‘Tomb Raider’ Sequel is ‘Next Chapter’ in Lara Croft’s ‘Changing Life’

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Lara Croft is an icon, and like all icons, she requires the occasional, careful tune-up if she’s to remain at her most relevant. This year’s Tomb Raider reboot provided one such kick, stranding the young adventurer on an island fraught with perilous pitfalls, ancient artifacts and the occasional, grisly impalement.

Despite selling well-below expectations – but still selling very well – the latest entry in the evergreen Tomb Raider franchise did garner a rave reviews, enough in fact to convince the publisher Square Enix to commission a direct sequel. Announced back in August of this year, following an accidental outing by Dark Horse comics — currently at work on a (canon) graphic novel linking the entries — the game is scheduled to appear on next-gen consoles sometime in the coming years.

Speaking at this week’s Bradford Animation Festival in Yorkshire, England, the project’s Senior Art Director Brian Horton expanded upon the sequel’s mystery premise, telling attendees “The Tomb Raider sequel is the next chapter of [Lara’s] development… her life is changing. She can’t go back to the way she was.”

“The way she was,” as fans will recall involved a young, headstrong archaeology graduate and a first expedition turned sour. With the events of Yamatai now behind her, Lara’s personal journey appears to be taking on a turn for the global — at least according to the writer of the aforementioned comic series, Gail Simone, who told Kotaku back in July:

“The biggest difference [between comic and game], is the game told a claustrophobic story in an isolated setting. We are going globetrotting,”

Tomb Raider Reflections DLC Trademark

When taken together, both quotes would appear to indicate a return to the series’ traditional format, that of multiple, mammoth-sized levels, stretching out across the globe. Given that Simone has the blessing of the Crystal Dynamics team to expand upon the series’ official mythos, the possibility of Horton returning the heroine to a single, large-scale locale ala the 2013 reboot, is not only unlikely, but runs contrary to Lara’s expanding horizons, as described above.

If the series does branch out to visit multiple locales, the game’s designers may need to start thinking a little more frugally, having secured an unchanged, albeit supposedly “healthy” budget from publisher Square Enix. For that reason alone, anyone holding out hope for a simultaneous current-gen release ought to start looking elsewhere.

How do you feel about Lara Croft returning to her globetrotting roots? Will the game bear any relation to the recent Lara Croft Reflections trademark application from Square Enix? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Tomb Raider news, right here on Game Rant.


Tomb Raider (2013) is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The game’s untitled sequel is slated to appear on next-gen consoles.

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  • Michael

    Lara’s a growing young woman, and hopefully will “grow” into full “womanhood” if you know what I mean.

    • Ken J


      Nah, she’s perfect the way she is in the last game.

      • wolf

        While the C-cup look she has looks good too, it’s strange that the more busty look is considered less “PC” now. Since you can kick ass no matter what your rack size is, personally I would think it’s cool if Lara goes back to DDs, or even just a small size increase in this game.

        Naturally any size is good, but the character is known as busty, and I think it’s silly that it should be censored.

        I’ll play the game either way, but I do vote for more busty, why not.

        • Ken J


          Can you name me one female main character in anything made in the past that wasn’t “busty?” Probably not, because it was a widely used gimmick to get teenage boys to spend their money. If you go by video games or comic books, you’ll think that DD is the smallest a woman’s breasts can be… There’s no need to go back to that. There’s absolutely nothing “important” about that aspect of her old-style. The quicker people can stop convincing themselves that was important, the quicker we can have more female characters in movies, comics, and video games that are more than mere cleavage for the boys to drool over…

          • reno2200

            Mirror’s Edge! Unfortunately for the collective male psyche, I don’t think it does much to disprove your point. Faith was designed specifically as an anti-typical-female-character, so it was less ‘making a normal woman’ and more ‘not making a normal videogame woman.’

          • Ken J


            Mirror’s Edge is very recent. I know for a lot of people younger than me, it wasn’t, but look at Tomb Raider’s timeline and you’ll realize that Mirror’s Edge is “new” compared to what I’m talking about…

    • John


      I agree. While I enjoyed the reboot, it felt like Lara was lacking something…

  • DarthMalnu

    Now we can learn that girls are good enough if they just believe in themselves ACROSS THE GLOBE!

    • http://gamerant.com Samuel James Riley

      it’s time like these i wish we had an upvoting system, kudos to you.

  • Ken J

    I really hope this time around the cut-scenes would not have worse graphics than the in-game graphics… I played it on my PC, and it was weird how the in-game graphics looked better than the cgi cutscenes… They better fix that in the next game…

    • reno2200

      The next game will (hopefully) be next-gen only, so the overall graphical quality should go up. However, there’s a chance the PC version will be a console port and will copy over the lower-quality cutscenes. I like the Metal Gear way of doing cutscenes in real-time in-engine myself.

      • Ken J


        That’s not just the Metal Gear way, a lot of games have been doing that, and I prefer that way over the cg ones by far since you are never taken out of the game to watch a movie… I hope they start doing it that way in the new game…

        • reno2200

          I know it’s not just Metal Gear that does it, but my earliest memory of a game having real-time, in-engine cutscenes is Metal Gear Solid on the PS1.

          • Ken J


            Oh ok, that makes sense. :-)

          • Ken J


            I guess I was never really a metal gear fan. I guess for me, my first memories of in-engine cutscenes was from Goldeneye on the N64, which came out in 1997.

  • Sam

    Globe trotting! Heck yeah! Now that is what I wanna read. Can’t wait to see what interesting locations Lara visits next. And solving bigger and harder tomb puzzles, finding and studying some awesome rare artifacts/relics. THAT would make the perfect TR sequel.

  • Cat

    NATURALLY, the majority of the comments are not about the game itself, but about Lara’s cup size haha! Its to be expected I guess.
    I personally loved her appearance in this game and that it focused more on the adventure and less on the multiple angles we can view her boobs from. Can’t wait to play the next one :) !!

  • http://gamerant lenard

    i started playing as a way to get into gaming but found that the games where slow, violent, boring. i need a game to get into i found tombraider to be it, a game where i had to find what i need to pass to the next level in the game, i would like to see the format started with this tomb raider game go on, to see lara in this development.
    loved the first series of lara as tomb raider progressed now let me see this lara do the same.

  • Jarred

    Interesting. I really wonder what they plan to do with Lara’s next steps. I wonder if they’ll completely re-invent the Natla character, like they did with Von Croy to Roth. I really can’t wait to see what they do next!!

  • ColinW

    While I see that game consoles may be the “in thing” at the moment, the developers should not forget that a lot of people still play games on their PC’s. As for developing Lara, I think that the current Lara actually looks OK. Why blow her out of proportion, if you know what I mean.