Top 10 Video Game Hoaxes of All-Time

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Top 10 Video Game Pranks

Written by Game Rant‘s Riley Little and Kyle Matthews.

The need to witness or unlock secret content in games has always been somewhat of a primal instinct. Be them easter eggs, secret achievements/trophies, or even golden weapons – there’s an obsessive compulsive need to have every facet of a game at your disposal. It’s even better when you can then show off accomplishments to friends. More often than not however, gamers learn about the existence of these things from another source, whether it be through friends, members of the esteemed press, or through hearsay on the internet.

The only downside to learning of unlockable or secret content in a game is that the source in which the information derives from can be shady. As a result, some tips turn out to be duds, but that hasn’t stopped the popularity of each hoax from reaching unparalleled levels of believability – Just look at the infamous cow level of Diablo. Odds are that everyone has been duped by at least one rumored video game secret at some point in their lives, and Game Rant has compiled a list of the top ten most devilish video game-focused trickery of all time.

We can almost guarantee that you’ve been had by at least one of these myths — we certainly have.

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