Another Sony Hack Attack Coming

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Third Sony Hack on PSN and SOE

It’s been almost three weeks now of sadness for PS3 gamers and Sony. Hackers were able to break through Sony’s security, comprising the private information of millions of users and Sony responded by disabling the services to launch a full-fledge investigation where the FBI are now involved.

With lawsuits against Sony in the works, the situation was made worse this week as a second attack resulted in the take down of SOE, rendering popular MMOs like EverQuest, DC Universe Online and Star Wars Galaxies unplayable for the time being. It can’t get any worse, right? Wrong. A third attack may be on the way…

CNET has the exclusive from an observer/participant in one of the hackers’ IRC chats that they are preparing for a third assault against “Sony’s website” this weekend. If they were able to succeed, consumer confidence in Sony’s ability to handle the situation and bounce back with sufficient security measures may be broken.

What the goals of the hackers are at this point, or even if it’s the same group responsible for the first two intrusions and this potential third are anybody’s guess but Anonymous is not enjoying the spotlight and blame, denying they had involvement despite evidence of the contrary.

With the FBI, the Department of Justice, Congress and countless international authorities investigating the matter and demanding answers, hacking Sony even more may not be a wise idea (not that it ever was). But if it gets them caught and Sony’s services up and running, then whatever. This is becoming a tiresome parody of itself and not only is Sony sick of their stock prices falling, but we gamers are sick of not being able to do what we enjoy.

Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen for other online services we love and more importantly, that no one’s financials are in jeopardy with the potential theft of credit card information.

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Source: CNET

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  • Deon

    Oy… I hope there are no more. These people need to get it together. Ugh

  • matthew

    okay at first maybe it was a little funny, but now its just ridiculous…

    • Tech

      Thats exactly what I was saying I was making jokes and stuff but come on now they’ve suffered enough really.

  • ORI

    Low life little kids wearing V masks.

    • Yuuchun

      I like how the little kids have more power in this situation then Sony does with all those high life a-dolts. I guess Sony needs to hire more low-lifes.

      Long live Anonymous.

      • sleepycreapy

        I like how the little kids have more power in this situation then Sony does with all those high life a-dolts. I guess Sony needs to hire more low-lifes.

        Long live Anonymous.

        eat some dick 360 bitch.
        that’s the life of a 360 fanboy (mommy’s boy daddy’s bitch)

      • YesSir

        Long Live My Dick!

      • Slew

        Forget you and your long live anonymous first thing im doing is reporting you to sony hacker scum

  • honeybunny01

    Okay,so I am not an avid gamer; but the rest of my household are(husband &sons).I am not going to beg,moan, and complain-well complain a little.It would make living in my house much calmer and tolerable if PSN would hurry up and get back on-line again!I am still at a loss to understand just what these(or this) hacker is accomplishing by ruining something that millions enjoy.It is not as if they are(according to sony) using the info they got access to.Is it just that their lives are so uneventful and joyless that they had to make the rest of the gamers just as miserable as they are?Thanks sony for working hard,just Please for my sanity;HURRY!

  • WhatEver

    they need to get out more…i wonder if they know what the Sun is…

    • honeybunny01

      I totally agree with you,that alot of the “gamers” are definately in need of “outside activities”,but that is not the case in my house.Everyone here is envolved in sports and community work.That’s what makes PSN being down an issue here.The little time they have to spend on their games is being interupted.Not trying to make an issue,just wanted to clarify that not all gamers are inside all day glued to a t.v.and game system.(and that I see your point)

  • Sin

    Wow.. I haven’t had a PS3 in awhile and have been thinking of grabbing one again before all of this.. Not anymore though. Not until these lowlife hackers stop all this bull$hit! This is RIDICULOUS!

    Is this all because Sony went after that GeoHot guy for doing the Jailbreak?!?! This whole thing is idiotic and I wish BAD things for these IDIOTS doing all of this. They are killing Sony, a well-known electronic producer for a long time now. AND what’s to say they won’t target Microsoft and the Xbox 360 next? Then, Nintendo.

  • mikey

    Hello people. There are plenty of single player games out there. Before Sony and Microsoft there were no online console gaming. If ur in desperate need to play with ur friends have a LAN party. Ya most of us are sad. But things happen especially when it comes to online. I can go on and on but hope people know there are plenty of games out there. I love Sony BTW. :)

    • Kamanashi

      Actually, the SNES supported online multiplayer with this and the Dreamcast had online multiplayer officially before the Xbox and Playstation.

