10 Classic Console Games Begging For Proper Sequels

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#6. Ristar (Sega Genesis)

Top 10 Games Begging For Sequels Ristar

Ristar was an off-shoot of the design ideas that would eventually lead to Sonic the Hedgehog. The game didn’t sell well, but it is nothing short of a platforming masterpiece. The gameplay mechanics are unique for a platformer game in that Ristar can’t jump very high, but instead uses his long arms to grab things from far away, grab enemies, and fling himself high into the sky. A Ristar sequel would be perfect for a handheld like the 3DS or NGP.


#5. Dino Crisis (PlayStation)

Top 10 Games Begging For Sequels Dino Crisis

Capcom keeps a steady flow of releases coming from its big series like Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Resident Evil, yet some of their, perhaps more obscure, series have been left alone for quite some time. Dino Crisis originally came out in 1999 and was Shinji Mikami’s first game following his success with Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.

The game implements a survival-horror atmosphere packed with dinosaurs and places a heavy emphasis on puzzle solving. An updated sequel to Dino Crisis has huge potential considering dinosaurs are a somewhat untapped game element. The last sequel to Dino Crisis was 2003’s Dino Crisis 3 for the Xbox. It was a terrible game and may be part of the reason we haven’t seen another Dino Crisis game since then. Capcom needs to get working on Dino Crisis 4 and make up for the mess of a game they released on the Xbox.

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  1. What about Star Wars: Republic Commando? That was a pretty sweet game.

  2. They already made a remake of Golden Axe and it was nothing like the original. The problem is they take these older games and try to “Modernize” them which, in essence, takes away everything you loved about the game in the first place.

  3. what is the writer of this dumb? half the games on this list ALREADY HAVE SEQUELS.,dino crisis, banjo kazooie and crash all have high end single digit sequels to their name(crash is nearly in the 20s with the sequels and dino crisis has 5 sequels, but one wasnt marked as dino crisis and instead under capcoms shooter game, but anyone whos played it will consider it a kind of sequel.star was has multiple sequels, since ristar is conisidered the prequel to sonic it can be said all of his games are sequels too.though i agree with the only one you got right on the list,comix zone, awesome game and deserves a sequel/modern re-release.

    • He means MODERN sequels, something done within the last 3 or 4 years. Not something done 2-4 Console Generations ago. Maybe you should read between the lines a bit before complaining.

      • Instead of trying to read between the lines just read what’s in your face. He clearly printed “Proper” meaning sequels that wasn’t crap or just more of the same with a new number next to it. “Modern” sequels on current generation consoles can be just as crap, look at Duke Nukem Forever.

      • Then the author should have been more specific, why should we have to read between the lines? I’ll read what’s written thank you.

  4. These are honestly pretty blah aside from Conker and Mutant League, the only ones without real bonafide sequels. It’s a damned shame that EA didn’t keep up with mutant league because they could have made wholesale spoof rosters as opposed to just a few famous people and the team names. Could have expanded into other sports as well, and maybe even brought it online. Imagine that, in a perfect world EA would be directly competing with the likes of Bass Pro or Pangya with Mutant League offerings. Cutesy crap vs comical ultra-violence. Conker as well doesn’t have a bonafide sequel. Everything else here, they have had sequels that were merely not brought over or did not continue onto the next generation’s consoles.
    This list definitely needs more Cyborg Justice, Drakan, and Axelay. And they MUST resemble their original selves, as Bacon mentioned. This is why I don’t expect nor want some games to have sequels. All of you here, get KEGA and Herzog Zwei. If you think this could come out today, intact, as fun as it was then, I would say you are dead wrong. SOMETHING would be missing. Developers have become too egotistical. They want to have so many ‘unique’ and ‘defining’ twists. They can’t make a game for a game’s/engine’s sake anymore. Unless it strikes one of the original team members’ heads to get back into the business and make a sequel I would be very wary of a sequel.

    It does mystify me sometimes on why they don’t make sequels though. Ok so you have a great game that did not meet expectations? Epic’s answer regarding Bulletstorm was the CORRECT answer, try it again incorporating information you receive from complains + at a time when there is less saturation. This is doubly weird when you consider how CHEAP production vs gain could be in the olden days. You already have the models/pixels. You have your base. Your next game (esp on console which has no major sudden hardware boost like PC) is already 20-30% complete depending on what you want to do. So, just go ahead and make that leap of faith. If you have an awesome game, the gamers will follow you. Sometimes it really IS down to either missed/inaccurate marketing, or improper timing. And sometimes, as in the case of Axelay, you sell a buttload and STILL don’t make a sequel. Maybe it was more complicated and aggravating under the hood than I’m aware but it seems an absolute shame that Axelay would have not even a spiritual-sequel-from-a-competitor. There are many like this, which had what could be considered at worst innovative, at best a genre-revolutionary mechanic, in an AMAZING game, that never caught on.

    While I’m on SNES, Operation Logic Bomb is another old favorite of mine. I could see someone taking the skeletal structure of MGS2, stuffing more action and strafing into it, and building a spiritual sequel from this.

