Titanfall’s Complete Map, Perks & Weapons Lists Revealed?

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Respawn Entertainment’s debut game and high profile Microsoft exclusive Titanfall had a very busy weekend. After inviting media to test the game the week before last and opening up the beta to select players last week, Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts opened the mech-heavy first-person shooter to all Xbox One players over the weekend to try. Unfortunately, while the gameplay is being applauded, the Origin systems (on PC) and Microsoft servers (for Xbox One) weren’t ready for the load and server errors, party systems and voice chats were screwy for many players over the weekend.

This is the reason why the Titanfall beta is crucial to launching the full game in March, especially with EA coming off problematic online launches with Battlefield 4 and SimCity – and promising Titanfall won’t suffer from the same issues. The PC beta is now also open for all players (as of last night) who registered and thanks to the beta release, tech savvy gamers have accessed the client’s files to seemingly unveil the game’s contents, when it comes to maps and weapons.


According to RazorUK on NeoGAF and RazorUK on Reddit, they might have uncovered the complete Titanfall map list (and much more) by using a hex editor on one of the game’s data files, these are the names you can expect to battle on in the full game release  – the first two are available for play in the beta and the others you can see the map thumbnails below, verifying their authenticity (15 in total):

  • angel city (Map Set One)
  • fracture (Map Set Two)
  • colony
  • relic
  • airbase
  • boneyard
  • corporate
  • outpost 207
  • lagoon
  • rise
  • smugglers cove
  • overlook
  • nexus
  • o2
  • training grounds

As the images depict, there are varied aesthetics and level designs across all of the maps. If all 15 are the maps available at launch, that’s a good number for an average triple-A shooter. By comparison, Battlefield 4 launched with 10 maps, although those were significantly larger. As for the game modes that can be played in these locations, we know that for the multiplayer campaign of the game (there is no true single player in Titanfall) each map will have its own scenario/objectives. These might be the six core multiplayer modes Titanfall ships with (plus a playlist):

  • AT – Attrition?
  • TDM – Team Deathmatch?
  • CTF – Capture the Flag?
  • LTS – Last Titan Standing?
  • HP- Hardpoint Capture?
  • VM – Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)
  • Campaign Multiplayer

We’re assuming variety is a randomized playlist. And we knew about Campaign Multiplayer already. Since the beta features Attrition, Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing, only the Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes – staples of the FPS genre – remain unseen. Perhaps they offer a twist on these traditional modes with the Titans? Next up, thanks to no1dead on Reddit we have the Pilot/Titan weapons along with their secondary abilities (Ordinances, Tactical Abilities, Perks):

Pilot/Titan Perks

  • auto_eject – Auto Eject
  • build_up_nuclear_core – Nuclear Ejection
  • dash_recharge
  • dead_mans_trigger
  • defensive_core
  • doomed_time – Survivor
  • enhanced_titan_ai
  • fast_reload – Fast Autoloader
  • hyper_core
  • icepick
  • longer_bubble – Dome Shield Battery
  • marathon_core
  • minimap_ai – Minion Detector
  • ordnance_pack – Explosive Pack
  • power_cell – Power Cell
  • run_and_gun
  • shield_regen – Regen Booster
  • stealth_movement
  • titan_punch
  • turbo_drop – Warpfall Transmitter
  • wall_runner – Enhanced Parkour kit

Pilot Tactical Abilities (3)

  • Cloak (in beta)
  • Heal -Stim (in beta)
  • Sonar – Active Radar Pulse

Pilot Ordinances (4)

  • arc_grenade (in beta)
  • frag_grenade (in beta)
  • proximity_mine (Arc Mine)
  • satchel charge

Titan Tactical Abilities (3)

  • vortex – Vortex Shield (in beta)
  • smoke – Electric Smoke (in beta)
  • bubble_shield – Particle Wall

Titan Ordinances (4)

  • salvo_rockets – Rocket Salvo (in beta)
  • homing_rockets – Slaved Warheads (in beta)
  • cluster_rocket – Cluster Missile
  • shoulder_rockets – Multi-Target Missile System

Pilot Weapons

Titanfall CAR SMG

  • p2011
  • p2011sp
  • p2011_auto
  • w1128
  • b3wing
  • m1a1_hemlok
  • lmg_hemlok
  • car101
  • at_rifle
  • SMR
  • xotbr16
  • thr_40mm
  • weapon_r97 – R-97 Compact SMG
  • weapon_g2 – G2A4 Rifle
  • weapon_lmg – Spitfire LMG
  • weapon_smr – Sidewinder Anti-Titan
  • weapon_car – C.A.R.SMG
  • weapon_rspn101 – R-101C Carbine
  • weapon_smartpistol – Smart Pistol MK5
  • weapon_shotgun – EVA-8 Shotgun
  • weapon_dmr – Longbow-DMR Sniper
  • weapon_archer – Archer Heavy Rocket Anti-Titan
  • weapon_p2011 – Hammond P2011
  • weapon_autopistol – RE-45 Auto Pistol
  • weapon_hemlok – Hemlok BF-R
  • weapon_sniper – Kraber-AP Sniper
  • weapon_chargerifle –
  • weapon_mgl –
  • weapon_wingman –

The leaked info seems legit and there’s also info which suggests that the game’s campaign – possibly all of the modes – will feature splitscreen play, a feature that’s been mostly dropped from the industry in recent years. The real question now is whether or not all this content will be available at launch or if it’s Day One/Delayed DLC which would be sure to raise a little uproar from the community. The bigger picture questions however are whether or not Titanfall can launch without a hitch on all of its platforms on March 11 (and the 25th for Xbox 360).


