Game Rant’s Top 10 Games of 2012



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  1. Solid list.

  2. XCOM top game of 2012. I approve

  3. if i would have seen call of duty on here i would have boycotted this page forever! maxpayne should have been top 5 !i will try x com hope its as good as you say it is

  4. Agreed, great list! Happy to see Max Payne 3 made the list, really great game. I may have to put XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my wishlist though. :)

  5. This list needs more Xenoblade.

  6. I highly disagree with Halo 4 being before Mass Effect 3. I disagree that ME3 is not in the Top 3 either.

    • ME3 shouldn’t even be on the list at all. The ending made all the choices in the entire series completely void and pointless. ME3 is the biggest regret game I have ever played.

      • I disagree with your opinion. Mass Effect 3 on its own was an excellent game to me. Despite whatever you may feel about the ending and what impact your choices throughout the series had on the outcome I find it a little ridiculous that people act as though ME3 is this horrible game in itself because of how it ended the series. Did you enjoy the game all the way until the end? If so then I don’t see the reason for declaring it unworthy of a top 10 list. You want to mark that as a sore spot about the entire series? Fine. You want to point out that ME3 was the game that made that sore spot pop up? Certainly. Does that mean that a game should be judged entirely on its last 10 minutes? No. That’s absurd.

      • just shut UP!!!!!! keep it to your self. There always a hater every time
        Mass Effect 3 is Mentioned in a list!!

  7. Solíd list! I have to save up for Far Cry 3 and Max Payne

  8. The only problem I have with this list is that I would rather trade places with Halo 4 and Dishonored. Aside from that it’s a solid top 10.

  9. The Witcher 2 Dark Edition and Xenoblade Chronicles are my top 2 favorites on console for 2012. Far cry 3 also.

  10. Where is Guild Wars 2?

    • Not on their top 10 because they didn’t feel it was worth it? I like the game too but come on. This is their list. Not a list they think you would agree with. They only had enough room for 10 and there were more great games than that released this year.

  11. I don’t get how Spec Ops almost made the list. I played the demo and it was pretty terrible. Super linear, typical gears of war style convenient waist high cover happens to be right where enemies are scripted to start showing up, cheesy dialog, really was nothing enjoyable in my opinion…

    • I don’t think a demo does the game’s only appeal (IMO) justice, which is the story. Gameplay is very by-the-numbers and, at times, boring, but the story in Spec Ops is something else. Worth checking out at a significant discount maybe.

      • @Anthony

        Yah, I’ve heard that before, and I guess I’ll never really know the full picture without playing the full game, but really, having a good story is great and all, but I think for a game to be considered a “best of the year” type thing, it needs to be the complete package… At least in my opinion… I’m not really sure I can go through the game to find out the story because of the gameplay. I got REALLY bored and sick of playing it before the demo was even over… I can’t imagine doing that for several hours on end. I wonder if there’s a super easy mode or a cheat mode where I can just walk up to the enemies and kill them to move on without having to repeat that same process of ducking behind cover and killing repetitive streams of enemies over and over for every enemy encounter… It got really boring for me, lol. Another reason why I can’t play Gears of War. That formula might work for some gamers, but it just bores me to death.

  12. I just wanna say its great to see Max Payne 3 get some props…

  13. On the official top gaming list is walking dead on 1 i think this is more a personal opinion

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