Twilight: The Video Game?!?

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Special Note: When the subject of Twilight comes up, I typically roll my eyes in disgust and tune out…just like most men. Therefore, in fairness to the material, I’ve enlisted the help of my wife, who has actually read all of these books and has a love/hate relationship with them, to explore the possibility of a Twilight video game in the near future. Her take is below:

Some industry folk are still scratching their heads as to why game developers have not jumped at the opportunity of making gazillions of dollars in high-pitched shrieking revenue with a video-game adaptation of the Twilight saga. Games Investor Consulting analyst Nick Gibson was recently quoted as saying “Given how hot a property it is, Twilight could easily present a seven-figure exploitation opportunity…”

Could it be that video-game developers have way too much artistic integrity to release a title based on the the post-feminist tragedy that is the Twilight phenomenon? Or is it that they do not like seven-figure exploitation opportunities? Yeah OK, it’s definitely not the latter, so why no Twilight game beyond a lame Scene-It? tie-in?

Who Doesn't Love a Vampire Trivia Game?

Who Doesn't Love a Vampire Trivia Game?

The story of Edward Cullen, the ancient, tortured, and fangless vampire who hopes to escape his vampiric nature by immersing himself in the American system of public education, and Bella Swan, his bland love interest, has captivated millions, á la Harry Potter. Yet, unlike the Potter series, Twilight poses the unique challenge in that it is a lengthy story in which nothing really happens. Stephenie Meyer’s four girthy tomes offer little action, chapter-long conversations, and a body count that is even lower than Bella’s self-esteem.

But did that prevent Summit Entertainment from excreting a mega successful movie collection? So what is the holdup for EA, Activision Blizzard, or Ubisoft? The one universal truth today is that “Twilighters” spend money, whether it be their own or their parents’. And they spend it hard. A Twilight game could mean more consoles flying off shelves in the middle of a sluggish economy, and would also provide an “in” to gaming’s elusive and virtually untapped frontier…the non-gamer female.

Opinion on a Twilight video game is divided worse than Team Jacob vs. Team Edward. While devotees would be happy to see the swirly Twilight font stamped on anything, saga “purists” vehemently oppose the idea of a video game adaptation. Like most Twilight readers, the naysayers seem clueless about video games, almost as much as they seem clueless about vampires themselves. They seem grossly uninformed about how diverse, nuanced, and emotionally charged video games have become in the last couple of years, and fail to take into account the rise of interactive drama video games like Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3. The success and critical acclaim of this title has created a favorable precedent for dramatic thrillers and “dark” romance games like Twilight, which could attract a large audience with a thirst for the next dimension in gameplay.

The touchy-feely dimension.

And why not? Making Twilight a full-on interactive experience would be the ultimate “Twi-hard” dream come true. The heroine of the story, Bella Swan, is the perfect empty vessel in which reader/players (and their romantically dissatisfied mothers) may insert themselves and live out a romance with the dreamy and sparkly Edward Cullen. Imagine an RPG that can provide hours upon hours of Robert Pattinson’s dreamy avatar, pretentious haircut and all… or Taylor Launtner’s glistening shirtless torso? Love FPS (First Person Shooters)? Why not an FPL? First Person Lover. Gamers can experience life in scenic brooding Forks, gamble between my so-called life and immortality, and cripple feminism all day long while trying to figure out the secrets of the mysterious Cullen coven, research the despotic Volturi, or discover the werewolf origins of the Quileute tribe.

Dialogue, relationship drama, contrived teenage angst, and inane moral dilemmas would be the key to the success of the game, while mystery-solving would ideally dominate the format, just to give characters something to do while they discuss and dissect their oh, so many feelings. In other words, action would not necessarily need be the game’s primary focus, although Twilight possesses enough back stories to create an opportunity for bloodshed. Stephenie Meyers just didn’t bother to write any of them out. Slap on quirky emo soundtrack (courtesy of bands like My Chemical Romance) and you have an instant hit.

