‘Tomb Raider’ E3 2012 Trailer is Brutal

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As promised the newest trailer for Square Enix‘s gritty reboot of the Tomb Raider trailer has been released, and boy is it a doozy. Not only does the trailer, which is subtitled Crossroads, prove that this isn’t the flashy acrobatic Lara Croft fans have come to know and love, it shows her frequently in peril.

There are still echoes of the groaning Croft that was featured in the first gameplay from E3 2011, but along with that are some of the more harrowing scenarios our heroine has ever been put in. Needless to say the trailer is not for the squeamish.

Unfortunately, besides looking like an R-rated version of Uncharted (an awkward comparison considering Naughty Dog’s franchise drew more than a few inspirations from Tomb Raider) the game looks extremely dated. The animations lack the fluidity of movement that gamers have come to expect from current gen games, especially ones that rely heavily on scripted sequences.

Still, there is a lot to like in the trailer; it just feels like the on-rails experience that Square Enix showed us last year. There were nods to combat here and there, like Lara’s use of the bow and arrow and finally a pistol, but that was never the focal point of the trailer.

There’s an interesting concept to be had with a Lara Croft struggling to survive, and a few of the scenarios featured in the trailer aroused some guttural reactions, but ultimately it felt a little lacking.

Tomb Raider E3 2012 Brutal Trailer

Along with the trailer though, we also finally were given a firm release date for Tomb Raider: March 5th. Earlier this week it was revealed that the game had been delayed outside of its target Fall 2012 release window, but now we know when exactly we can check out this new version of Tomb Raider for ourselves.

What do you think of the newest trailer for Tomb Raider? Does this new gritty take on the franchise excite you or turn you off?

Tomb Raider releases March 5, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • CrowMagnumMan

    I’ve thought that this looked pretty awesome from the start, and this trailer only further cements that opinion. I was never that interested in the over-sexualized 12-year-old fantasy Lara, but this I can get behind. Seems like the cinematic storytelling is of a reasonably high quality, which tends to be what I look for first in games.

  • tyrty

    it look’s really good, seems the’ve gone for a far more realistic aproach. Disagree the game dose not look dated at all, plus they still have 9+ month’s to work on it.

    • Ken J


      I also like the new approach. But really, the graphics definitely look very dated… I guess it depends on what you’re used to seeing in terms of graphics. Hopefully they improve that drastically. They have a lot of time, it looks like the gameplay mechanics are mostly done, polishing might be one of the final things to do to the game…

  • Michael

    I like everything I see gameplay-wise, but I would prefer Lara looks at least a little more like herself from the other games; fuller lips, larger breasts and butt, but not TOO large. Just a D size is fine. But if this is younger Lara and she develops into the Bombshell Tomb Raider we know and love later on, then I’m down with it.

    • jwalka

      this is a reboot to the franchise and the old man voice hints that she is still pretty young, not to mention she freaks out when intense stuff like deaths, captures etc occur (and her voice also confirms that she is pretty young).

      imo they’re trying to hard to go for the cinematic approach like uncharted, which is ok if they do it right, the realism adds another layer of gameplay to everything, not making it to over the top whilst retaining that cinematic feel it’s trying to go for.

      maybe if this takes off (or fails) the studio could team up with naughty dog and have a cross over with nathan drake, THAT would be epic 😀

    • Brandon

      Good luck with that one bro. Crystal Dynamic redesigned her to her current look in order to AVOID the Laura you’re looking for. I doubt her character model will change much in the future if they do any other games for the franchise.

    • Ken J

      Personally, I find this version of her to be 100 times hotter than the big-boob, big-butt, big-lips, big-everything with a tiny little waist Lara Croft from before. She looked so fake I never understood why everyone thought she was so hot…

      • charlietehcoder

        after the first movie was made they started making her look like Angelina Jolie, so it wasn’t too fake i guess 😛

        • CheatMaster

          god those movies were shit, and this version of Lara is a lot better than the older one

      • Michael

        I don’t want to to look like she did back in the PSOne days when she had a ridiculous cup size. Something closer to her Tomb Raider Anniversary look would be nice. Fair amount of eye-candy while still being realistic. I’m ok with the look now, but in future games I want her curves to fill out.

  • G

    I’m still on the fence about this game. I need to see more gameplay but this could be a great addition to my collection.

  • anon

    Uncharted: Tomb Raider Edition. Not that that’s a bad thing, per se.

    • Varteras

      Meh. I always looked at Uncharted as a copy of Tomb Raider. Don’t get me wrong. Uncharted is an excellent series and some of the best games of the current generation. However, everything about it just screamed, “Tomb Raider with a male lead!”. Whatever they’re doing with the game now could easily be looked at as a refinement of what the franchise started to begin with.

  • corey_1993

    i hate the voice, it sounds so weird.
    This is a reboot from the begining and so she is not the character we know, she is changing and trying to survive in this so in sequels she will probably become what we know. The game looks really good and reminds me alot of uncharted, it looks really cinematic.

  • James

    To be honest, I think this looks great. I’ve always liked this series and this reboot looks more than promising. Cant wait.

  • charlietehcoder

    I’ve always loved tomb raider and this reboot looks pretty good based on this trailer, definitely quite a bit different than previous TR games so maybe it’ll be like The Legend of Spyro reboot series!

  • https://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

    I’ll play it just because they’re completely throwing out pretty much everything that defined the original character. That rarely happens in established franchises.

