Top 5 Most Overhyped Video Games

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5 Most Overhyped Video Games

Chances are you’ve heard this scenario before: a new game is announced at a big event like E3 or PAX. You’re told what the game will contain and you’re instantly excited. Time passes and more information is released, increasing your excitement, and fan theories stir the interest even more. Finally, perhaps after a delay or two, the game is released, but it ultimately fails to live up to your expectations.

This isn’t always the fault of the gamers setting high expectations, though. Sometimes the companies behind these games promise great things and just cannot/do not deliver. Other times, something goes wrong and the game isn’t as good as it could’ve been, or deadlines get out of control and a game is rushed out unfinished. For one reason or another, sometimes games just fall victim to hype.

Game Rant has come together to list 5 games that are prime examples of that overhype. Games that, either through the companies promoting them or the fans wanting them, were hyped as the next big thing and in some way, didn’t deliver or meet expectations.

Please note: just because a game didn’t deliver on everything it said it would doesn’t mean it was bad. A number of these games were still good, or at least decent. They just didn’t deliver of everything they were meant to.


#5. Crackdown 2

Crackdown was something of a surprise hit when it arrived on the Xbox 360. It had a hand in starting the “superhero sandbox” subgenre, which games like InFamous and Prototype expanded on, and garnered its fair share of fans. The success ensured that a sequel was on the way, eventually announced at E3 2009. The main focus of the promotion was that it would feature multiplayer, which was naturally appealing to those wanting to take down multi-million dollar crime syndicates with their buddies. About a year later, the game was released.

Crackdown 2

The problem with Crackdown 2 it was basically more of the same, but worse. Very little in terms of gameplay was changed and the game actually featured less variety than its predecessor. Players could be forgiven for thinking it was the same game, or at least part of the same game. The story of Crackdown 2 was cut down in comparison to the first Crackdown, which left some wondering why they were fighting the good fight, doing the same thing over and over again. This game did not deliver.


#4. Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Fantasy series has been through a lot of changes over the years. Starting as the originator in high fantasy and RPGs on this side of the planet, it evolved into a tech-punk sort of story featuring characters with ridiculous hair and equally ridiculous weapons, and has got to the point where no one knows what to expect next. XIII was the first to appear on the current console generation so naturally, fans were hyped, particularly PS3 fans who needed exclusives. But then, the news broke that XIII would be appearing on the Xbox 360 as well. This sounded almost like a death knell for the PS3, and many were saying that if Metal Gear Solid 4 jumped ship as well, the system was finished. Meanwhile, after delay after delay, Final Fantasy XIII was released four years after its announcement at E3 2006.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII had to deal with a ton of controversy on its release. Very linear gameplay and a problematic fighting system hurt the appeal of the game, while its story also failed to deliver. Despite the criticism, there are loyal fans who fiercely defend it. In the end though, FFXIII, followed by the disappointing MMO FFXIV have caused some to wonder if Final Fantasy as a series can survive in today’s gaming market.


#3. Fable

Peter Molyneux has become something of a joke to some gamers. He’s become infamous for promising incredible things in his games and failing to deliver on such a level that it’s spectacular. Nowhere was this more apparent than with Fable for the Xbox. Peter promised incredible things, like “trees that grow in real time”, “rival factions that go to war with you”, “characters that age over time” and so on. With all this and more going into one game, Fable had to be one of the best things ever, right?


Well, not exactly. For starters, none of the three things mentioned made it into the game. Yes, your character did grow up, but via a timeskip rather than over time. You could choose between good and evil, you could get married, you could make your character fat or thin, but it ultimately didn’t mean anything. The ending was still the same and your choices really didn’t change much of anything. All the choices seemed tacked on for gimmick’s sake. Still, Fable has its fans who enjoy it for what it is but it didn’t contain everything Molyneux said it would, and that’s why it makes it onto the list.


#2. Medal of Honor (2010)

The Medal of Honor series was often criticized for offering one bland WWII game after another. In a world where Halo was gaining ground and Call of Duty was pushing FPS games as the big genre, gamers were getting tired of playing the same scenario over and over and over. So, the series disappeared for a while before being set for a reboot. EA would take Medal of Honor the Modern Warfare route and bring its next story to present day Afghanistan, with actual members of the armed forces helping develop the game.

Medal Of Honor Reboot

While the new Medal of Honor was praised for its change in setting, it was more of the same the genre already had to offer. We had Battlefield: Bad Company and Call of Duty already and this game followed a similar path, only without anything new attached to it. In doing so, it just became another run-of-the-mill shooter. It would have its audience, but wouldn’t be the groundbreaking experience it promised to be for critics or gamers, and certainly not a contender to take down Call of Duty like EA promised.


#1. Homefront

Homefront had a lot of promise behind it. Instead of being an ultra-futuristic space shooter or one taking place in a famous historical war, it would take place in the near future and tell the close-to-home story of a battle between scattered U.S. Forces and an oppressive Korean government. It was something different and held a lot of expectations as a new force in FPS gaming.


The story however, failed to help push the game forward.  The game did not offered a restricted single player experience and was criminally short, forcing the game to rely more on the age-old fallback of shooters, the multiplayer. Because of this, like with Medal of Honor, Homefront failed to be the unique, revolutionary IP people were expecting it to be from the marketing, and it just became part of the pack of console FPS’s that are so ingrained in gaming today.


