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Well, it seems whatever was keeping news on the upcoming Thief reboot under wraps has ceased, as new details are arriving en masse. Hot on the heels of a video looking behind the scenes at developer Eidos Montreal comes the first community video from the studio itself.

To talk about Thief means first talking about…the thief, known to gamers around the world as simply ‘Garrett.’ Bringing such a cult antihero to life is no small task, and with their re-imagined stealth adventure, Eidos turned to a brand new actor. Meet the voice, face and body of Thief‘s Garrett: Romano Orzari (White House Down, The Colony).

While the developers are right to be prepared for some fan backlash, since any change in casting is always met by some fans who would prefer to keep the status quo. Of course, Garrett isn’t exactly Solid Snake, so we’ll grant Eidos Montreal a little latitude. Not to say that Garrett’s previous voice actor, Stephen Russell wasn’t accomplished in his own right, but…these games are called reboots for a reason.

And after hearing Romano Orzari’s take on Garrett in Thief’s first cinematic trailer, we can firmly say he’s off to a good start.

Thief Reboot Actor New Garrett

Although fans are likely to have reservations – and rightly so – Eidos Montreal doesn’t seem to be taking their job lightly, and Orzari looks to be as committed to the performance as anyone could expect. What is surprising is just how far along development seems to be, if the studio is already willing to show that motion capture has already gotten underway.

Generally a studio breaking their silence with little more than concept artwork and a plot synopsis means release is a long way away. But perhaps Thief fans looking forward to a next-gen adventure won’t have to wait very long. Well, as long as the hardware manufacturers hold up their end of the deal.

What do you think of Orzari’s casting? Does his voice and approach seem at home with Garrett, or would you have preferred Russell reprise the role? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thief is currently without a release date more specific than 2014, but is expected to launch on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s next console. We’ll keep you updated when the next community video is released.

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  • doc

    Holy crap that guy looks devious. 😀
    Good choice.

  • Will

    “Of course, Garrett isn’t exactly Solid Snake, so we’ll grant Eidos Montreal a little latitude.”


    Do you know WHY Garrett isn’t exactly Solid Snake? Because… THIS JUST HAPPENED! FACT. Can not be argued against. If Eidos would have kept Stephen Russell in for this reboot, re-imagined game, whatever_you_want_to_call_it, Garrett /could/ have been (on the way, at the very least), to being as iconic as Solid Snake. Not anymore. It’s official: Thief died after Thief 2. Any attempt made to breathe life back into the series will, inevitably, fail, due to this single, catastrophic mistake.

    Another caveat here, if you will…

    Just because a character (or person, for that matter!) is not as noticeable as another, famous, does and should NOT dictate that treat he, she and it with any less respect or credit. This article is a pure slap-in-the-face, suck up to Eidos. I pitty you, Andrew Dyce, because you apparently have zero understanding of what all elements factor into /any/ game(s) atmosphere. Here’s a J.D.Roth “Pro Tip” for ya, go back to college and learn about “Video Game Design”.

    Now, go ahead and ban/ block my post, violate my freedom of speech, because I’m not along with the new “status quo.”


  • Katherine

    Romano Orzari is an excellent choice; although I can understand where other Thief players feel that Stephen Russell should reprise Garrett’s role (I would expect the same as well, HOWEVER), Romano Orzari is not bad at his job, voices or otherwise. His work in Assassin’s Creed 2, and it’s short live-action film Assassin’s Creed Lineage, has given him a nice start in the video game business, in my honest opinion…

    I will say that at first I didn’t recognize his voice, because I was use to his Italian accent from AC2, but after hearing it again, and reading this article, I am glad to see him back in the video game biz! He’s a great actor, as Daniel Licht is a great composer (eg. Silent Hill Downpour and Dishonored). I wouldn’t be surprised if another video game company would ask him to voice another of their characters. He’s awesome (and I wouldn’t be surprised if that mo-cap clip we saw in one of the newest Thief trailers was him in the suit!). 😀