‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 2 Screenshot Teases Incoming Release

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Clementine in 'The Walking Dead' season 2

It’s a dangerous world out there, especially if that world happens to be completely infested with zombies. Such is the world of Telltale Games’ critically-acclaimed decision-based drama game series The Walking Dead, which accumulated over 90 ‘Game of the Year’ awards for its first season and is currently continuing the story in a second season.

The Walking Dead season 2 got off to a powerful start with episode 1, ‘All That Remains,’ in which players were reacquainted with a slightly older and more world-weary Clementine and given the option to have her react to her past experiences and present hardships in a number of different ways. With a number of gruesome and shocking moments, not to mention a tense cliffhanger, ‘All That Remains’ did plenty to build up anticipation for episode 2.

It’s been a long two months of waiting, but at the beginning of February Telltale promised that the next chapter of the story was “just around the corner.” Things have been relatively quiet since then, but today the studio teased episode 2, ‘A House Divided’ once again by posting a screenshot on Twitter, in which Clementine is shown getting ready to give a dose of hammer time to an unsuspecting zombie while a horrified Luke tries to stop her.

The Walking Dead season 2, episode 2, 'A House Divided' screenshot

While it’s exciting to see some new material from The Walking Dead, the screenshot doesn’t give away too much about the plot, since bashing zombies in the head is kind of par for the course in the franchise. There is a railway bridge in the background, which raises the possibility that the characters might abandon their safehouse and follow the tracks to a new location, but they could just as easily be on a random scout for resources.

In the preview for ‘A House Divided,’ Clementine was shown meeting someone and saying, “I thought you were dead.”  This could refer to a number of characters who have either had off-screen deaths or have simply detached from the main narrative: Lilly, Kenny and Christa are all potential candidates, but some fans are probably secretly wishing for Lee to come back, no matter how impossible that might be.

Telltale has drawn criticism from some gamers for the long wait between episodes of games like The Wolf Among Us, for which there was a gap of almost four months between the release of the first episode and the second. The Walking Dead might be worth the wait, but let’s hope that “just around the corner” refers to a February release date for ‘A House Divided.’

The Walking Dead season 2, episode 2, ‘A House Divided’ is (hopefully) coming soon.

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  • N7KIRK

    The wait for “A House Divided” is driving me up the wall. Up. The. Wall. The worst part is I know this is just going to happen all over again once episode 2 is done. WHY MUST TWD GAME BE SO GOOD!?

  • Vincent Valdez

    What about glen? He never died on season 1 I’m thinking keeny but then again glens never been nwntioned

    • Matt

      Why would Glen show up? You do realize that’s Glen from the show right?

      • Mike

        You realize that Glen’s from the COMICS, right?

        • Joshua

          It can’t be Glenn, because it’s assumed to take place in the comic’s timeline. Telltale’s TWD Season 2 takes place 20+ months after the day of infection, and by that time Glenn had gotten way the f*** out of Georgia, and even North Carolina where Season 2 seems to take place. In fact, he might’ve already gotten beaten to death by Negan up in the Alexandia Safe-Zone in Washington, DC.

      • Amy

        Because he was also in the game–he was in the first and second parts of season 1–he and Lee were at the drugstore and he left the group to go to Atlanta after they secured the motor inn

        • Amy

          I forgot to mention in my earlier comment though; as cool as it would be, I’d be really surprised if they let Glenn have another cameo, because then the game and the show would have to sync up–i caught one slight (Sooo slight) reference to the game in the show though! While they were still living at the prison (after it had been developed nicely and Rick was farming and stuff) Michonne was studying a map trying to figure out the Governers movements, and traced her finger down a road to Macon. (I’ve been hoping for a fake newspaper in the background with a story about Lee Everett going to jail, but no dice yet).

  • http://google Trent

    Lee is my hopeful but in reality I think it’s kenny

    • Sinead

      Ah if only it was Lee, but then again, Lee died [As much as I wish he didn’t] Personally I also think its Kenny! I hope so, I love that dude! But like they say it could be Lily or Christa either hm….

    • Jimmy

      What about Molly? She did left Savannah in one piece… Still, personaly I vote for Glenn…

  • FalloutMan

    I heard a rumor from a source that episode 2 won’t be released until April (which if it is the case, why does TallTale make the claim that episodes will be released once every 4 to 6 weeks?)

  • UpstateSC

    It can’t be kenny. There’s a scenario in season 1 where kenny dies in the alley right in front of Lee while trying to help that kid. Whoever it is, it has to be someone who doesn’t die no matter what in season 1. Lilly would be the obvious one, but then again it may be too obvious and a bit anticlimatic.

  • Vik

    “I thought your were dead cliffhanger”I think is referring to Christa.She was the only one that her death was undefined in “All that remains”.
    Maybe someone will from the next episodes will give some light on the fate of Lily and Kenny.

  • Carla

    Any idea when the new download will be