Top 5 Tips for Building the Ultimate Pokemon Team

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Pokemon Black and White 2 Tips

Building a championship caliber team in Pokemon can be an incredibly challenging task. With nearly 700 different monsters to choose from, creating the ultimate stable is far from an easy feat, and that’s why it’s so nice to have been able to get a few tips from a real life Poke-pro. Current Pokemon World Champion Ray Rizzo has given us five tips on how wannabe Pokemon Masters can go about building the greatest group of pocket monsters possible.

Anyone looking to get into the tournament scene, or just desiring a little help overcoming the Elite Four, will find some serious salvation within Rizzo’s tips. Without any further delay, here are five tips for building the best team in any recent version of Pokemon — straight from the two-time championship-winning mind of Ray Rizzo.

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  • Kholdstare89

    Very general advice, but it’s all valid. No one team is unstoppable. The key is to find a strategy and build the team around it. Picking some uncommonly used mons helps a bit too. 😉

  • jwalka

    you know your life has hit rock bottom when you’re in your mid to late 20’s and enter pokemon competitions, plus give out advice on how to play a game that has barely evolved since its 2nd generation release (adding new moves isn’t evolving a franchise, neither is moving it from low quality sprites to slightly better looking ones).

    mockery aside, i want to see another pokemon arena (you know, the one released on the n64), that was some serious s*** right there folks 😀

    • Kholdstare89

      As opposed to any other sort of game? Just because the key demographic is children, that does not mean there is not a deep meta-game. I’ve never understood why people really even need franchises to “evolve”. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

      • Hunter

        I completely agree. People just instantly shun anything that they are not familiar with. Intolerance is arguably one of the worst problems with society today, and throughout time for that matter. If someone enjoys it and hurts no one or thing in process who are you to say it is wrong?

        • jwalka

          umm i grew up with pokemon, playing the games all the way up to emerald (yes even the remakes of the 1st 2 generations). what does tolerance have to do with my comment ?

        • thatoneguy

          Pokemon is actually trying to evolve slowly so they dont disapoint long time fans but give them a little bit of new and then every thing hit the fan and with x and y its completeley diffrent

      • jwalka

        my point was that there really isn’t a whole lot to thinking about when it comes to the franchise and let’s be honest, why would any 20-30yrs old adult play this game, when they could be playing other more sophisticated games or making their own game in essence of pokemon ?

        this is one franchise that has been milking nostalgia since ruby/sapphire. those 2 where the last true sequels to pokemon b/c they had a new and really cool set of creatures, looks nice (better then the 3d ones imo) and they introduced some pretty neat (if small) features that made the game that much more fun to play. everything form then on has been a recycle of the first 3 generations – release 2 games then one that has the content of both etc. i would hardly call b/w true sequels b/c they dont add anything new to the formula, one that has not really changed since the original pokemon games.

        that quote has been done to death by fans, i mean dont you think it would be cool if they actually made the battles full 3d like in pokemon arena ? the engine is now more then capable of supporting full 3d sprites so why not make the leap.. i know b/c they’re scared that the fans will run away, so they just keep releasing the same thing over and over.

        you can tell the franchise is getting stale just by looking at the designs of b/w and d/p pokemon roster, the new additions are laughable compared to the likes of r/s’ roster.

        • lastdrag0n89

          Judging by your comment I can tell you’ve never tried competitive battling have you? You will be pleasantly surprised at how much skill and knowledge required to compete in a battle with pokemon. And to say the mechanics havent changed, then youve missed out on the small changes in gen IV, which is loved more than gen III, that made a huge impact. For instance, Ev’s and IV’s. Not to mention the biggest impact, making moves either physical or special. These changes alone made a drastic change to the game.

          • Alakazam

            i agree, competitive battling has changed. maybe for the better. i made an amazing team in my older games. i tried the same for X and Y and i got creamed. this is good advice. as for the age thing it shouldn’t matter. im 23 married and my wife and i battle all the time

        • EastOfTheAnduin

          To be able to beat thousands of people to become world champion not only once, but twice, takes a great amount of skill, strategy and thinking. It’s as sophisticated and deep a game as you want it to be. It may seem childish and immature on the outside, but to become a “master” at the game is quite an accomplished feat.

          You might ask yourself why any grown man has stuffed animals, Transformers, Ninja Turtles and Thundercats on his shelves. Or has Harry Potter and Star Wars one-sheet posters and a painting of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on his walls. Or how about a telephone that’s in the shape of Mario driving a freaking go-cart? lol. That’s just how I roll.

