E3 2011: Top 5 Gameplay Trailers

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Top 5 E3 Gameplay Trailers

As far as game marketing is concerned, it is really tough to top a fantastic trailer. Trailers have a variety of purposes: to tease a game that is still in development or sum up the experience players can expect from an upcoming title – either way, they can generate enough buzz to stimulate a hefty number of game pre-orders.

At this year’s E3, there were a wide variety of trailers, both cinematic and gameplay focused, which premiered to some serious fanfare. For gameplay trailers, viewers expect a brief tease of one of the game’s more thrilling sequence — enough to generate buzz, but less information than would spoil the experience.

Gameplay trailers this year ranged from those that showcased specific features of a title to those that highlighted one of the game’s more thrilling missions. Some trailers might have showcased the experience that was in for gamers, but didn’t do enough to highlight what makes that particular title unique amongst a ton of holiday season content.

We’ve come up with our top 5 favorites — some that could have easily made cinematic trailers and others that supplanted a hands-on experience — so let’s get things started with number 5.

5. From Dust

There is nothing like being able to play god. While certain games emulate that experience in one regard or another, From Dust makes their attempt with jaw-dropping visuals. The concept is definitely simple in execution, but the amount of possibilities available to the player help expand the playtime exponentially.

From Dust might be the title that goes criminally underappreciated after this year’s E3, but that doesn’t mean it won’t receive some serious accolades. Creating a civilization from nothing, and altering their lifestyles on a whim, has never looked this good. From Dust earned a pair of Game Rant’s E3 2011 Awards nominations.

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  • http://gamerant.com Jon Lavallee

    Definitely agree with the top 3, but not that intrigued by Far Cry 3 or From Dust.

    • Bob

      Is the game your thinking about Populous?

  • Ken J

    From Dust reminds me too much of a game that came out years ago that promised the same exact premise, but kind of fell short… Forgot the name of it… I actually bought the game, lol, can’t find the box for it now though… Anyway…

    Far Cry 3, not too impressed in my opinion. But I’m glad they finally fixed their freakin’ guns so they don’t spit out the brass out the left side, OMG, that is a video game pet-peave of mine… So dumb… But they still had that 1911 (which holds 8 shots) fire about 22-23 shots without reloading, lol, that was funny… 😀

    I’ve watched that “Thunder Run” BF3 footage at least 5 times already, I want to take control of that tank already!!! 😀

    I was wondering about Skyrim, is that a single player RPG or can it be played coop with your friends online??

    And about Bioshock, still unsure about it. The trailer just looks like it’s all about fighting and shooting. I’ve always thought Bioshock was about more than that. Hopefully the exploration is still in it…

    • jwalka

      bioshock is being done by the guys who did the 1st one, and whilst it may have more emphasis on combat, you can still check boxes, explore etc. the spokesman (guy with the beard) for the game has stated many times that the game is open to multiple methods of getting things done, you can attack, run away etc from combat depending on your situation.

      i haven’t played the other elder scroll games, but my assumption is that they’ll go with the same formula as they did with previous entries.

      i’m interested in FC3, b/c of that colombian dude (the guy giving the speech), and the visuals look pretty cool. i liked FC2, but didn’t get into it b/c of the constant gun fights and annoying AI (and the map was way to big/confusing).

      • StPau1y

        Skyrim is not Co-op which is good and disappointing all at the same time though I am still waiting at midnight to get the game. I am not interested at all in Bioshock since I have not liked any of them. Far Cry looks good as long as there is a story that doesn’t take too long to get into and the map is not too huge and I like big maps but that thing in Far Cry 2 was ridiculous. And I’ll probably rent BF3 though I could end up buying it. You might be thinking of Black and White from Lionhead though From Dust had promise from what I have read the game is level based not a sim as in you do this for this map and then do this on this other map so I have lost almost all interest.

  • akelz7

    Noticeable lack of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

    • Digimass

      That and Mass Effect 3. Battlefield didnt impress me all that much, the tanks seemed boring to me.

  • Connor

    Not too interested in Bioshock and Dust, but th other 3 I cannot wait for I loved their prequels!

  • Eldron

    I was all ready to come on here and start boasting about Skyrim, but there’s another game that took my breath away that was mentioned here. Skyrim is still my favourite, but I was expecting it to be the best. It seems as though the game ‘From Dust’ came out of nowhere, and it looks incredible. So Skyrim is still m favourite game so far,but From Dust had the best trailer IMO for that reason.

  • Thomas F.

    Please upload your clips to other services than YouTube. In Germany YT is soooo slow and laggy, we cannot watch one single clip without lags every 2 seconds.

  • Tren

    Bioshock, it’s not very interesting for me.

    While, Farcry 3, it is.

  • AKC447

    Far Cry 2’s engine was the problem for me.. the way the FPS aiming and ADS mechanics worked kind of felt too smooth. Plus, enemies could take way too many shots before they died. This engine better be pretty improved.

  • Al