Now that you’ve seen our picks for the Top 5 Most Overhyped Games, what lesson can you take from this? Simple: Don’t raise your expectations too high. Whenever something new is announced, always look at it with an objective eye. You never know if something can meet the high expectations set by smart marketing and eager fans. Keep this in mind as you prepare for the newest items to come out of this business that we follow. Like say, for example, the Wii 2?

A special mention goes to Daikatana which was originally on our list but replaced by a more recent overhyped game. List some of the games you’ve played that you felt were disappointing in some way due to overhype.

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  1. Fable es un juegaso!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fable was hilarious, but the world was soooo small.

  3. As far as Fable goes, I have to disagree with the first game.

    The first Fable was still fun, challenging and playable.
    Peter’s Later games though, I do agree were a little over-hyped.

  4. Fable was spot on for biggest hype. While the hype failed for sure the game its self was not half bad if you were like me and never heard of fable and just played it. After that I had to learn had way just how much hype peter puts into his game. If game can make it to fable 10 maybe have half stuff Peter promised from first game.

  5. what no FFVII

    • It was the most hyped game of the decade and still delivered on every single part

  6. I disagree about Fable, thanks to that game, simple A.I. characters in gaming became much more convincing. Not to mention a living, breathing world in which, yes you can do many pointless things in, but isn’t that similar to the real world and many other games? Fable 2 was amazing and made you care about the world you were interacting with and although game 3 is the least favorite due to the anti climatic ending, all three games surpassed the ability of many on the market. They just didn’t pass Peter Molyneux’s expectations. But no one should ridicule this man about his vision, because it’s the sole reason why we have technology like this to play with in the first place!!

  7. I agree entirely with the Homefront being where it is; I was excited to go but that game because of the plot, and wound up feeling relatively dissapointed with how short the game was… And honestly the game itself just didn’t feel right.

  8. Gamerant, u lost my respect. FABLE?? REALLY? Wow u are just crazy C.J. Smillie, Bye Gamerant I will never come back to this ****** site, take the *’s as whatever profanity u want.

  9. Biggest Over Hyped games I have played:

    Homefront- Promised as a CoD killer, and written by the same mind behind the original Red Dawn, what we got was an incredibly short story, and an even worse MP. I didn’t mind the controls, graphics were decent enough (save the end part)I returned Homefront 9 hours after I bought it.

    Duke Nukem Forever- (how that was not on the list..)15 years of development hell, god awful controls, mediocre one liners, I felt like I was playing a PS2 game most of the time.

    Resident Evil 5- I am a HUGE Resident Evil Fan, and as such I have played every entry in this series with the exception of Dead Aim. When this particular title was announced we were told the transition from dark to light would affect our vision that we would always be outnumbered in terms of engaging enemies, then one a-hole makes a ridiculous racist claim and in comes an A.I. partner. Sheva I did not mind at all. It was how god awful the A.I. was programmed. Wasting healing items every time you got scratched, and generally getting you killed constantly. Not to mention that they killed off Wesker.. I will admit RE6 wasn’t much of an improvement but I will take it over 5 any day.

    MAG- Made to be a massive online MP this game failed before it even began, with the ability to have 256 players in one match I think I only ever played a handful of matches that big in its release week. I felt like it tried to take everything good from CoD and Battlefield to make a game with and we got MAG.

    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City- Made by Slant 6, players were promised the ability to revisit some of the most popular and famous moments of the Resident Evil story, as well as the ability to possibly alter the story line. What we got was a rushed pile of garbage that failed to deliver on all aspects.

    Every CoD since MW2- To clarify I love MW2 its still my favorite CoD and I still go back to play it. That being said I like many have broken down and purchased Activisions yearly release of their polished turd hoping that the much needed improvements promised were actually made only to be disappointed and cheated out of our money. I do not need to type out what is wrong with this game no one will really write an article about it but we all know. In fact the only reason I own this years polished turd that is BO2 is my enjoyment of Zombies.

  10. Sword of the Stars 2

  11. I agree with Fable – way too easy as well. Also had some game balance breaking abilities like Time Stop.

    However, “Fable -The Lost Chapters” produced a much fuller gaming experience, it was also good of the company to re-make the game in view of original criticism. Sadly, for some it seemed to be too little too late, and there was the fact we had to purchase the game again that was a bit annoying.

  12. MW2 isn’t here! Idiots

  13. The Last of us. This game was so overhyped and is so overrated it’s not funny anymore. Better than average but still only a 7 or 8/10

  14. Sorry but Fable,and Fable the lost chapters was f***ing awesome. One of my favorite games for Xbox actually it wasn’t over hyped at all. Fable 2 & 3 definitely was over hyped though. The fun seemed to be taken away when the graphics got better

  15. Personally, I found Homefront to push boandries no one else will touch. Those boundries that most FPS games tend to avoid thus giving many gaming kids the false impression that war is fun instead of brutal. The opening sequence in which a child watches a parent being shot, or the point where you must hide under the dead bodies all the while realizing if you move to avoid being shot you will be detected and then shot are very real realities of war. My grandfather’s friends talked about these things happening in wartime, yet our current returning soldiers are told not to discuss such things around children. It’s was about time that a FPS had the courage to pull reality into the game. I however must add the caveat that while many FPS games are acceptable for children Homefront is most definitely for teens and adults only.

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