Twisted Metal Trailer & Release Date

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Twisted Metal Trailer and Release Date

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything on the ridiculously violent, but oh so addictive, demolition derby that is Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. However, it seems that those desperate for any form of news on David Jaffe’s upcoming title are in luck, because a new trailer just released that shows off some very cool in-game footage.

Of course, fans want to see more than just gameplay clips, so Eat Sleep Play was also kind enough to give an official release date for the new Twisted Metal.

The new trailer for Twisted Metal blends in-game action with real life footage that has been stylized to suit the visuals of the game. The end result is a pretty solid trailer that will quench the insatiable thirst that fans of the series have developed after years of waiting for this game. It’s also quite informative and provides those same fans with a date for them to mark on their calendars, and perhaps even a day to call in sick to school or work.

Check out the latest trailer for the PS3-exclusive, Twisted Metal:

Yes, as the end of the trailer confirms, Twisted Metal will be launching on October 4th, 2011, so be ready to blow enemies and friends alike to pieces in a gloriously over-the-top fashion. It truly does seem like 2011 is the PlayStation 3’s year. Not only do PS3 owners have Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, and Infamous 2 (after already launching LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3) to look forward to, but now Twisted Metal has secured an already expected spot in 2011.

The brief amount of hands-on time I’ve had with Twisted Metal presented to us something very promising, and the game seems to live up to previous standards of the franchise. There are also a few new game modes and characters that players can look forward to, along with HD graphics of course, which are all sure to create a fresh but familiar experience for long-time fanatics of the Twisted Metal games.

Look forward to going on a rampage with Sweet Tooth this October 4th, exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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  • DaftBasterd

    AMAZING! Thank you.

  • realdealNUPE

    I recommend anyone with a decent PC rig and an itch to play a game like this to pick up PAM on steam. its about $10 sometimes on sale for $5. gameplay and graphics are good. I am playing on a 3 screen setup in 5760×1080. But it plays good on my home theater in 1080p on a modest PC.

    This game is a good value. It does not work well with my g27 wheel but great with a game controller (xbox 360 controller works great for me).

    I would not be surprised to se this game end-up in the xbox live arcade to offer a similar type game at a bargain. Just think 5-10$ on live arcade would be great going against $60 twisted metal.