5 Guest Characters that Should Appear in ‘Soul Calibur 6′

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5 Guest Characters that Should Appear in Soul Calibur 6

Third Party Character in Soul Calibur 6 Soul Calibur 5 has finally landed on store shelves this week, and we imagine fans of the franchise are enjoying the series' latest special guest character Ezio Auditore. The Assassin's Creed mainstay will likely become a fan-favorite amongst newcomers and veterans alike and that has nothing to do with his move set — it's based purely on the allure of playing as a crossover-based character. Soul Calibur has been a battlefield filled with crossovers ever since Soul Calibur 2 (with the exception of Soul Calibur 3). Throughout the years we've seen the likes of The Legend of Zelda's Link, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Tekken's Heihachi Mishima, God of War's Kratos, and even Star Wars' Yoda and Darth Vader appear in various installments and versions of the series. With the special guest character for Soul Calibur 5 already decided upon - we can't help but dream about which guest character will appear in Soul Calibur 6. That's why we've created a list of the five guest characters we would love to see crossover into this treasured fighting franchise, so without any further delay, let's take a look at who should appear in Soul Calibur 6.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft in Soul Calibur Tomb Raider used to be a big deal among gamers. The last few entries may not have lived up the the original's reputation, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about gaming's queen of action-adventure. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics obviously haven't either, as they've been hard at work on a Tomb Raider reboot that looks to be a promising offering. Since the heroin is slowly inching her way back into the limelight, it only makes sense that she appear on Soul Calibur's stage of history. Croft has a lot going for her - and her assets could give even Ivy herself a run for her money. Lara has a few skills that set her apart from other combatants though, and her combat knowledge has great potential if transformed into a move set. She's got pistols, knives, and nearly every other weapon imaginable at her disposal. This is one tough chick that could easily go toe-to-toe with any of the other warriors in Soul Calibur.


Pit in Soul Calibur There are many fans who love seeing Nintendo-made characters venture outside their realm of familiarity. When Link appeared in SC2, fans were beyond excited and, as a result, the game sold more units on the GameCube than any other system. With the Wii U on the horizon, we can't help but imagine how awesome it would be to battle as a Nintendo character in Soul Calibur once more, but this time with the angelic warrior Pit. Many, MANY, fans would probably love to see Link return if Nintendo were to offer Namco Bandai a fighter of their choosing, but fans deserve a fresh face - and Pit fits this bill. He has great potential for a phenomenal move set, and with Palutena's Bow at his disposal, he would be a force to recon with. Kid Icarus: Uprising is less than a month away, and we can't help but think Nintendo would do anything to make Pit's face a little more recognizable among the masses - that is if they plan on resurrecting the game as a series.

Marcus Fenix/Master Chief

Marcus Fenix and Master Chief in Soul Calibur Microsoft has missed the boat on platform exclusive characters for every single fighting game released in the past year. There's was no 360-exclusive character to be found in Mortal Kombat, and it was recently confirmed that Street Fighter X Tekken won't have an exclusive fighter on 360 either. When we dream of Xbox-exclusive characters though, there are two that immediately come to mind — Gears of War's Marcus Fenix and Halo's Master Chief. Both of these characters seem perfect for the weapon-based combat found in Soul Calibur, and they'd definitely bring a unique set of moves to the table. Marcus can use the chainsaw on the end of his lancer, and curb stomp enemies after throwing them to the ground. Chief can pummel enemies with the use of an energy sword, and bust out a rocket launcher to finish them off. There's a lot of potential for either character if they were chosen to appear in a fighting game, and we hope it's realized very soon.

Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard in Soul Calibur The main protagonist for Mass Effect is usually pretty busy saving the galaxy, but what does he do when he's not kicking alien butt, making love, or endorsing stores on the Citadel? Kick human and demon butt in Soul Calibur, obviously. Shepard is one of the most bad ass characters in all of gaming, and he would make a great combatant in Soul Calibur 6 if given the chance. Some may say Shepard is only skilled with guns, thus making him unable to compete with more medieval weapon-types. Clearly these same people haven't seen the omni-blade that is available at the Commander's disposal. At any point during combat, Shepard can summon the Omni-Blade from his Omni-Tool — allowing him to enter into the ancient fray without any unfair advantages. I'm not sure how Shepard would find himself in the past, but maybe he slipped through a wormhole or something... Whatever Namco Bandai does, it couldn't possibly mess up the lore anymore than the latest Mass Effect novel.

The Batman

Batman in Soul Calibur Whether you call him Batman or Batsy, there's a certain trait about DC's caped-crusader that makes him so appealing. The fact that he kicks a stupid amount of bad guy tail doesn't hurt either, and we feel he would be a perfect one-time addition to the Soul Calibur series. If Spawn can make the jump, then Batman can too, and his presence in Soul Calibur 6 would definitely be noticed by the gaming/comic book community. All of the weapons Batman has at his disposal are really pretty obvious for anyone who has played Arkham City. The batarang, grappling hook, and Bruce Wayne's very own fists are all the caped crusader needs, and he's able to quickly disassemble the likes of Nightmare, Ivy, and whoever else the Soul Calibur team could throw at him. Heck, maybe even Joker himself would tag along just for laughs. There's really no logical explanation for having Batman show up hundreds of years in the past - but we'd blame Alfred. It's always the butler's fault, right?