Not that there are not a few cool things to do in the Twilight world. As Bella, you can climb on Edward Cullen’s back and sprint at dizzying speed through the lush forest.

Hold on to your insecurities, Bella!

Super attack mode, engage!

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  • Haggislaw

    It would be indeed an opportunity to jump on a successful franchise, drive sales and ultimatly ruin it with a videogame adaption (haha omg i actualy like that idea now).
    And you'r right. The right budget, a studio like quantic dream and a Heavy Rain like gameplay would be indeed the fitting platform to get it done…..


    nooo….like hell no….like omg , just nooo….damn that is all kinds of wrong!

  • Lyndsay M.

    If you roll your eyes and turn away in disgust from a game, why subject us to your sexist, craptastic review of it?

    • Jason_Weissman


      Wasn't my review. That's my wife's impressions of the series (i.e., she wrote it). And believe it or not, she is a fan of the books (as well as True Blood for that matter).

    • James

      I agree. Take it seriously, or don't write it. This was way, way, way too unnessecarily condescending. As 50Cent noted for the oblivious, “Twilight ain't no joke.” Damn. If that's your take on the books that have sold over 100 million copies, then you really, *really* don't get it.

      • MediaSlayer

        As the author of the article, I would like to, first of all, thank you for quoting 50Cent, that great cultural visionary of our time, to show me the error of my ways. And on the subject of “not getting it”, the article is about why the gaming industry has yet to capitalize on a huge successful franchise that obviously attracts a large audience. An audience among whom there are those who may be introduced to the pleasures of gaming via a property they love. I aimed to explore the setbacks of the material that might pose challenges for a video-game adaptation… lack of action. I even presented a model “Hard Rain”, that could usher in the era of carefully-crafted dark romance games, including one based on Twilight. If you have a problem with the tone of the article, fair enough. You are entitled to not liking brilliance… but I think we are past the notion that Twilight spinoffs, including the movies, have been, to this day, low-budget and half-hearted attempts. I'll be the first one to admit, hey… the books are awful…but they are addictive and, at the end of the day, I shelled out the money. And that's all that matters.

        • Lyndsay M.

          I wasn't commenting on the article, I was commenting on the needless “special note” opener. Who wants to read an article where the writer couldn't tolerate the subject matter, and even admitted to parceling out the writing to somebody else! How embarrassing and unprofessional. Do you think joystiq would write something that dissed the subject matter and then admitted to offing the copy to an underling? Why not give your wife the byline instead.

          • MediaSlayer

            Hey, noting the “underling” to “wife” semantics there, Lyndsay M.. Works well coming from someone who is throwing the word “sexist” around.

      • Apolloyon

        Sweetheart, just because twilight sold ''over 100 million copies'', doesn't make it necessarily worth a damn. I, however, loved the authors take on the possibilities of making a twilight game. The comparison to Heavy Rain was spot on, as i've played HR and seen Twilight, i understand the point..while i disagree that twilight would make a good game, i liked reading the article (it made me laugh out loud in several places). Also, in response to the apparent “unprofessionalism”, i disagree completely. It WAS professional, and
        I like that the original guy that was writing the article handed the torch to his wife. Why would he write an article about a subject he had no knowledge of? It makes sense to have people write articles based on subjects they are educated on, yes?
        Anyways, great article, and i'm looking forward to reading more of your material!

        • Jason Weissman


          Exactly. I'm sure my wife appreciates the compliment!

        • BerthaLertha

          Your wife knows her stuff!

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  • Rory Young

    Hahah, great stuff. 😀

  • lanerdista

    I would totally play that :)

  • r4

    Twilight as a video game ?That might ruin the original book's story.I have read the book and also watch the movie and it was so good as expected but video game of a romantic story ?

  • Shaun James Rowsell

    I would rather eat my own gentlemen's vegetables than own this

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  • Name

    Hilarious review

    P.S. your wife is obviously awesome.

