Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Studio Developing ‘AAA MMO’

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Ubisoft Developing AAA MMO

In the current world of gaming, major gaming studios without a presence in the MMO space are few and far between. Ubisoft Quebec, the studio largely behind both Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, has been noticeably absent from this aspect of gaming but that is about to end as the studio is now developing a big-budget ‘AAA MMO.’

The MMO space is a very popular target for studios and publishers alike, obviously with the popularity of World of Warcraft and the new kid on the block, BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. There have even been rumors of the Mass Effect franchise dipping its toes into the MMO river as well.

For Ubisoft’s yet-to-be-determined MMO, there are now multiple job openings for the project, with Ubisoft seeking game designers who not only have experience in level-design creation, but also in populating an online world for this new big-budget MMO. The job description gives a few more details of what is to be expected.

“You will be working in close-knit, multi-discipline teams focused on creating a compelling long-term player experience from the ground up, responsible for building and populating a large world.”

Another position is slightly different, calling instead for Cloud Computing specialists for the same, large-scale MMO project.

“The position holder will adapt and optimize a modern rendering system used for AAA gaming so as to make it compatible in Cloud architecture. Distributed programming, Virtualization and Cloud new technologies will be part of your daily activities.”

The Cloud Computing aspect of the game is an interesting one indeed. One has to wonder if the MMO is going to be built from scratch as a cloud-gaming compatible game. In a day and age where technology is always on the rise, this aspect is a curious one indeed. Cloud gaming could also mean the MMO could be multi-platform.

The second aspect for gamers to consider is the IP being designed. Is it completely new or based on a current Ubisoft franchise? The most obvious choice would be an Assassin’s Creed MMO, though that is only conjecture at this point. Considering the four games that have already been developed, it wouldn’t be a hard sell to fans of the series to create an online world full of  a virtual Assassins, Templars, merchants, thieves, prostitutes, mercenaries; the list goes on and on.

Ranters, what type of MMO would you like Ubisoft to design? Something that is already in existence, or a completely new franchise?

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Source: Gamasutra (via Now Gamer)

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  • Martian712

    Too bad I don’t understand cloud yet. Side note: I’m not dumb, I know what it is, I just don’t understand the structure. What I do understand of it makes me wonder why it is a good move.

    • http://gamerant.com Matt Rowland


      Cloud computing is basically Skynet.

      I kid, I kid.


  • Spider-Abu

    oh damn…strategy, RPG, MMOs, and basically point-click games have never been to my liking….but as a diehard AC fan, if it’s an AC game, I must have….also come to think of it, you mentined that the AC series have been absent from the MMO area, which makes me think that no wonder I love this series so much. They have an amazing action adventure style which is just the most immersive storyline and gameplay style I’ve ever experienced, and so far only Action Adventure games that tries to take a reallistic approach have really given me such experiences that no “strategy, RPG, MMO, point-click, intentional unreallistic design(cartoony etc)” games have given me, like Batman, 007 BLOODSTONE, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Spidey 1, 2, 3, WoS, and though I favour TP games to FP, Battlefield 3, Resistance, Halo, Gears, and Goldeneye RELOADED HD have also really got me REALLY immersed into the experience with doing a lot of the visualisation right infront of me, like showing me pretty reallistic graphics, reallistic animations etc, and really immersive interactivity with my surroundings that the games with genres I mentioned above just can’t do…atleast for me anyway.
    Damn idk why I posted this, I’m sleepy atm..and when I’m sleepy I sorta type nonstop…blahh but that’s all my views and experiences.

  • Gabeler

    BioWare is my heart and soul for hobby gaming. But the fact is, Ubisoft has produced twice as many games in my personal collection than BioWare. An Assassins Creed MMO would be pretty interesting, but I’m struggling with imagining PVP combat. You’d need to mix swordplay with stealth, and let’s face it: MMO’s rarely, RARELY, survive in well-established universes.

    Franchises like Star Wars, Mass Effect, LotR, and World of Warcraft do well in the MMO category because it’s easy for one’s imagination to create their own story and purpose, and have it co-exist with thousands upon thousands of other self-engineered stories. However, when you place an MMO game in past context (such as the 1500’s) it’s difficult to imagine your own story where you accomplish an amazing feat, because you have to pretend it was simply never discovered by historians.

    Does anybody understand what I’m trying to say?

    • http://gamerant.com Matt Rowland


      I get what you’re saying. MMO’s are more in the line of those “Create your own adventure” books. When you put it into a historical context and within the realm of possibility, it becomes more difficult to suspend disbelief in what you’re doing. You could feel constrained because of the historical aspects, where as in Star Wars, it’s outer space and another galaxy so sure, the Force exists and sure, you could shoot lightning from your fingers.

      I get what you’re saying completely.