Third Party Character in Soul Calibur 6 There are tons and tons of characters from other games we'd love to see make an appearance in Soul Calibur 6, and there will likely be even more by the time the game actually gets around to being announced. Some honorable mentions go out to Final Fantasy's Cloud, inFamous' Cole McGrath, and Skyrim's Dovahkiin. All would be awesome, but we felt the five we picked stood out — especially since Dovahkiin may just be Lizard Man, depending on the race players assigned him, and Cole is already in Street Fighter X Tekken. We have complete faith that whoever (or whatever) guest character Namco Bandai decides will include in Soul Calibur 6 will be great, because they haven't given us any reason to doubt their ability to blow our minds when it comes to awesome roster additions. There's also word that Soul Calibur 5 will come to the Wii U, so it may hold a currently-unnanounced exclusive character as well. Only time will tell what the cards of fate have planned for... okay, I've got to stop playing this game. Follow me on Twitter @TheRileyLittle
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  1. This list really isn’t that good. NO character in soul calibur should have a ranged weapon. Lara croft seems ok, but she only seems to use ranged weapons, pit wouldn’t work well in my opinion, gears of war guy and master chief are terrible ideas, as is commander Shepard. I don’t even need to explain why batman shouldn’t be in the game.

    • well… commander shepherd is a bit iffy. he has his omniblade and that could be used similar to a knife. chief could have a gravity hammer and be similar to astaroth. just an idea. but batman no way.

  2. Have you ever played Soul Calibur? I hope you realise that there’s only two characters in the series with firearms, Cervantes, and Ezio, and there’s one thing they both have in common, those firearms are not repeaters, or rifles, or chainsaw rifles, or lasers. The only reason I can agree on Pit is because he actually has the swords. I know Master Chief has the plasma sword, but it wouldn’t work at all, they’d have to make some stupid convoluted plot twist to justify Chief being in the past and explain how he’s able to fight without creating a time paradox. A much better fit would be one of the Assassin’s Creed characters, I know Ezio was already used, but the majority of games nowadays are shooters, and no one wants to see Lightning, and I highly doubt Namco would be able to get the rights to add Cloud.

  3. Well, if they r 2 make a Soul Calibur 6 and were 2 put a special guest combant . It probably have to crossover from Mortal Kombat and have to either say Sub-Zero or Scorpion or both. That’s my saying in this so love or hate it.

  4. Death the kid.

  5. Leonardo or Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Ganondorf of The Legend Of Zelda/Hector or Lyndis of Fire Emblem.

    Hero of Fable/Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden.

    Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, or Hector Barbossa of Pirates Of The Caribbean/Aragon or Legolas of Lord Of The Rings.

    If Bat man, God forbid that, has to make an appearance then its only fair Joker gets to tag along.

    Samurai Jack, Afro Samurai, or Kenshin.

    Zhao Yun, Cao Ren, Yukimura Sanada, or Nobunaga Oda of the KOEI Warriors franchise/Samanosuke, Jacques, Soki, or Jubei Yagyu or the Onimusha franchize.

    • Now this, is THE list.

    • The KOEI Warriors and Onimusha characters make sense, as would Samurai Jack, Afro Samurai, or Kenshin. I’d say Inuyasha would be neat to see in Soul Calibur and the Shikon no Tama would make for a plausible reason for his appearance in the world. How about going REEAAAALLY Old School and having characters from classic games like Rygar or Rastan, or maybe even the Golden Axe series?

  6. Alex Mercer from [Prototype] would be a perfect guest character. His game already has grabs and his moves could be easily linked for combos. He can turn his arms into weapons, so you also have stances. He would be a great addition to the soul calibur franchize.

    This list sucked. You cannot not put shooter characters in a arena style fighting game. It doesnt work.

  7. Ok seriously? this game franchise takes place around the 15-16th century, why add characters from the future? They only had star wars characters cause, guess what? it takes place A LONG TIME AGO, in a galaxy far far away. Now as bad as Legends for the Wii sucked, Lloyd Irving (Tales Of Symphonia) wasnt a bad idea. If i could Suggest a any ‘Tales Of’ character, maybe Milla Maxwell. Anyway, if ur gonna suggest characters, the timeline has to fit, be similar or the character has to be familiar and trained in that setting. For example; Aaren Jaeger from Attack On Titan. Similar timeline, trained in melee combat, and has dual swords.