  5. Oops, and comix zone*
    I forgot about that one during my spiel, yeah, that fits the bill of the second part of my final paragraph. Amazing game, promoted everywhere, sold a bunch, no sequel. Nobody from another company even tried. Which is amazing considering the ridiculous amount of comic book related games in recent years. Perhaps if they make a She-hulk centric game it could be like that. (Since she’s all about no fourth wall she could even incorporate Sketch into her game)

    I do think that if a game had sequels but they’re all but forgotten, they should re-release them if the company is still around to do so. Give it new life/introduce it to a new audience and such. Like how Ultima got a collection released every now and then up until the end of Origin. Maybe every second console cycle, so if you started on SNES you would do so on PS1/GC and now again on PSWii. (For the record sometimes it is down to creator disinterest, this is why there are no more EB titles. It still doesn’t make sense why a PORT doesn’t appear, but it does make sense as to why the sequels may stop, if a creator feels the story is done with and told.) Of course, ditto that for non-sequeled games as well. Man, I wonder who owns Wolfteam now…they made some great s*** on the Genesis.

  6. Do people not read? Der these games already have sequels der… he is talking about a new remake and not just bs thrown together to try to make money. The kids these days all care about blood and gore they don’t remember how good games used to be or how difficult they were. Anthropology else remember when you couldn’t save just had to start over?

  7. Comic Zone, really? If you want it they did make Unbound Saga, and it is worse then Comic Zone. Ristar they better leave it ALONE. Everything else is “meh”.

    What we really need sequels to are Karnov, Legendary Wings(make it like a mature Kid Icarus), Duck Tales, Contra.

  8. I don’t care any of these. Sure, SW Rogue Squatron would do great with a good sequel, but that’s not really an issue now is it?
    Some of you must have played Star-Control II The Ur-Quan Masters. And all of us who have played it can agree on that much, that that game needs a real sequel. Or, if not, even a remake would set the game to it’s rightful place

  9. Thanks for mentioning Dynamite Headdy! It was one of my favorite games growing up. Incredibly bizarre, but it had intense boss battles and a cool soundtrack to boot.

  10. Totally awesome. You reminded me of yet another one of my childhood games – Comix Zone. :D Playing it right now! Thanks very much ;)

  11. im glad to see crash bandicoot on the list.
    i’ve always thought that descent was just begging for a modern sequel. that game was so great back in it’s day.
    i wouldn’t mind a warcraft 4 too.

  12. You’re mad. Killer Instinct sucked balls. Sure it looked pretty but the combo system was lame as hell, skill need not apply. Although players of the Call of Duty series would love it. Its got its own aimbot built in.

    As for Rogue squadron, I’ve played one of those (can’t remember which one) AFTER I’ve played the X-wing series on PC and found it to be very weak when compared to the likes of X-wing, TIE-Fighter, and X-wing vs TIE.
    If they can translate that to console over making a sequel to Rogue squadron you’ll have a much better game.

    If any Star Wars game needs a proper sequel its Knights of the Old Republic. That game was absolutely the best game ever and then the Sith Lords came out and actually improved on the game but the ending was crap. It was like watching Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers but we are still 10 years later waiting on Return of the King with no word if its even being made. MMOs might be fun but I can’t stand the idea of paying $60 for a game then a $10 – $20 fee every month just to play it.

    • I vote X-Wing Alliance

  13. Chrono Trigger

    (can we haz sequel?)

  14. There already IS a sequel to Earthbound, its called Mother 3. It was released for the GBA in Japan, but there is a fan translation patch available.

  15. Conkers was a good game and Crash Bandicoot was great and had some decent sequals but the problem with Crash is if a sequal were made they’re pull the same s*** they did with Spyro.

    Now a game in my opinion extremely worthy of a sequal (Given the car & weapon graphics of our time) would definately have to be “L.A.P.D Future Cop”. My sister and i still play that game from time to time and it was released on Playstation ONE and was cheap as chips when we bought it back then whereas i open a $100 game these days and want to drive over it with a car 2 hours later. Anyway back on subject, if you haven’t heard of it I’d reccomend looking it up and if you like it maybe buy it just to see where I’m coming from. Anyone who enjoys it, put the heat on EA to remake it. Their company name sounded so much cooler as “Electronic Arts” before they abbreviated it, idiots.

  16. I am quite happy with this list but I think instead of games like Ristar, you should put Streets of Rage, or Golden Axe, or Kid Chameleon, but that’s just to name a few though.

  17. I was disappointed that Super Mario RPG wasn’t included in this list.

  18. ACTRAISER. The second one sucked scrotum so a third entry or more sensibly, a remake needs to happen

  19. Come on, how could you leave Battletoads off the list?! How much fun would a new Battletoads game be?!?!

  20. I want to see sequels to:

    1) Wing Commander

    2) Shockwave

    3) Star Trek: Shattered Universe

    4) Starlancer

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