‘Thief’ Can Be Completed Without Killing

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Thief 4 Non-Lethal Playthrough

When Thief 4 was unveiled early last week, many gamers were excited to return to the world of Garrett, the series’ eponymous klepto. However, one section of the game’s reveal trailer gave fans pause about new developer Eidos Montreal‘s approach to the franchise.

More specifically, fans were concerned that Thief Game Director Nicolas Cantin was taking the design of Garrett in a different direction. While discussing Garrett, Cantin explained that the team at Eidos Montreal wanted Garrett to feel less Gothic and more “mainstream.”

However, Cantin has come out to set the record straight on Thief, and to put fans at ease. When saying Garrett would be more mainstream and less Gothic, the team at Eidos Montreal were using those terms as a point of comparison between an early iteration of Garrett, one that was a lot more Gothic (i.e. black fingernails).

The Garrett gamers will play as in Thief, on the other hand, will be closer to what fans remember. If you don’t believe us, just check out the first screenshots for the game.

Regardless, there are still some questions fans have regarding Thief, namely how closely this iteration will resemble past games from the franchise. In an interview from last year, Eidos Montreal revealed they were exploring gameplay mechanics beyond straight stealth with Thief.

Rest assured, though, that there will still be plenty of stealth action to go around in this game. Yes, that means players can complete the entire game without ever killing a single soul.

However, a sneaky suspicion tells us that Thief‘s experience will extend to include a more direct approach, similar to Arkane Studio‘s 2012 release Dishonored, a game that was cut from the same cloth as Thief. In that game players could also complete the campaign without killing an enemy, but if they ended up in a tight spot there was never the feeling that all was lost.

That said, if Eidos wanted to go full tilt with Thief , and make the game a fully-fledged stealth experience, we’re sure fans would be equally as pleased. Whether that game will, to borrow Cantin’s phrasing, have a mainstream appeal is another thing.

How would you like to see Thief approach stealth? Will you attempt to play through the game without killing an enemy?

Thief is targeting a 2014 release on the PC, PS4, and other next-gen consoles.

Source: Eidos Blog

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  • Kholdstare89

    Absolutely. Half of the fun of stealth games is attempting to do it without killing.

  • DarthMalnu

    Happy to hear this. Hopefully the non lethal approach will be especially difficult, and infinitely more satisfying like it should be.

  • Rad

    Not too surprising. This is the same studio that “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”. You can do a non-lethal play through in that game (thought it’s REALLY hard) and it isn’t completely a stealth game.

    I’m fairly confident that Eidos Montreal will do a good job with “Thief 4″.

  • http://inuboy1000.webs.com/ Inuboy1000

    Looks great. I’m looking forward to this game. Except I don’t and won’t own a next gen console for a while. If at all aside from Wii U. Maybe I’ll get it on PC.

  • contrarian

    I have a relative that works at Eidos Montreal and she said that Thief 4 will feel more like Assassin’s Creed than the original Thief.

  • Ajith

    But stealth in assassins creed series was never satisfying….:(