‘The Last of Us 2′: Troy Baker Believes Naughty Dog Will Make Right Decision

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Troy Baker Talks The Last Of Us 2

When it comes to voice actors in video games no one is bigger right now than Troy Baker. He’s the voice of Booker Dewitt in BioShock Infinite, the stock voice of the player character in Saints Row the Third, and the voice of batman in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Although Baker is a regular at Comic-Con, promoting all of his numerous voice-acting projects, one of his main focuses for the event was the LEGO Batman 3 role. And we were lucky enough to sit down with the actor for a couple of minutes to pick that brain beneath the well-kept hair.

While the majority of our time was focused on LEGO Batman 3, and how much fun it was for Baker to jump back into the Batman role, he did share some thoughts on the possibility of The Last Of Us 2. Read his quote below:

“First of all, if they do it then they have a really strong story to tell and I’ll believe in that. And I think that especially from a pure developer standpoint it’s really expensive to build a world and build assets. So when they say it would be foolish not to [explore a sequel], it’s like guys we’ve got it, you know. Why not use it again? But the thing that I think stands to their credit more than anything is, even as expensive and as hard and everything as it is to build that world, those people are so committed to telling a good story that they will look at it and go, ‘Tear it down we’re good,’ and not go back to it and do something new and push themselves. So either way it goes I’m just excited.”

Essentially, Baker echoes a familiar sentiment shared by fans when a beloved property is in early sequel talks. He believes that if Naughty Dog does decide to make a second game it will be because they have found a story they want to tell, not because they want any more profit or accolades.

At the same time, Baker feels like Naughty Dog is at a place where, if The Last of Us 2 is not coming together the way they wanted, the developer would either scrap the project and start over or abandon it altogether. Either way, Baker doesn’t actually know anything at this point, but he trusts Naughty Dog implicitly.

The Last of Us Alternate Ending Joel

Although the prospect of further exploring Joel and Ellie’s story is intriguing, it feels like fans are mostly split on the idea of a sequel. On the one hand, The Last of Us tells a story — one about the harsh realities of life post-apocalypse — that, while its ending is open-ended, feels complete. But on the flip side that world is so rich and those characters are so dynamic and compelling that gamers would chomp at the bit to jump back into it. As well, Naughty Dog has acknowledged how foolish it would be of them not to explore a sequel, even if they may never go forward with their idea(s).

For now, though, Naughty Dog’s focus is on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sure, The Last of Us 2 will be in the periphery, but the developer’s focus is clearly on Nathan Drake’s (rumored) last adventure.

How do you feel about Naughty Dog making a sequel to The Last of Us? Do you trust in ND like Troy Baker?


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  1. A sequel would be great and I’d be ecstatic about it. But if little ol’ me got to decide, I’d definitely go with a new IP. But that’s just me.

  2. It would amazing if they put us in the same setting as the last of us but with different characters and tell where they were before the apocalypse n how they are making it through. Im a fan of co-op games so I would love to see an co-op story mode of the last of us. Lik for the story to start of both characters can be running through the chaotic streets (similar to the first) n one of the main characters gets bit in their leg so the other main character has to drag him/her to safety, but then it turns out he/she is immune n then them bring immune can help later in the story with place with a high density of spores since the other isnt immune, well im just ranting but this would be an good idea

  3. I personally would absolutely HATE a sequel to LOU!! It was a perfect story with a PERFECT ending! Now, if you wanted to do a prequel with just Joel, that would make sense, but I would really hate a sequel, it would only be for the money, and that, coming from ND would just make me sick! Something new please!

    • How can you do a prequel with just Joel if it started the way it did…

      • Dude there’s a 20 year gap between when his daughter gets killed and when he’s with Tess, so I’d say they could pull off a prequel pretty easily. I think it’d be awesome if they started when the world just started going to s***, get to see Joel become a badass.

    • I don’t understand the concept of hating something that doesn’t exist yet. And something that is optional. It’s like saying I love my car but I would hate it if they came out with a newer version. It would not affect you what so ever. You have the option of buying the game. It does not affect the game you have already played. So if they come out with the sequel. Then don’t buy it and pretend it doesn’t exist. If they took your game away from you and changed it that would be different but they are not doing that.

  4. I would love for there to be a sequel but maybe even a prequel. Like what happened to Joel from the point his daughter died to when he meets Ellie. But I do think they left the ending to the Last Of Us open a little bit. I think they could do something like 10 years later where, they are still living in the place Joel’s brother helped build but its expanded but there’s a line of new threats they have to face. My mind is always filled with ideas. So Naughty Dog, I’m right here.

