EA Tackles ‘Titanfall’ Glitches; Releases Troubleshooting Guide

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Titanfall EA Troubleshooter

Nowadays, it seems like barely a big money launch goes by without a boatload of problems. Glitches are missed, servers crumble and engineers scramble for answers. Of course, anyone who didn’t expect the same from Titanfall — EA’s all-new mech-battling IP — was either delusional or dangerously optimistic.

As it turns out however, Titanfall‘s launch appears to be going… well. Following an unrelated XBL outage on the worst day for it imaginable, the game’s Xbox One version is now firing on all cylinders, while a number of Origin-related tics have also been given the bug-squishing boot.

These issues, collected together as part of the new Titanfall Troubleshooter include invitation-led crashes, random militia assignments, and a series of voice-operated glitches. To find out how to tackle these various in-game hiccups, head over to the EA help blog.

Titanfall Preview - Titan Vs Pilot

The main offender, a certain ‘Origin code 503′ had prevented some PC players from accessing the title via EA’s digital platform. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore later apologized for the outages, citing an internal database issue. That apology was later followed up by an all-clear signal from Titanfall‘s official Twitter account, assuring gamers that developer Respawn Entertainment had fully resolved any and all connectivity issues.

Despite the speed of response, a small minority of gamers were hit by permanent data loss, with Respawn confirming that some PC users – having played between the hours of 1am and 5am Pacific time – would lose their progress. While the exact number of gamers affected is unknown, the situation does recall the circumstances facing Rockstar Games in the wake of the GTA Online launch. If EA intends to make good on its initial fix, and improve upon its poor public image, then an XP reimbursement, similar to Rockstar’s Stimulus package should certainly be considered.

For more on Titanfall, including our roundup of review scores from across the web, check out Game Rant’s Titanfall page.

Have you been hit by any Titanfall trouble? How smoothly does the title play? At what point should we consider the game’s launch a success? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Electronic Arts news, right here on Game Rant.


Titanfall is now available for Xbox One and PC. The game debuts in Europe this Friday, with an Xbox 360 port launching March 28 (March 25 in the US).

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    If they do a “stimulus package” of XP, instead of doing what Rockstar did and waiting 85 months, it should come right out of the gate. That stimulus package became another PR nightmare as it got delayed over and over and over again.

    I think the thing these companies need to keep in mind is “timeliness.” I don’t care what happened, I don’t care that they’re sorry. A giant internet franchise I expect will have issues from time to time. Just fix it fast, and we all move on. Rockstar put out 15 press releases when it should have put out none.

    When WoW goes down, and it usually does around major patches, they just focus on putting everything back online. Just. Do. That.