    • Jason Weissman

      You are 100% correct 😉

  • Tom

    It would be nice to be able to play as edward or jacob, and smash stuff through walls, this kind of game is too difficult though, because of the population factor if it was a walkabout game. Probably best they keep it similar to that Buffy game (but obviously way better physics etc.), it would work that way – level to level.

    Personally, I would love a Supernatural game, think about it, a FPS strategy horror – Using Salt, and aiming and throwing it where you want, devil traps – you could draw over a layout projection – a la “The Warriors” spray painting (and have a radar layout showing enemies, noises, and where you have placed things, and if they break – salt line broken etc.). You could have great first person melee combat, and have to come up with ways to kill the things in the first place – research, identifying through talking with NPC's (This kind of game would work with different small town populations, and breaking in to houses, and sneaking etc. Sorry for the rant, but I think that would RULE

    • Magnus

      DUDE! i so totally agree! a freakin supernatural game!! haha that would be awesome! tho a lot of freedom would be nice. or like hints – “lay a devils trap there” etc etc. and you can choose between sam and dean, seeing the story a bit different in their eyes! AND multiplayer, and choose modes like deathmatch or something combat mode!, like where you can choose to be evil (demon, zombie, ghost with their skills) or human (sam dean, bobby etc) man i have so many ideas for a supernatural game!

      • Tom

        Thanks man, yeh it would be like call of duty meets ghostbusters,meets The Thing. Could be awesome. Hope it happens some day, can you imagine it – like spraying holy water on someone to check if they are possessed.

      • tom

        And another awesome idea – smart AI, like most demons wont walk through traps if they are obviously visible, so you can interact with objects, like barricade doors with cabinets, and cover traps with carpets. Man if I won like alot in the lottery, I would invest in this straight away

        • Magnus

          hahah i know right! and then you either get a response like “what the f***” or a fight begins! haha i would so totally invest in this game! i have soo many ideas!

  • SevenFearsMe

    Hey, i dont mean to hate, but twilight just pisses me off. it seems like people only care about it because their “BFF told them it was super rad”(<–Sadly an actuall quote) or because they were tricked into reading one, and just wanted to finnish the rest to know what happened.
    Now. My opinion isn't true,probably, So don't bash me, because at least i can admit it. it is a solid point that if there was a twilight game it would expand the video games appeal to certan groups, which is why i support it, but i swear, if i ever hear a ten year old girl on MW2 talking about twilight i will snap. Thats the line.

    Awesome wife, great article, thanks for letting me rant a bit.
    Oh, and to the guy talking about supernatural games, great idea, i would play that.

    • Tom

      Thanks man. I PRAY that they do it.

  • Startled

    A twilight video game? The only way I’d approve of such a series is if you get to play as a neutral character and wipe out the sparkly ones and the flipping emo bi*ch bella.

    On a serious note the twilight series is bad enough to be a crime against humanity. Let’s not add fuel to this fire.

  • tracy


  • ReasonThis

    seriously believe it would be a great idea… this is coming from a total guy’s perspective who eventually fell into the trap, learning all about the story (i think what did it was the way i saw the movies… 3, 1, then 2 with d-bag jacob to fill it all in. . . anyone who has only seen new moon has a lies a shameful reputation toward the saga, and i don’t blame them), and eventually listened to the ‘new one’ – breaking dawn – on audiobook lmao. anyhow, *spoileralert* the “part 2″ of breaking dawn is going to be way better than part 1. just sayin.
    this game should totally be done in a multiplayer fashion where you could potentially have your own families, really take advantage of the vampire powers… some i haven’t put into perspective till i saw those movies. the storyline, 1-player side of the game would be okay i guess, but it’s sure to have a lot of fights and such going on ‘the side’, thus ruining the storyline even more. . . you would really have to get into the storyline, which might be tough. anyhow, its been fun :)

  • ReasonThis

    also i guess it would be an awesome game to play with a girlfriend, if it weren’t too intense.. but again i stress the urge of online free roam so you can ‘hunt’ animals, or, maybe even people, gta style, but not as violently, easily, or frequently… i donno
    thought i’d throw that in there…

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