  5. I feel like a sequel could be a really good thing only if they have a logical way to progress the story. Like say it’s set 5 years in the future or something. Ellie either knows or doesn’t know that Joel was lying to her in the end. Ellie would want to know why they haven’t found a cure yet and would want to go out on her own to see what’s going on. It just feels like to me she’d want to find a cure for the virus. And it if she knows Joel was lying to her she knows that she’s the only person they’ve found who is immune. I don’t know how she could live with herself knowing she has the key to save mankind. And if she’s older she’d go out on her own and we would get to play as her. That’s a way I can see a sequel working that adds to the story.

    • This

  6. There’s a definite way to continue the story without making it jump years into the future. Just think about it. Joel just killed the leader of the fireflies and drives back to the dam to live with his brother, a former member of the fireflies. In fact, his brother Tommy left Joel for the fireflies. How long can his lie last?

  7. Wow – they really would be foolish not to take the opportunity for both a prequel with Joel and a sequel with Ellie. TWO other completely different games, not just one. And yes, I know how hard it is to make a game – so SONY, why don’t you hire more people and throw some money at it? Make it easier for ND to make. There’s a demand obviously – and to sit back and mull it over while the gamers who love it forget about it is just dumb. HalfLife2 was better than the first – and they could outdo halflife if they did both a prequel and a sequel.

  8. I would rather see a Last of Us 2 then another Uncharted game the ending of the Last of Us ended with a lie and if they don’t continue with Joel and Ellie or they don’t have one at all they might as well say bye to a lot of people they knew as customers because Last of Us is one of the most iconic games to come out, even with the remastered version, so without a complete ending their will be big holes in Naughty Dogs popularity.

  9. While I get the point of some that the story was beautifully written and could stand by itself as a complete story, I think it would be a waste of the IP if they didn’t make it a trilogy of some sort.

  10. …and I disagree with people saying that the sequels/prequels should revolve around Joel/Ellie. Look at what Telltale Games did with The Walking Dead franchise, making an expanded universe outside of Rick and company.

  11. is the best game ever

  12. hope they make a second one ill be happy

  13. The last of us 2 is the only thing that will make me switch from xbox one to ps4

  14. You guys!!!! Ive have an idea for a new last of us sequal! Please hear me out because I would go out of my way to have a meeting with naughty creators just to give them something to deeply consider. Last of us Ressurection; named that way because the story really comesback to life. Coment for more info about the exiting new storyline.

  15. I think that ND should make sequel and not a prequel. Many people would like to see what happens after Joel goes is back with tommy. It could be that Ellie finds out the lie and is determined to find a cure without her having to die. The real question is where will they go? Maybe tommy tells Joel they can’t come back until they find a cure.

  16. I hope to see both uncharted and last of us two great games I would love to see and play there is much left to explore in both games

  17. I loved this game ever since I first saw the trailer for it.
    It took a long time because I dont own a PS3 but I got it and beat it at my friends house. And from the moment I saw the characters, the story, the plot. I fell in love. This game is amazing. I beat it in roughly 4 days. And when I had got to the end I was like: “Thats it?” I really thought there was more of a story to it than just getting Ellie to the Fireflies. When the final scene happend and those last words were said I was left happy of their journey and what was done but I definitely was left wanting more. If there is a way to expand, if there is more story to tell. I would play it, On the other hand I wouldnt want them to change ANYTHING an age change is one thing but dont change the characters for thats why I loved the game. My thoughts on Last of Us 2 :)

  18. I’d love a sequel!! I loved the story of Joel and Ellie, but having new characters could work. Maybe a story taking place at the same time the first game took place where the new characters cross paths with Joel and Ellie at the end of the second game, leaving the door open for a third installment with Joel, Ellie, and the new characters.

  19. I wanna know the story of how ellie got herscar.and what happened right when Riley turned . and I want to know,what happens after they return to the dam and Joel tells her he’s,settling down with Esther. I think ellie should move forward on her own..though I’ll miss Joel. They could add a dlc about his past with tess like they did with Riley and ellie

  20. Some of these are okay, but I don’t want to talk about Joel and Ellie anymore . If they do a sequel or prequel and it bombs it ruins their whole story. I would like to see a story during the twenty year gap and later where you play as a character kind of in David’s position. You have a village of people all relying on you. No pedophilia but you have to do some dark things in order to stay alive. Then you set out on a quest to find a cure. Maybe through a rumor or some broken up radio chatter. Then you see character develop. Sometimes he’s merciful other times cold and brutal. Different types of infected too. Plus more realistic characters . All the A I characters in the last one were strong young and Middle Aged men. Wouldn’t there be women old folk and children struggling to survive? Or even people who are not I. The best shape or having missing limbs or are complete nut jobs?

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