10 Most Awesome Mortal Kombat Characters

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#5 – Shang Tsung:

Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat
Following the four-armed dragon hybrid Goro, Shang Tsung might have felt like an afterthought in Mortal Kombat — until he transformed into a previously defeated kombatant, stealing all of their signature moves. The choice to give players access to the character as well as his ability to transform in Mortal Kombat II was a bold move and, despite Shang Tsung’s limited arsenal of unique special attacks, the character still provides experienced players with a stylish way to dispatch opponents.

#4 – Mileena

Mileena in Mortal Kombat
Mileena and Kitana entered the tournament in Mortal Kombat II, doubling the amount of female fighters in the series (since Sonya was tied-up at the time). As mentioned earlier, Kitana’s fan attacks top Mileena’s reliance on the more traditional ninja-sais but what the purple-clad kombatant lacks in moves, she makes up for in disturbing style. Throughout the series, the developers have reveled in Mileena’s Tarkatan/Human pedigree — creating one of the most disgusting-yet alluring fighting-game characters ever created, as exemplified in her upcoming/creepy Mortal Kombat fatality.

#3 – Smoke:

Smoke in Mortal Kombat
Smoke debuted as a hidden fighter in Mortal Kombat II but it wasn’t until he returned as a Lin Kuei cyborg, not to mention the series’ first post-release unlockable fighter, that the character emerged as an iconic MK staple. Many players will easily recall the satisfaction, and ease, of pulling off the character’s teleport uppercut, harpoon, roundhouse combo in their local arcade. Smoke has gone through a number of questionable transformations in subsequent installments but, no matter what Boon and Co. do to the character, it’ll be hard to unseat Cyber Smoke as one of MK’s best.

#2 – Sub-Zero:

Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat
Despite the fact the original Sub-Zero was killed at the hands of Scorpion in the first Mortal Kombat game, his younger brother took up his mantle, aiding in establishing Sub-Zero as one of the most exciting characters in the franchise. Even though the character has undergone numerous physical transformations, he’s always been a consistent and worthy leading-man in the series — and utilizing his cryomancer abilities in kombat (most notably the ice freeze projectile) never gets old.

Not to mention, Sub-Zero remains an anti-censorship staple, with a near two-decade long legacy of not just facing off against Outworld threats, but outraged parent groups as well – as a result of the character’s infamous Spine Rip fatality.

#1 – Scorpion:

Scorpion in Mortal Kombat
The Mortal Kombat franchise has never suffered from a shortage of ninja assassins. Throughout the years, the MK developers have done a good job of explaining the army of masked fighters in the MK universe by weaving an engaging tale of warring ninja clans. Subsequently, it’s easy to forget that originally Scorpion was nothing more than a color variant of Sub-Zero.

However, despite his humble beginnings, Scorpion has not only become the most recognizable character in the series — he also sports some of the most iconic attacks (such as his notorious harpoon/”Get over here” move) as well as fatalities (Toasty!).  Throughout the nine Mortal Kombat installments (not to mention movies, comics, and now a webseries), the character has offered some of the most engaging story chapters in the overarching canon.

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  • joseph newcomer

    scorpion is easiy the best and has plenty of character depth. including the get over here move which is the most iconic move. scorpion is a badass. and when it comes down to scorpion and sub zero. scorpion whoops his ass to hell and back EVERY single time. sub zero is awesome but he has no real character background. if you can find it let me know because i am a HUGE fan of MK. Scorpion is after freezypop because quan chi disguised himself as freezypop and killed scorpions clan and family. and the whole thing about scorpions spear only working on newbs. its called linking combos together retard bucket. if you cant land a spear on someone that just makes you a newb yourself buddy.. its that simple lol. sub zero is under scorpion simply because hes less of a badass amd he cant beat scorpion i rest my case.

    • NoobSaibot

      Sub Zero Character Depth: Bi-han and Kuai Liang (Sub-Zero) were abducted at an early age by the lin Kuei. Quan chi asked both scorpion and sub-zero to retrieve an amulet from shonnok. They ended running into each other and Bi-Han killed scorpion. Raiden told Bi-Han to put the amulet back and they met again. Bi-han defeated scorpion again. When the tournament came around Sub-Zero’s (you know, Bi-Han) arrongance got him in trouble and scorpion defeated him for the first time. Quan Chi persuaded scorpion to finish him even though sub-zero didn’t kill his family. The hotter, younger sub-zero (kuai liang) assumed his identity as Sub-Zero and defeated scorpion in the tournament for vengeance. Scorpion swore to protect Kuai liang, but he doesn’t know. FIN.

  • Jack

    No Ermac??

  • Starbird

    Where’s Nightwolf on here?! (Not trying to be rude lol)

  • Snigdhonil Mukherjee

    I saw the list…and its kind of sad to me…because my favorite characters are Liu Kang and Kitana…Liu Kang is the most powerful hero and the protector of Earth realm….and i like his Fatality the most “THE BEAST WITHIN”…that is the Dragon fatality…and for Kitana she is an “ANGEL” in one word…and i think she is the most beautiful character in the game world…she got awesome powers too…SO I ALWAYS PLAY WITH THESE TWO AND THEY NEVER FAILS ME…

  • Snigdhonil Mukherjee

    There is another one… who is one of my favorite characters in game history…KRATOS but sadly he is not in MORTAL KOMBAT PC verion


    SABEN ALGO? YO SOY LA NÚMERO 1 LA VERDADERa princea¡sa y guerrera y con mi novio kenshi vamos a hacer invesibles

  • xParaDoX

    Ermac is the best for newbs to get used to juggling, but with her amazing 20% from button mashing and 48% from a good combo, Skarlet wins by a mile.

  • dude

    Duuuuude Reptile is Number 1!!!!

  • Chameleon

    I agree with this list. Sorta.

    Noob saibot or Original Sub Zero is my favorite character.

    Scorpion and Sub Zero get 1st prize definitely.
    Mileena / Kitana for 2nd
    I’d say Ermac / Rain / Reptile for third.
    Raiden / Shang Tsung next set.
    Sonya / Jax / Cage fifth.
    Cyrax / Sektor sixth.
    Baraka / Jade / Nightwolf / Sindel

    and people like Kano, Kabal, Stryker, Liu Kang and Kung Lao are somewhere at the bottom of the list :)

  • Lactation

    No shao khan?