  • Dirk

    I personally think the game looks pretty sweet, I mean come on Lara Croft is a forgotten name in the gaming world for young and new gamers. So a reboot of the series is all some people have to go by if they have never been able to get their hands on a copy of the original PS games and truthfully I’m more interested in this one after seeing the trailer, therefore I guess this will be the first Tomb Raider game I will play.

  • Ajeno

    Spending hours playing the first Tomb Raider looking for all manner of holds to climb up for bonuses etc is a cherished early teen memory. So the adventures of this lady will always get a nod of interest. Just one thing:

    I saw in an earlier gameplay demo a ‘detective’ mood, where it seemed a button push highlighted objects and holds as clues. I beg either take this out as it’s a complete contradiction to the whole idea of Tomb Raider, of make it an option to negate with a higher difficulty setting.

    Do this and I will welcome my old lady back woth open… enthusiasm…

    • Ajeno

      … or (make it an option…), not *of. My bad.

    • Ken J


      Come on, you know the state of today’s gamers. If you don’t hold their hand all through the game, they will complain that it’s too hard. That’s why games like Gears of War that practically tell you everything you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to do it are praised as revolutionary games while games that actually challenged the gamer to figure things out on their own are described as too difficult, tedius, leaves the gamer running in circles, etc. etc.

    • CheatMaster

      well what it is, it’s called “survival instinct” I think it’ll be a rather nice feature, it’ll make exploration a lot better, I doubt you will be forced to use it, except for in certain spots. when your in a dark cavern like in the demo, it’ll help you find what to do a lot easier

  • Spider-Abu

    “the game looks extremely dated. The animations lack the fluidity of movement that gamers have come to expect from current gen games, especially ones that rely heavily on scripted sequences.”
    ….Please tell me you are just simply Trolling on this one? It’s like…you guyz don’t mention this at all when PoS looking games with horrible animations such as Skyrim and Mass Effect and shit comes along, yet you say this about a game that looks 100% better than all those you haven’t mentioned both graphically and fluidity of animations. wtf were you thinking sir? This blew me away, the graphics AND animations are top notch, sure it ain’t The Last of Us quality, but much better than any game which in “today’s standards” is getting top reviews and no one bickers about their graphics and animations. Like honestly, if you call this looking dated and animations aren’t fluent….then you might as well call Assassin’s Creed III dated. I honestly don’t get you’re logic.

    Anyway, CD n SE..TAKE MY MONEY!!

    • Ken J


      I don’t know what videos you’ve been watching, but the graphics shown here are NOWHERE near those of the latest Assassins Creed games. And sorry to say, but the graphics in the unfinished ARMA III for PC and even BF3 for PC have better graphics than what is shown in this trailer. However, I don’t believe this would be the case when the game is released, they have TONS of time to improve things. Well, unless they are developing the game on consoles, then it might just look this bad all the way until release, but hey, plenty of people who only play games on console would think this game looks fine… But seriously, it does look pretty dated as it is shown now. But I’m not saying it won’t be bad ass when it is finally coming out…

      • Spider-Abu

        err I’m a PC gamer and a PS3 gamer. I seriously am confused dude, no joke, cause most of my comments on articles on this website include me ranting about the graphics. I am at a loss for words now because either this actually looks really good to me and you’re wrong, OR this video sooo freaking badass that I honestly couldn’t find a bad graphic part in this trailer, after watching it like 4 times in order to be able to agree with you. If the second part is the case, and I’m just being blinded by my love and anticipation for this game, and the way you and Anthony put it, that this looks worse than Skyrim or Mass Effect both Graphic and Animation wise…then do please show me, cause I’m REALLY trying hard to agree with you.

        • Ken J

          Alright, if you REALLY need specifics… Looking at her character model itself. Her hair is more like a hat on her head, her ponytail being the ONLY thing that actually moves independently of her head. Her clothes does not look worn on her, but painted on her. Her knees and elbows when bent form more angles than curves. All of the textures of the walls, floor, etc. are very obviously low resolution. The wolf that attacks her looks like it’s made out of plastic. Looking at the environment like the log she walks on, the floors, walls, sometimes they look OK, most of the time, they are flat and you can clearly see the sharp angles where the different grades meet, very little in terms of tessellation that will make things like that with texture look more realistic and less smooth. The guy that grabs her friend toward the middle of the trailer is pretty bad, his hair is not even a hat, it’s painted onto his head… Some parts the lighting looks quite ok, other parts it looks pretty basic.

          Basically, it looks like a work in progress, not that I don’t believe they are working on fixing these things, but as of right now, it’s definitely not the finished product, and there’s so much time before its release that none of these criticisms really mean anything for the game. But the fact of the matter is, the way the graphics are RIGHT NOW, it’s not too impressive to me… When you see the high resolution screens of the latest Assassin’s Creed, it actually does look pretty impressive to me. But I don’t know if that’s how it actually looks in the game or if those were using all of the high-poly models before being scaled for actual gameplay… But I’m hoping for them to really be using modern PC hardware to develop this game and then scaling it down for the consoles and not the other way around… Because you can always make high geometry models less detailed for a less powerful machine, but you cannot go the other way…

        • Ken J

          Oh, and just so you know, I’m not at all an Assassin’s Creed fanboy. I’ve actually never played any of them, I just saw some of the promo screens from a game website and they looked awesome in terms of graphics…

  • ATG

    Comment didn’t post, probably should’ve changed a few words lol