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Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One, March 25 on Xbox 360.

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Sources: no1dead, RazorUK

  • http://www.fragtagradio.com Jeffrey

    The servers only had issues for one day, which was Friday. It began in late afternoon and lasted through the evening. By early Saturday morning the servers were working with no issues and they have been ever since. The servers were not having issues “over the weekend”, as this article implies. You should correct this error.

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      According to our experience all yesterday evening – and according to Respawn’s official Twitter account – they had issues last night.

      As for Party Chat/Grouping issues, That’s a Respawn-Msoft issue that they confirmed and are working on. Same goes for Origin friends lists failing and being buggy. That wasn’t a just-a-Saturday thing. That’s been an issue since I had early access to the beta.

      • http://www.fragtagradio.com Jeffrey

        I was referring to the servers and being able to play the game, not party/grouping issues. I can tell you that I have been playing around the clock with next to no sleep since early Saturday morning. Also, I have been doing so with a party that has ranged from 3-5 that entire time. Zero issues since late Friday night. Of course this was all on the North America East server. I can’t speak for any others. In the end, your article makes it sound like it was some kind of horrible experience with servers being down “over the weekend” and that has just not been the case.

        • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

          You’re very lucky. That was the opposite experience ALL of us had while playing with at least one other person.

  • COREY_1993

    its cod without story… i expected 30 maps at least

  • Shalkowski

    The more details released, the more I loose interest. I dont know but im just awfully bored about this whole thing.

  • MiffedMonkey1

    Did I read Splitscreen as a possibility?

    Did I really just read that? I mean…holy crap, really?

    That’s GOOD. People need to stop omitting Splitscreen.

    All of these huge gaming companies keep talking about socialization being a key part of the the industry but it turns out one of the MOST SOCIAL elements of gaming, local splitscreen, is constantly overlooked and tossed to the side.

    I am VERY HAPPY to even have a tiny amount of hope for splitscreen in this title.

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      I agree. I miss playing splitscreen with friends on the couch. That’s REAL social gaming.

      • roxysdaddio

        I played a ton of Duke Nukem 64 bknin the day that way. “Names Nukem, Duke Nukem and I have balls of steel”.

  • Jeff

    As far as the beta is concerned, this is actually a pretty fun game. Still not decided though on if it’s fun enough to throw sixty bucks down on…

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Agreed. I had a lot of fun with it but once I hit level 14 on PC and level 6 or whatever on Xbox One, I don’t feel a need or desire to go back. Perhaps once the other titans and the campaign mode (and other maps) are available.

      • http://www.fragtagradio.com Jeffrey

        So you only played like 3 matches on XB1? I hit level 4 on my second match. The levels go by really fast. I level capped the first day I got early access over a week ago within about 2 hours. Still been playing non stop ever since then. It’s not about a “need or desire”. That just sounds ignorant. It’s about having fun. I guess you weren’t having fun? Mmk. To each their own.

        • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

          I guess I’m not as leet as you. And no, I played dozens of matches between PC and Xbox One.

    • Jerry

      I feel exactly the same. I played for about 4 hours on Saturday and yes, it’s fun but I don’t feel like playing it anymore.

      Once the initial “new feeling” wears off, it turns out to be a pretty bland game with poor graphics, uninspired levels, terrible AI, very few variety from round to round.

      • joe

        Poor graphics r u 4real I love butterflies

        • http://www.fragtagradio.com Jeffrey

          Lol, while I don’t condone name calling. I agree with you, Titanfall looks awesome. Not sure what game he played. Also, graphics aren’t what make a game fun.

  • CoolBlkDark

    I have never liked a FPS and recently bought COD Ghost this past Winter Holiday (2013). I did so solely for the anticipated release of Titanfall (just to practice on a FPS). After playing Ghost I just felt like… “oh well, limited edition Titanfall controller, headset, and game… that’s 500.00 bucks that could have bought a PS4″. Then I got on the beta this weekend!!! Well, I’m going to get two (limited edition) controllers now! This game made me stick to the TV/console for hours (which I have not done in years)! I don’t get into what console does what and so forth (I own a 360 and PS3 and played them both– I just grew attached to the 360 so I decided my upgrade would be the X1) but game-wise this Titanfall is without a doubt an AWESOMELY AMAZING experience… I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ACTUALLY GAME TO DROP!