    • This is the worst list I’ve ever could have imagined. Master Chief? Shepard? BATMAN??
      Are you kidding me? Have you ever played Soul Calibur games? These don’t even come close to being good choices. I would’ve thought something like:

      Ryu Hayabusa/Rachel from Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden series
      Dante/Nero/Vergil from Devil May Cry series
      War/Death from Darksiders series

      These are just a few examples, there’s literally hundreds of better characters to choose from than the ones you listed.

  8. This top 5 is so ridiculous that Duke Nukem has guest makes more sense

  9. If there is a guest character, I’d like to see a tales of character on her, like Jude or Llyod, but since it’s most likely to see it on ps4 then we could get the main guy from tales of xillia 2

  10. I really don’t care what chareters you put in all I want Is for kilik to have his staff back the other guy sucked I stopped playing when that happened kilik is my favorite character and I’ve played all of your games and five sucked because I couldn’t use him that’s all folks

  11. Xena warrior princess!

    • That would be sweet, especially if Lucy Lawless does the voice-overs!

  12. this list is so wrong hahaha none of them would even fit in the universe whoever made this should not call himself a soulcalibur fan hahaha

  13. This game should have its usual 25 to 30 great established characters that everyone loves with an option of about 10 dlc.

    • Building on your suggestion: have EVERYONE and EVERY weapon from the Soul Edge/Calibur series, and each of their costumes available as alternate skins. Also include the characters from SC3′s Tales of Souls story mode, and maybe male/female stances/taunts for each weapon style. I hate that a male character using Xinaghua’s or Talim’s weapons had such girlie animations!

  14. Frankly, Batman is the only character on OPs list that works mechanically, that being said, no one on said list should be in Soul Calibur. If we’re looking for crossover characters Namco typically aims for universally popular characters or at least well known characters for a given platform. I Right now a lot of indie properties are blowing up but being a big name Japanese Dev Namco is likely to ignore them and go for another big name property. With fantasy sliding into decline scifi is seeing a resurgence so a character from Destiny or another big title. If they go platform specific then the best we might hope for is a WiiU version with one of Nintendo’s myriad perfect characters.

    I would like to see however, a sequel with the standard line up and previous guest characters present as unlock able not to mention characters no longer in use in the series. I’m not a huge fan of SC5 but I fucking hate Pyrrah, I want Cassandra back.

    • I don’t think batman would fit in either but everyone has there own opinion. I think if anything they should add in Arno from Unity or Shay from Rogue, yes they are assassins creed characters but they seem to fit better with the series then say Shepard. I also talked to Namco/Bandai and asked them to add some of the old characters back like cassandra and talim (one of my favs) and they took it into consideration. so if you (talking to all the fans of the games that read this reply) send them a message asking for Cassandra and (possibly) talim back they will get the point that fans want the old characters back and should add them back into 6. I personally though really don’t like the idea of “Guest” characters but unlocking the Previous guest characters would be Awesome but they only had the rights to them one time. so sadly that isn’t gonna happen.

  15. The only one I could see in soul calibur would be batman, maybe laura croft, and maybe kid icarus, but the rest all rely on guns way to much

    • Batman is too tekken or Mortal Kombat, Laura Croft also relies on guns/projectiles to much, and Kid Icarus could only be added to a nintendo System releases of the game sense only nintendo has the rights to kid Icarus and it would be funny seeing a nintendo only character on say a Xbox version.


    • Id buy a game with him as a guest character. A lot of the choice people are saying are all ranged fighters.

  17. Ok so first off Lara croft has never been good with hand to hand combat let alone a sword and secondly firearm based characters would never work with soul calibur and if Cole won’t work cuz he’s on street fighter x tekken then Pit shouldn’t work since he’s already a character in smash (though he would be nice in SC) I’d like to see someone like sora riku (FF X-II) or Bayonetta because of their unique fighting styles

  18. I would have to say Kirito, Asuna, and probably Heathcliff would make great characters for the game, considering the fact that they can actually make a character style got for them, they did it with star wars extremely well in my opinion on Soulcalibur IV, Assassins Creed’s Ezio Auditore had his own fighting style in five also. They would have to include how the characters fought in the first season though as well. Based on how they handled Star Wars’ Yoda, Darth Vader, and The Apprentice, along with Assissin’s Creed’s famous Ezio Auditore (who I know for a fact was an Xbox 360 game characrer), I know for a fact that if they could borrow characters from the people who created Sword Art Online, then they could turn them into great fighters on Soulcalibur VI

  19. What I think the character that should be added to this series of Soul Calibur is JAK&DAXTER it’ll make the game alot more intresting and have a bit of humor in it. I’d say it’ll be pretty cool. well its just a suggestion… but i am looking foward to seeing what character you guys choose :)

  20. Lol, The Batman is toooooo random. There will be no Multiverse excuse for trying that. Same for Chief, Croft, and the Gears guy. Even, Vader, Apprentice, and Yoda (though cool) were really really random.

    Could Work:
    - Roy
    - He-Man

    Whoever mentioned Samurai Jack is the MVP. hah I would buy the game just for that alone.

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