5 Guest Characters that Should Appear in ‘Soul Calibur 6′



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  1. This list really isn’t that good. NO character in soul calibur should have a ranged weapon. Lara croft seems ok, but she only seems to use ranged weapons, pit wouldn’t work well in my opinion, gears of war guy and master chief are terrible ideas, as is commander Shepard. I don’t even need to explain why batman shouldn’t be in the game.

    • well… commander shepherd is a bit iffy. he has his omniblade and that could be used similar to a knife. chief could have a gravity hammer and be similar to astaroth. just an idea. but batman no way.

  2. Have you ever played Soul Calibur? I hope you realise that there’s only two characters in the series with firearms, Cervantes, and Ezio, and there’s one thing they both have in common, those firearms are not repeaters, or rifles, or chainsaw rifles, or lasers. The only reason I can agree on Pit is because he actually has the swords. I know Master Chief has the plasma sword, but it wouldn’t work at all, they’d have to make some stupid convoluted plot twist to justify Chief being in the past and explain how he’s able to fight without creating a time paradox. A much better fit would be one of the Assassin’s Creed characters, I know Ezio was already used, but the majority of games nowadays are shooters, and no one wants to see Lightning, and I highly doubt Namco would be able to get the rights to add Cloud.

  3. Well, if they r 2 make a Soul Calibur 6 and were 2 put a special guest combant . It probably have to crossover from Mortal Kombat and have to either say Sub-Zero or Scorpion or both. That’s my saying in this so love or hate it.

  4. Death the kid.

  5. Leonardo or Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Ganondorf of The Legend Of Zelda/Hector or Lyndis of Fire Emblem.

    Hero of Fable/Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden.

    Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, or Hector Barbossa of Pirates Of The Caribbean/Aragon or Legolas of Lord Of The Rings.

    If Bat man, God forbid that, has to make an appearance then its only fair Joker gets to tag along.

    Samurai Jack, Afro Samurai, or Kenshin.

    Zhao Yun, Cao Ren, Yukimura Sanada, or Nobunaga Oda of the KOEI Warriors franchise/Samanosuke, Jacques, Soki, or Jubei Yagyu or the Onimusha franchize.

    • Now this, is THE list.

  6. Alex Mercer from [Prototype] would be a perfect guest character. His game already has grabs and his moves could be easily linked for combos. He can turn his arms into weapons, so you also have stances. He would be a great addition to the soul calibur franchize.

    This list sucked. You cannot not put shooter characters in a arena style fighting game. It doesnt work.

  7. Ok seriously? this game franchise takes place around the 15-16th century, why add characters from the future? They only had star wars characters cause, guess what? it takes place A LONG TIME AGO, in a galaxy far far away. Now as bad as Legends for the Wii sucked, Lloyd Irving (Tales Of Symphonia) wasnt a bad idea. If i could Suggest a any ‘Tales Of’ character, maybe Milla Maxwell. Anyway, if ur gonna suggest characters, the timeline has to fit, be similar or the character has to be familiar and trained in that setting. For example; Aaren Jaeger from Attack On Titan. Similar timeline, trained in melee combat, and has dual swords.

  8. This top 5 is so ridiculous that Duke Nukem has guest makes more sense

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