  • Mo

    A third attack being hinted at in an online chat? Who the hell do these people think they are? Al-Qaeda? You know Bin Ladin’s dead, right? Your war against “infidels” and “joy” is over.

    Dammit, I want my Playstation Store back.

  • Homicidal-Intent

    i swear to god if psn aint up in 4 days im blowin crap up

  • A@ron

    What do they have to gain from this? It is pathetic that they just want to ruin something for millions just because they can. They should be thought of as cyber terrorists and should have a punishment that fits if they are ever found.

    • DrFreis

      These guys are being treated cyber terrorists. Hacking is wrong, no matter what your cause is. These hackers have nothing to benefit from, because now they are wanted by the law. I hope they’re caught because this is getting stupid.

      • Yuuchun

        Who dictates “Law”? Corrupt politicians? I’d rather have the Hackers dictating the laws not the corrupt.

        • The GreenJet

          Your right the laws are made by corrupt politicians but your getting off topic. This hacker group has caused too much grief on the people of sony and their customers. Sony should have better protection but the hackers have shown me just how depraved humanity can get when faced with boredom. I feel very uncomfortable with those statements.

        • DarthMalnu

          Considering that politicians have been unsuccessful in shutting down video games for a good 20 years, and hackers can do it pretty much any time they want, for fun… I’m gonna go with the suits on this one.

        • Slew

          yup Im def showing all your posts to sony after this fag boy

      • crazysnake

        actually, hacking is not wrong no matter what. There can be ethical hacking. Say a tyrant was taking over the world and oppressing people, would it be wrong to hack his networks and shutdown his messages? if there are no hackers on the side of “good”, bad hackers can do anything they want. Its the “good” hackers that make our security programs and protect all our electronic data. So DON’T condemn hacking.

        • Howl-Direwolf

          sorry crazysnake but i dont agree with what ur saying hacking is wrong no matter what light it is in. the meaning of hacking=is an itrusion of systems and any one that condones hacking should be ashamed of themselves.

  • scorpy

    sorry but i hope it happends. sony is a major corperation that does nothing but steal ideas from nintendo and other companies then parade around like they invented it. i think what the hackers are getting out of it is what people are doing whining crying and acting like little babies. before the psn and xbox live there was pc online gaming which still today is 100 times better then both of those console networks.

    • Meatsweats

      What exactly did Sony steal? The motion sensor? That was Sony’s idea that they had before Nintendo did, but diddn’t utilize untill they saw the popularity off the Wii…

  • Andy

    For Christ sake, these losers need to give it a rest – if we dont know who they are what possible joy could they get from this? Don’t they realise that thousands of us have just spent our hard earned cash on Portal 2 and are not getting our money’s worth because we can’t get online? It really is pathetic and I hope these nerds go to jail for it. “Steve the computer hacker, meet Big Joe – he’s in here because he killed his wife and he don’t like weedy little fellows with glasses.”

    Kick his arse Big Joe!

  • Gunloc

    I just want to clarify this to people that PSN wasn’t hacked it was only SOE that was hack not PSN there to different things.

    We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named “Anonymous” with the words “We are Legion.”

  • Gunloc

    And it wasn’t a second attack on Sony!.

    Updated Story: A SOE spokesperson provided additional clarification on this security breach in relation to the PlayStation Network breach last month:

    While the two systems are distinct and operated separately, given that they are both under the SONY umbrella, there is some degree of architecture that overlaps. The intrusions were similar in nature. This is NOT a second attack; new information has been discovered as part of our ongoing investigation of the external intrusion in April.

  • PS3 user

    look its not just one group responsible its both sides of the fence throwing blame. its both sonys fault for not having better security and whoever crippled their systems. i dont like whats happening but it will all come to light when every one figures out whos behind this. and i will say this also whoever hacks something for a living has no life. just my opinion

  • codgamer

    are you f****** serious >__>

  • kippy

    it feels effin great to be on xbox live right about now, hahahaha

  • james

    thats it screw playstation up it unprotected ass im gettin a xbox 360 i love way more games on that system anyway xD like fable and halo !!!!!!!