‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 3 Trailer & Release Dates

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Across the various representations of The Walking Dead in comic books, television and video games, one common goal that unites the survivors of the zombie apocalypse is a desire to get behind safe walls. In the next episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, ‘In Harm’s Way,’ Clementine and her group decide to change things up a bit by trying to break out of the fort that they’re holed up in.

You can’t really blame them. At the end of the last episode, ‘A House Divided,’ menacing group leader Carver (Michael Madsen) showed his true colors and rounded Clementine and the rest of the survivors up to be returned to the “protection” of his safehouse. The first screenshots from the next episode of the game were released last week, and it’s clear that there are many more hard times ahead.

While Telltale can definitely be faulted for lengthy waits between episodes of the “choice and consequence” episodic series, the releases do tend to come hot on the heels of the trailers for each new installment. And so, with the release of the trailer for The Walking Dead season 2, episode 3, ‘In Harm’s Way,’ Telltale has also announced that the next episode will release on May 13th for PC, Mac and PS3, on May 14th for Xbox 360 and European PS3 systems, and on May 15th for iOS.

The Walking Dead - In Harm's Way - Kenny

A lot goes by quite quickly in this trailer, but there are a few interesting moments that deserve attention. The presence of Bonnie may have already given this away, but the sight of Tavia from the 400 Days DLC standing at Carver’s side with a gun makes it clear that this is the safe haven she promised to the various characters from 400 Days, which means that those characters who ended up following her will likely make an appearance in this episode.

There is a lot being set up in this episode and there are a lot of ways that things could go spectacularly wrong. Make your decisions wisely.

The Walking Dead season 2, episode 3, ‘In Harm’s Way’ is out on May 13th for PC, Mac and PS3, May 14th for Xbox 360 and May 15th for iOS.


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  • lukeperryglover

    Just pointing out the title has a typo. It says the waking dead season 3 episode 3

    • Kesadia

      Thats how your drive people in to read the article hahaha.

  • Ash

    NOT a videogame. Videogames require GAMEPLAY. Not ‘point and click’.

  • Oldfart

    “point and click” not a video game? That is what the first video games were you fool; pac man did not have complicated controls or any story. And we all love it.

    I love this game; its certainly a different kind of video game (anything that is a game on video is a video game xD). It might shock you, but its not ABOUT the gameplay; its about the story. Its about the character you build through the choices, friends, enemies, ect, you make. Its flippin’ genius, and they have been doing a great job. The seasons pull you in just as much as the TV series.

    Who knows what kind of innovations will come out of these successful games. I know many complain about limitations on choices you make, but as telltale has shown, they do nothing but improve every go around. TWAU is fantastic, and I have high hopes for their future endeavors as well.

    So stop crying ya baby, let the adults enjoy themselves.

  • E

    Could be game of the year for ps3!

  • Michael Revis

    I love these games. The episode format, the whole nine. I get into the different variations in gaming where choice and story is the focus. We need more franchises like TWD and TWAU instead of flooding the gaming landscape with the same tired military based FPS Call of Dooky games. Those games have no soul. Just aim your gun, shoot, call out your titan, reload, rinse and repeat. Only choice given is the gun whose trigger you’re pulling. Yawn!!! Memo to the Gaming Industry: More TWD/TWAU, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and hell even L.A. Noire and less COD clones! Ugh!

    • MooseM

      Amen to that. :) Just finished what they have so far in TWAU and I love it just as much as TWD. Haven’t tried Beyond: Two Souls yet but my friend recommended it to me so I’m going to give it a go. :)

  • wesleythewalkingdeadhead

    i love the walking dead i love the game season 1 and season 2. it says the release date is may 13th. well why isnt it on play station network yet. i cant wait to download it :)

    • Cory

      Any word on what time episode 3 will be downloadable

  • Mark

    Ugh. I hope it comes out soon. Anyone know what time

  • Shannon Elizabeth

    Anyone know if there is a set release date for Kindle devices? Amazon only just this last month put up the season 2 app. Like they did with season 1, the first episode is free of charge and is released simultaneously with episode 2 which is available for $4.99. Users can purchase the other episodes as they come out. So they have episodes 1 and 2, but no episode 3 yet. Just curious if anyone knew anything more about the next episode release date for those types of tablets.

  • jenny

    Any one know when amid ruins coming out on the kindle.