketing. I was tempted to trade my 3ds in for one, but there’s not that many games that interest me. maybe like 5 of them

    • EastOfTheAnduin

      “This is why fanboy/hater wars start. Someone makes a sweeping and inaccurate generalization about something that they know is going to piss the other side off.”

      Kind of like these:

      “The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than an XBOX360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point.”

      “Nintendo are operating like it’s 1990. They should have “done a Sega” and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives…Instead they make this awful console…Just stop it! Just make great games.”

      “It is an utterly intentional decision to focus our resources on markets which actually matter … like mobile, and Gen4.”

      – EA Games Senior Software Engineer and Architect Bob Summerwill

      On a side note, I do not understand how EA can completely forget that there was any generation before the PS1. It kinda pisses me off every time I see it. We are currently working on Generation 8, get it right!

  • Rick

    the 3rd party publishers are f**king p***ys for not doing any games for the wii u, it has the right controls and yeah the memory is the obvious problem but you never give up either I’m sure theres way to make games work with that amount of memory, publishers had to compromise some aspects of the games for years and now its a problem….

  • Rick

    my bad I mistyped what I said about 3rd party creators making games for the console they have I just meant that some of them are being p***ys for not contributing to the console all gaming companies have their dark days but its not like the dreamcast situation it seems similar but nintendo will pull through

    • breado the great

      it’s actually spelled p***ies but ya i love the wii u controller too! that giant awkward ipad feels so right in my hands its revolutionized my gaming experience! oh and i love how it makes me look away fron my giant hd tv to do silly aide things ob the tiny lil screen. LOVE THAT, it gets me so amped to play games

  • L2404

    If you have nothing constructive to say, don’t contribute to the discussion is a negative way. This is a boost for the WiiU, Nintendo fans should be able to express their content w/o being dehumanized. For real, in the end IT IS JUST A CONSOLE, and the fact that one brand is able to influence you enough just means that the way your brand advertises is more towards your liking, nintendo may advertise to their audience, which may not include YOU. Sony/Microsoft will advertise to you in a way that you like, afterall that is why you buy their products, because of ADVERTISING! Also, if you so happen to NOT own a console, Donot refer to its perks, abilities, components or the way they introduce a certain mechanism into the gaming world. Again, you probably ARE NOT their targetted audience!

    btw, I have no opinion on the WiiU since I have never used one, and have not had the money or the incentive to buy one. I am an Xbox “fanboy.”

  • Coop

    Most of these “fanboys” of xbox/ps3 have not even tried the wii u out, yet they seem to have plenty to say just because they have read some stories off gaming websites. You have no say unless you’ve played on one, sure you can have a biased opinion because you like your xbox/ps3 but stop knocking the machine just because of comments made by EA (one of the worst companies in the world ) or Internet trolls. We all know the score between nintendo and EA because of the origin/NN episode. Ubisoft has faith in Nintendo and that’s good enough for me. We all love gaming so can’t we just appreciate each console for what they offer, it’s nice to just have a great choice in machines.

    • Frayzure

      Exactly, I’ve owned both ps3 and 360 and all they are really about is “realistic” graphics and multiplayer games that just cause shut ins. People have forgotten the fun of local multiplayer and automatically write it off as something directed towards children because the game isn’t rated mature and doesn’t feature realistic.

      • Frayzure


      • Dante

        I, in no way, think this is going to help improve Wii U sales. 3rd party games sell pitifully on Nintendo systems and the Wii U is a glowing example of that. (ZombiU – Wii U exclusive – less than half million sold.)

        Does anyone think ANY of the AAA franchises Ubisoft produces will fare better on a Nintendo system than either Sony or Microsoft?

        While it is good to see Nintendo players getting a bone thrown to them you’d have to be a blind fanboy to not see that is all it is. A bone. The meat will be reserved for the larger market.

        • Dante

          Whoops didn’t mean to reply to Frayzure – I’m not sure what his whole shut in thing is about – apparently Frayzure plays his video games while hiking and rock climbing. You are amazing sir!

        • Varteras

          To be fair, selling over 400,000 units so far on a console that has only sold 3.5 million is pretty impressive. Though considering the critical reception and what I’ve heard about the game I think its success can be chalked up a bit more to hype, lack of options, and being a mature title than any of its own actual merits. We’ll see what goes down with its sequel.

          That being said, I do agree with your assessment that Ubisoft reaffirming its support of the Wii U is not going to move consoles. It will be a sigh of relief for current owners of the console considering that third-party support was looking nonexistent but anyone who hasn’t yet adopted the console will likely not do so for anything Ubisoft is doing unless they seriously start pumping out Wii U exclusives.

          They make great games but pretty much all of their most noteworthy titles are cross-platform. They have already shown that they have no problem backing out of exclusivity and making a title widely available at the expense of making the original intended playerbase wait for quite awhile(Rayman Legends).

          As far as the whole “shut-ins” thing goes, that’s ridiculous. Frayzure, just because someone prefers to play games online and loves visual immersion does not make them some kind of basement dweller no more than you liking Nintendo-style games makes you a child who still thinks girls are icky and sleep overs with Mommy making you cookies are cool.

          This is absurd. Can we not have objective criticisms of someone’s preferred console without them crying about it? Can we not have an article about Nintendo without some jerk tossing out a comment that Wii U sucks or something? Can we go for any length of time without some self-absorbed ass trying to tell people what they should think is a good game or a good console? Facts should be able to be stated without someone claiming it’s just ‘hater talk’. Subjective opinions should be presented humbly and with the person understanding what the hell a subjective opinion is. It’s really sad that for a relatively small online community such as this one we can’t get along and understand that we each have preferences and that someone liking or disliking something is not intended as some tremendous personal insult.

          Can we please tone-down the fanboyism around here? We’re all gamers. I can almost guarantee you that most of us would drink beers and laugh together if we could all meet up. Try exercising a little more humility and respect.

  • SK

    Even if the Wii U sucks, it might end up being the only console with the best games ever made. Best as in the best of the best.

  • radski

    F@#$ graphics. When have better graphics been the most important aspect of a game? Never. I love Nintendo, because instead of spending millions on new fancy engines, they focus on the GAMEPLAY. I like to PLAY FUN games, not watch good-looking shit ones. The Wii U will pick up fur sure, the 3rd party support will increase once Nintendo brings out the large number of epic exclusives coming out, and the system starts to pick up in sales.

    Don’t get me wrong, I had an xbox, and a 360, but I’ve always played nintendo consoles, as I am 100% garuanteed that the games will be good. The Wii wasn’t even HD, yet personally, it s@#$ all over the 360 and ps3. And who gives two shits about bluray players and whatnot. I buy my consoles to play games. In this digital age, I can watch all the movies I want, in great quality on my computer.

    AND the Wii U is the only backwards compatible system of the new geneeration, which is a MASSIVE bonus. AND the old wii controlelrs work with the Wii U. The only reason the Wii U had a shaky start, was their game line up, but that’s about to change.