          While I’m not a huge Pokemon fan, I like playing Mario and Kirby just as much (if not more) as I like playing games that are more adult oriented. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a grown individual that enjoys playing Pokemon, especially when he’s the best at it.

          • jwalka

            never said there was anything wrong with grown men playing games orientated at a younger audience (i’m having a blast with rayman origins atm), it’s just that these sorts of things imo should be confined to the individual, i mean why would a 20-30 yr old get excited for winning a competition for a game that is essentially aimed at kids, i ask myself the same question in regards to competitive shooter players.

        • Hyperactivity

          What many people who don’t play competitively don’t understand is that when playing Pokemon competitively, you’re not playing an rpg anymore. Playing competitively means a 4 same type moves Charizard relying on Blast Burn to muscle through doesn’t work.

          You mention ruby and sapphire were the last big changes. In between Diamond/Pearl and Platinum(4th gen) and Black and White(2), in what may be regarded as having the smallest amount of changes to the game, the metagame drastically changed. Gen 5 had the rise of weather, dreamworld abilities intoduced, sleep buffs and explosion/self destruct nerfs, team previes, the eradication of the lead metagame and so on. Not to mention trends between Pokemon A rising in popularity so B rises to counter it etc and so on. This isn’t including things like say Nintendo giving a legit way to obtain genesect and keldeo, pokemon that singlehandedly shape the standard metagame.

          You also talk about designs of Pokemon. Two things need to be made clear. !st is that every region has a specific theme put to it, such as gen 1 and genetics and gen2 and mythos. The next is every single generation of games has had their share of uninspired and awesome designs. People point to the vanilish line but don’t look at Genesect, Terrakion etc. I mean, what was up with seaking or farfetche’d in Generation !.

          I don’t mind when you talk about Pokemon not being to your tastes anymore, although that has more to do with you growing up rather than the series itself. And I can see some points with how stale the series can be (although they finally added a pretty good story in Black and White and had good plots in the Mystery Dungeon Games) , however, my point is that you can’t judge a series’ competitive base when you don’t know that much about competitive pokemon to begin with.

          Btw I haven’t even touched on different tiers or bannings or modded metagames like STABMONS or how such a small difference of doubles and singles creates two entirely different metagames

    • gee

      gee,even tho this is old this site is for fans
      of the anime,not smarty paints like your self
      whos so mature that he comes on this site
      to bash about stuff he doesn,t know nothing
      about,get a life loser!

  • Vampigeon32

    That is why i always use spiritomb- he has no weaknesses and is immune to Normal and fighting

    • Bobbyvaporeon

      Just because a pokemon has no weaknesses doesn’t mean it’s good. The only thing Spiritomb resists is Poison, which is not common, so Spiritomb isn’t that Great.

      • Dragonborn1421

        Spiritomb has on weakness in the way of the move foresight which several fighting types learn so they can hit ghost types. Other than that sure Spiritomb has good resistances but its moves are decent and so are its stats I can usually take down high levelled ones down in 2-4 hits with something like a Golem and 1-2 hits using a Machamp with foresight.

  • wyll gonron

    well, that is the basic, but is missing some very aspect of training tru the game: hungry and thrity, sleepy, hygeine, and above all that, how much a trainer cares for their pokemon, what they’re feeling, what they’re needing, what they’re wanting. with that, you bet’cha will win ageinst a world. too bad that games feaks forget that

  • TheLeadPool

    Question to fans: Is there any Pokémon I need to change in my team? This is my said team:


    • Pocket Monsters

      Grovyle to Sceptile

      Pidgeot to a different pokemon, preferably to a combination of rock/ground/fighting

      • Pocket Monsters

        If you don’t have a strategy that focuses on one move (ex. trick room), which personally i find a bad idea than you would have:

        Sceptile (Grass, Dark)
        Charizard (Fire, Flying)
        Gengar (Ghost, Poison)
        Lapras (Water, Ice)
        Rayquasa (Flying, Dragon)
        Ex: Aggron (Rock, Steel)

        This combo would lead to a team that is resistant to everything but fairy and could learn moves of every type (exept maybe fairy as I don’t know much about X & Y and the fairy type)

  • X&Yfan28

    Jwalka you are pretty dumb competition battleing is for adults the game is focused on more than kids most kids could not even comprehend half the mechanics in the game besides playing the story line and evolving our pokemon and battleing with cute little pikatchus. the real question that should be asked is why are you posting on here if you are not a pokemon fan? which you clearly arent so hate elsewhere!

  • Kile

    I bet those 20-30 year olds playing pokemon competitively, and being overjoyed