‘Two Worlds 3′ Coming in 2012

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Two Worlds 3 Confirmed for 2012 release

It looks like Two Worlds 3 is coming in 2012. The news of another installment of the Two Worlds franchise and its target release date come from a couple of PR missteps. It all started with some outlets giving Two Worlds 2 less than stellar review scores.

Word then spread that  TopWare, the game’s developer, was blacklisting outlets that gave Two Worlds 2 scores less than 7/10.  As word of the story spread outlets looked to TopWare for an explanation.

BeefJack was one such outlet and when they reached out, TopWare replied. Instead of just denying the allegations or issuing a no comment, however, a TopWare representative denied the allegations and included additional information, stating:

“We feel, as a company that we have made great strides with our game and look forward to our next installment.”

But that is not the end of the story. When Destructoid ran a piece about TopWare allegedly blacklisting outlets, TopWare’s Managing Director, James Seaman, posted in the comments to the story again denying the allegations about his company allegedly blacklisting outlets. Like the prior TopWare denial however, he did stop there but provided additional information, stating:

“We are trying to do a better job every time and have brought in a brand new 3D modeling, animation and CG team for the next Two Worlds game coming out in 2012.”

Two times TopWare denied blacklisting outlets and two times it made mention of another installment in the Two Worlds franchise. Mention an unannounced game once, shame on you. Mention an unannounced game twice and give it a release year, probably a good chance the game is coming.

What are your thoughts? Are you of the camp that liked Two Worlds 2 and want a sequel? What changes, if any, would need to be incorporated into Two Worlds 3 to get you excited about the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: RipTen (via BeefJack and Destructoid)


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  1. I’m glad they’re going to bring a new and improved third installment, but it will have to compete with Skyrim which will already be out by then… a game of which has had 5 years dev time vs. Two Worlds 3 having what, 2 years?

    This whole PR blacklist controversy has me concerned though.

    • Skyrim spent much of time with Creation Engine. but Two Worlds 3 won’t cause they can use the exist engine with some modification.

  2. “Are you of the camp that liked Two Worlds 2 and want a sequel? ”

    I just want Two Worlds 2. The console versions being delayed (and now possibly not even being released) in the UK is frigging ridiculous. As soon as it’s confirmed as not being released I am cancelling my pre-order and importing from amazon.de

  3. Two Worlds 2 is wasting huge chunk of map for multiplayer “experience”. Please no more of that, TopWare. I beg you.

  4. good for them! i found it completely ridiculous that two worlds two got a 7.5 rating while marvel vs. capcom got like an 8.75!!! really? a game with zero storyline is a far better product?! most fighting games are pretty much the same. every time i get a new console (xbox then 360) i buy one fighting game and one racing game. the rest are about the same with different characters and different moves. that being said, if you dont like open world games then you shouldnt be reviewing them!! i would never review a racing game for someone that likes them! two worlds 2 is not oblivion but its definately a great game. this so called reviewer gave it almost no replay value and ive been addicted to it ever since ive been playing as is everyone i know that got it. TOPWARE keep the two worlds coming. you could use some pointers to better the game but we love you guys and your games anyway!!

  5. I loved the game. Though I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. And I had also expected the main storyline a bit longer. But still, it’s a very unique game with an awesome sense of humor. So please make another one :)

  6. Innsane! Its gonna be epic for’sho!

  7. I have to say this is one of my fav series but I like the first game and thought two worlds 2 was going in the right direction. I feel the first games setup that u don’t need to save in fear of losing all of your hard work cuz u died. The only two down sides were the lack of the biggest landmass being used for single player, and the other is never enough fighting the animals are great but respawning camps, or just more orc, bandits and so on to deal with!

  8. I think the game wasnt rated as I thought it shouldve, it was definently atleast an 8 or 9 out of a ten. Loved the story line, loved all the quest, still think all the quest and yes even the main quest should be longer but loved it, yes its no oblivion, its one of my facorite games but I love this one just as much as it. I think the game also needs some more clothes ane especially more armor selections, I dnt like how once u get to a certain point u cant get different armor even if its only on certain levels u can get them which would still be awesome, but needs more. I liked the fighting style would be good if it made it like oblivion but still had the motions like the shield bash and the buttons like triangle and cirlce to use, I like that especially the slow motion parts like when theyre on the ground and u can jump and kill them. I dnt like how in most games some person has really kool armor and u cant have it, like that knight u have to answer questions with or the emporers, it would be nice if they made a code for that, love the codes u guys gave by the way, u guys did a great job on this game. Also didnt like how when u jumped off something even if it wasnt that high it takes alot of ur life away, do like how u regenerate health by urself instead of jus using potions, like how u can make armor and weapons stronger and how u dnt run out of arrows. I loved the world better than oblivion tho likd how there wasalot of places to go, like the swallows, new ashos, the dead place with the witch, the place with the orcs that save u, dnt like that u cant see them again tho, like all the towns and houses u can buy…needs to be more, like how u can tracel in boat but dnt like u have to go with just the wind and cant change it. Would be kool if u could get turned into a vampire, abd have powers with them, to make u faster, and maybe see in a different way and a different fighting style, but u get some magical ring that makes it where u can be in the sun without drinking blood so u dnt have to worry about the sun all the time, cuz that got annoying sometimes. Needs to have more characterization, you should make it where everybody can make a different person for the game than jus the same one like in this game, and maybe put ab orc in there, more facial features. Needs alot more weapons with the new trypes of armor, needs to have more surcoats to use with heavy armor and not ones where u use for robes and cant use a bow. Like the stones to make ur armor and weapons better. Like how u can fight so many different creatures. U should also have some forgering shoos in the game where u can create ur own kind of armor and weapons and put what ever magic u want on them, u can make it look any way u want from a curced sword to straight and with spikes, and what ever color u want them to be, and create kool armor so eceryone playing has something different that theyre proud of making, cuz the armor in the game was good it it was pretty much the same but different colors. Luved the whole landscape and the villages and towns. Would like a bigger boat like a pirate ship to sail with. Like the lock picking although alittle hard until u make ur time longer, like the personal teleports. could do better with the aiming of ur magic, it really doesnt have good aim, do like the sprint. Part 3 sgould let u do sneak mode with a bow, do like the sneak for the death kill tho. Needs to have better jumping skills, love the graphics. It’s a great game, keep it up

