Top 5 Superhero Games We Want From Rocksteady

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Rocksteady Next Superhero Games

With Batman: Arkham City still reigning as one of the best releases of this year among an onslaught of quality titles, the time has never been better to think of what superhero possibilities the release has led to. Superheroes are all the rage in Hollywood, but few games treading the same path have managed to reach more than moderate success. There’s no question that most of the credit for Arkham City‘s superior story and near-perfect gameplay (check out our Batman: Arkham City review for details) belongs to the development team at Rocksteady Studios.

While a few competent developers have brought interesting ideas to Superman, X-Men and several other movie tie-in games that we’d rather forget, nobody can touch Rocksteady at the moment. And while Warner Bros. is no doubt in a hurry to get the developer all to themselves, that doesn’t mean that other super-franchises wouldn’t be a perfect match for the studio. Rocksteady hasn’t turned their backs on the Arkham series just yet, stating their commitment to the franchise as long as there are good stories to tell.

We’ve put together our list of superheroes that deserve their own game built by Rocksteady, so join us in crossing our fingers that at least one of these possibilities comes to fruition.

#5) The Avengers

Rocksteady Next Game The Avengers

If there is one super team that is in desperate need of the high quality storytelling and mechanics Rocskteady can deliver, it’s The Avengers. The individual members may each have rich fanbases within the comic book world, but games have proven to be the single greatest threat to nearly all of them. A truly great Iron Man game is still just a dream, Captain American: Super Soldier left alot to be desired, and Thor: God of Thunder was downright abysmal. All things considered then, it probably wasn’t a bad idea to scrap the plans for The Avengers game.

But Marvel isn’t the kind of company to leave profits on the table, and there’s no denying the fact that an Avengers movie tie-in game needs to happen. But what kind of development studio could tell a story from the point of view of more than one famous and beloved character, but do justice to each? In all honesty, we probably would have had doubts about Rocksteady’s ability to tell more than just a singlular dramatic story after Arkham Asylum. But with Arkham City, Catwoman was given an entirely separate campaign within the main game, and the addition was more than an afterthought.

With brand new combat, weapons, traversal methods and even unique characters to face, Rocksteady brought nearly as much time and resources to Catwoman as the titular hero, and that speaks volumes. Then along came a playable Robin and a martial arts-favoring Nightwing as well, showing that Rocksteady’s mastery of melee combat could be customized to fit any number of legendary superheroes. With that said, we can’t think of another developer who we could trust more with Thor’s hammer-wielding, Cap’s shield-throwing and gymnastic combat, or even Iron Man’s pulse cannons and flight.

Rocksteady Iron Man Captain America

Whether it would be a case of telling a chapter through the eyes of each character at a time, or possibly even a multiplayer or co-op game allowing different heroes to join forces, we’re in. Telling a single story through those means would be just as tricky as successfully managing four or five different fighting styles in one game, but it’s hard to say that Rocksteady hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

If the looks at The Avengers film we’ve seen are any indication, there’s plenty of chances to explore the infighting and clashing of egos that are inherent in any collection of superheroes. The characters may not come to an all-out brawl, but the opportunity for great writing and cut-scenes is certainly there.

The blessing and the curse here is that Rocksteady would need to give plenty of their time to do the franchise justice, and while that’s something Marvel fans would love to hear, it also means a movie tie-in game is an impossibility. That doesn’t stop us from dreaming, though. And remember, there are sure to be plenty of sequels.

Just Let his sideburns do the talking…

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  • CaptainAmerica

    Warner Bros. owns Rocksteady we’ll won’t be seeing a Marvel game from them anytime soon. I would love to see Green Arrow in his own game or in the next Batman game. Superman would be awesome but it would have to be VERY different from the Batman games. Most of the problems Batman faces would be a cinch for Superman.

    • jason

      If the money is there… I guarantee you, they won’t care.

  • Will Manson

    I think Rocksteady would be a perfect devoloper for a Spawn video game,hell even a witchblade game,or The Darkness (I like the FPS game,but I would love something more faithfull to the comics,set in an open world enviroment)

  • pressleyseth

    I wish we could have marvel vs DC nation with every charter from them

    • Ty

      YES dude ive been saying that for years, although id much rather see it in 2d style like MVC2 instead of 3d.

      Also i can see a Green Arrow game working. Combine Arkham City with some First Person Shooting and it would definitely work

  • Jack

    I’d love to see….
    1.) The Silver Surfer
    2.) Superman
    3.) Thanos.

    The problem is, they’re all really powerful. Maybe what I’d like to see most is a game with no real plot, but a detailed, massive open world for you to fly around and beat people up in. LOL.

  • Xmen

    I really want to see and injustice gods among us styled xmen game I really want it, it would be a very good time to show off some good and evil characters and stories

  • Darren Craigg

    I think rock steady should make a justice league movie in 2018 before the movie in 2018 and i also think they should make a new superman game like man of steel, i really loved superman returns the video game so making a man of steel game would be awesome.

  • Lolo

    Ok this is obviously an older post but think of a game like ps4 exclusive no mans sky, there’s no objective really. Imagine a superman game of that aspect and game size. Have procedural generated incidents involving the villains of the dc universe randomly have like a year 3000 where earth is covered by one large city and just fight when and where you want to. Everything is destructible to. Fly through buildings, walls break trees in half and throw them. The closer to the sun the stronger you are. But superman is a god so make it that way screw a health bar or special power bar just go all out crazy with it. I’d play it day in and day out. And put out dlc like different characters