‘Titanfall’ Franchise Will Likely Remain Multiplayer-Only

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Titanfall Remaining Multiplayer Only

While the initial launch of Titanfall was a little rocky for some Xbox One players, largely because many were unable to log into Xbox Live, everything appears to be sailing relatively smoothly for fans now. Reviewers agree that Titanfall delivers on expectations, but the game is far from being able to avoid controversy. Some of the larger complaints tie into how the game can’t be played offline in a single player capacity, but it sounds like those vocalizing such problems will just have to adjust to the game’s current design.

The franchise won’t be moving away from its multiplayer-only stance anytime soon. The director for Titanfall spoke with us earlier this week and expressed that Respawn Entertainment will “stick to multiplayer” when it comes to Titanfall.

During the Toronto launch event for the game, we interviewed Titanfall director Steve Fukuda about the major Microsoft-exclusive release. During our brief Skype conversation with Fukuda, the subject of a single player-focused installment was brought up. The director admitted that it was something his team had talked about, but suggested that it just wasn’t practical given the scale of the project and the number of staff currently employed at Respawn.

“I think for now we’re probably going to stick to multiplayer, but we’ve definitely often had conversations about these things. Nothing is set in stone. One of the logistical elements of making a… we’re a small team, so it may be a bit of a challenge to try to do both.”

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Having separate titles – or adding a single player component – to enhance and flesh out the Titanfall universe would be a great way of deepening the mythology of the series, but removing multiplayer from the equation to focus on a solo campaign (similarly to Wolfenstein: The New Order) would never be an option for the multiplayer-focused developer.

In lieu of additional playable software, it appears that Electronic Arts plans on expanding on its latest video game IP through a forthcoming live-action adaptation. Whether that means a new film or something much smaller in scale, there’s still ample room for Titanfall to grow.

Would you be interested in a single player Titanfall game or campaign or should Respawn stick with multiplayer?


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  • Andrés

    I wouldn’t mind a MP-only experience so long as I could play against bots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

    So far the multiplayer seems to blend in campaign elements in an interesting way. I definitely dig it.

    • dethfuse

      Really? Like how so? (I’ve only played 2 matches of the beta.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

        Every lobby has some radio chatter and a bit of a “briefing”, then you fly in while these characters talk to you. They talk throughout the battle, and the dialogue changes based on who is winning. Then the losing team has the opportunity to try to run away, instead of just going straight to a score screen. It makes the whole thing feel different.

  • lukeperryglover

    Yeah ive never seen a campaign thisbway before…its cool. Its a great game and hey if no singleplayer means multiplayers better im all for it.

    I find it crazy though that theres already going to be a video series…but i like it!

  • COREY_1993

    Is it really that hard to have a mode were you just play bots??? i mean, really? the game is played with the map full of bots anyway. i just think they are really selfish. i dont wanna have to play with other players.

    maybe devs need to listen to their costumers. what happened to customer knows best?

    • Andrés

      Hopefully they’ll add that feature some time (soon) after launch.

    • dethfuse

      I feel ya. Sometimes I want to just sit back and have fun instead of playing competitively.

  • Daniel Carlson

    if they dont want to make a single player campaign i dont want it. i’d rather a game stick to their guns rather than try to add something to a game that they dont know how to build. if it did happen it would be less than 6 hours of play time and very dissatisfying. shooters for story are near impossible to find anymore.. or i guess im not looking hard enough

  • dethfuse

    Multiplayer only is fine just give us offline play. Botzone with friends and LAN parties would be badass.

    • Andrés

      CS with Titans!

  • Alky

    No solo campaign? Thats such a great idea! *cough* Call of Duty *cough* Battlefield

  • ColonelWolf74

    It is sort of hard to play and online only game when I only have access to internet via a satellite company (which also provides T.V.) so which has limited data usage during the day (like a phone) which is hardly enough for online game play. And no cable company reaches out into my area so all I have is satellite and it’s limited internet time. I do have a chance for unlimited internet data usage but that is only between midnight and 5 in the morning and usually, I have work the next day so staying up is not an option. The bases then for an online-only game no longer appeals to me because it would be useless, I can’t play it. It require internet which I do not have the time nor money for. (This is on the PC just so you know. Though Xbox live would also use up data. And going over the data limit costs a lot of extra money.)

    Lets also consider those who don’t want or can’t afford that or an xbox live prescription so plays offline either by choice or by necessity,.

    For those who would say something along the lines of, “if you can buy a game, you can afford the internet access” and I will counter with this rebuttal; buying a game is a one time purchase with no future costs, excluding any DLC content. Having cable, xbox live subscription or internet access is more or less a continuing purchase which adds up to more than that single purchase of the game. Yes, cable companies don’t limit internet data, but as I mentioned, no cable company covers my area and all I have is satellite.

    If Titanfall had an offline mode, then I would gladly purchase a hard copy of the game and play it. Until then, I will not.

    For those who say the people who prefer offline would need to adjust to the multi-player online aspect, we don’t have to. Some of us prefer to be offline for a reason, which differ from person to person and Titanfall is only one game, despite who cool or good it seems and how revolutionary the game would be.

    For those who challenge my internet claims by indicating that I am in fact posting this online. My phone uses a different data plan that is unlimited so I was able to type this out with that, (This is why I don’t like texting stuff, takes forever) that and I would’ve used some of my internet data to hop on, browse for a bit, make a couple posts and log off. Making a post uses for less data than playing an online multiplayer game. Also, I can’t link my PC wireless connector through my phone’s internet, the service provider charges extra for that kind of data which I learned the hard way.