Respawn’s ‘Titanfall’ Will Be Different on Xbox 360

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Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Different Xbox One

For over a year gamers had been wondering what Respawn Entertainment, the development studio established by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, was cooking up. Then, at E3 2013, they finally unveiled Titanfall, their multiplayer-focused, Xbox-exclusive (on the console side) title.

While Titanfall does draw from that Call of Duty lineage, it is still something pretty unique. And as such it was easily one of our favorite games from E3.

However, with Titanfall still at least a good six months away from releasing, there are a lot of questions to be answered. We know that the game will offer two distinct gameplay experiences, whether gamers are playing as the pilots or the game’s “titans,” and we know what types of abilities each of those two classes will offer.

That being said, we haven’t heard how that experience will differ from platform to platform. Specifically, Respawn has not addressed how the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall will compare to the Xbox One and PC version.

Respawn’s Vince Zampella (note: Jason West is no longer with Respawn) revealed at E3 that Respawn would not be porting Titanfall to Xbox. Instead another studio would be handling that arguably thankless task.

Additionally, Zampella confirmed that there will be some key differences between Titanfall on the Xbox 360. He wouldn’t say what those will be — if it will be more than graphical quality and resolution — only that the versions will be different.

Since Titanfall is not yet finished, Zampella didn’t want to get ahead of himself in terms of outlining inferiorities in the Xbox 360 version. After all, the Xbox 360 will presumably still be a well-supported platform when Titanfall launches, and he doesn’t want to disparage that version.

At the same time, we’d venture to guess that the Xbox One version of the game is Respawn’s preferred platform, with the PC version coming a close second. That’s because Titanfall is using the Xbox One’s cloud support to do some AI processing, a feature that isn’t possible on current-gen systems.

In fact, some cite Titanfall as a key determining factor in their decision to pre-order an Xbox One. And now, with the used game support issue behind us, gamers seem to be even more excited about Titanfall than before.

Do you plan on buying Titanfall for the PC, Xbox One, or Xbox 360? How do you think the Xbox 360 version will be different from the next-gen versions?

Titanfall is slated for a Spring 2014 release on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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  • Shalkowski

    I really hope this will eventually come out for the PS4

    • Jobin

      Meh. We’ll have PlanetSide2. I think I would rather play this one on PC, anyhow.

      • Shalkowski

        True but this game looks awesome. I dont really support PC and im not about take it up the a** by M$. I would really like to see what the original makers of CoD has in store for us.

      • Dave

        PS2 would be better on the pc too.

    • bluSPECTRE

      Don’t hold your breath.

      • Shalkowski

        Wasn’t planning on it.

  • Tyler

    I think the only difference between the Xbox 360 and Xbox one version is the graphics and the amount of players that will be in each game

  • JapzLapeno

    This is the only game that really makes me want the Xbox One. And if the difference between the One and 360 versions are going to be that severe, i might just have to skip this game, and it will hurt me to do so because the gameplay video from E3 was freakin awesome, to the point that i about screamed at my computer when i saw it was a Microsoft exclusive. My PC can’t handle graphics like that, and i’m very pro-PS4 (not quite anti-MS). Eventually i might end up with an Xbox One (because i’ve had every major console of the last 2 generations), but that’s years away.


    I am interested in the ps4, but do not see a title I must have; however, I do want Titalfall…perhaps I’ll be using my PC more before I decide to retire my current gen consoles…I also hope they improve the PS4 analogue sticks this time around.

  • Jake

    I think that Microsoft is making this an Xbox exclusive to get people to buy an Xbox One. If this is the case, though, then why is it also available on Xbox 360? I already have a 360, so I’m gonna get it for that console, and completely forget about the Xbox One, since I’m pretty much leaning to the PS4 side of this.

    Or maybe I’m just huffing paint.

  • Benedict

    Wish this would come out on the PS4, there are a lot of people on this console, Xbox One is pricey and for just one game, played this at Eurogamer, its fast smooth and ever bit as good as the hype, it was on the PC at Eurogamer, it’s going in my PC collection. No need to buy a very expensive machine with less specs, that would be mad