  9. I am a fan of Two Worlds Two and would love to see another game. I do have recomendations that would make the game awsome. First, make it possible to transfer the offline player to the online mode. Second for the online make it one Huge world with hundreds of quest, were each players data will be saved onto there on server so they can still play online with friends but its not divided within chapters. This doesbt have to be an mmorpg like runescape how every character is connectet a server system so there data was saved on there character but they were still conected to one world. As amazing as that would be ( because lets be honest, runescape was a solid game for a while) Im just saying make it like that for the player and some of his friends. Other nice things in the game would also include a vast amount of mounts for online and offline. Dragons would be a sweet touch as apponents and miunts. Quest that earn you more books. ( All of these things would be for offline and online) More landscape such as mountains, volcanos, better ocean travel such as ocean creatures. Hope you take these ideas into cocideration

  10. your characters arms need to be longer. everyone else had nicely lengthed arms.

  11. I loved both Two Worlds games so far and I have a ton of ideas for a Three Worlds if you would like to do it. As for Two Worlds 3 i would like to see the ammount of armor selection as the first one had. Wow there were tons of sets to choose from! Keep the crystal system but allow for overages in skills so my upgrading can be level 10+9 instead of just 10. I would also like to see the ability to add multiple different damage crystals to a single weapon. The game wows with the detail of the environments, the sounds are spot on, and the battle system flows smooth, miles beond anything TES has put out.

    I would love more than anything a bigger village or more villages to choose from and be able to connect and visit/watch over a friend’s village while they are not there.

  12. Dont let any moded items in game

  13. If some of you people would not have Judged Two Worlds 2 By the crap Voice acting in Two worlds 1 There would be no problems. If I was Topware I would Blacklist everyone who purposely gave me a bad score causing sales to be low. The voice bad voice acting was gone with two worlds 2 and the horses are way better than the ones in Skyrim. The spell system is a heck of a lot better too.

    Ive seen some of those fruitcakes reviewing Two worlds 2 and saying some pretty bad things (LIES) about the game. I have played it all the way to the end and its a great game. Forget the reviews on this one and try it people its a great game I loved it. The Graphics is also Equal to that of Skyrim.

  14. skyrim would be a awesome game if the game worked right,nothing like paying for something broken. Do game testers play the game,if i am going to pay 70 $ i would like to know that i am paying for a working product,big rip off, loved oblivian but skyrim to many bugs took the fun out of it. Ps good advise play the game before you put a broken product out thank you

  15. Well… as long as it will not suck like Skyrim did.
    Only things that they need to improve, are the length of the main storyline for one. It was too damn short on TW2. Definetly make the combat system tougher. No farkin’ mouseclick spamming like the previous ones. MORE combat moves! And don’t go touching the way the swords are carried. On belt is important for my immersion. Swords on back look tad retarded.
    Also, I’d enjoy the possibility of sitting on chairs and do other “useless” RP stuff like that. Also, smoking and drinking ! And more choices in conversations too. And definetly more swearing ^^

    And blocking shouldn’t be so bloody simple. I hate simple combat systems.
    TW 2 with longer storyline and the Mount And Blade Warband combat system would be one of the best games ever made. (Best is still, and will forever remain such, Gothic 2: Night Of The Raven.)

    Here’s my 2 cents.

    • umm i can agree on the skyrim thing its to easy.. i wish the skills were a tad bit harder and just a few adjustments would be great like the more combat stuff and “useless” stuff.

  16. i very much dislike the offline story mode. the only way i find it playable is with the bonus code cheats. i fell in love with the online play its up to you to do it all legit or get help.i love that you can play with people from all over and become friends and share. and on another note if they shut down the game(no more online ) i will not spend another 70 dollars for the same game twice. i also love the game it is the only one that i can actually play on line that has the right speed and pace due to a medical impairment that limits me from operating the controller fast enough to play call of duty games, or any like that. if they deleat the game from off line line i guess i wont be on .

  17. peronaly or how ever you spell it is a great game but there is a few down falls. like the quest system ints nice but its sometimes hard to find on the map with agres me.. and it would be very nice if they had all kinds of armer like skyrim, oblivion and runescape. with are some games i play but if any one knows any other cool games like this please tell me? i notifyed the comments to vie e-mail so yeah.

  18. it’s 2013 so where is the development at? or was it called off?

    • I know right? It’s August 2013 and yet no Two Worlds 3… :(
      Why hasn’t topware announce TW3 yet? TW2, I like it but it lacks some content I was hoping they would add via DLC. Like a second village or a city for village mode.

  19. Wil dar pha be back and when ir wil bi in belgium bi cus i want to know wat is hapend to dar pha

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