‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 2 is Arriving Soon

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'Clementine' looks at a photo of Lee in 'The Walking Dead'

There are quite a few positive sides to episodic video games, a format that is becoming increasingly popular as gamers become more and more attracted to digital distribution platforms rather than buying physical copies of games.  The average video game will run the same length of time as a season of a TV series, rather than a feature film, and so episodic release can be advantageous for developers who want to tell a story in several chapters.

Episodic gaming also has some benefits for the players, providing gameplay in healthy 2-hour chunks and also giving them the opportunity to buy just the first episode to see if they enjoy it, rather than getting the whole lot at once. One of the downsides of paying for a full season up front, however, is having to wait an indeterminate and often drawn-out time for the next episode. Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is out tomorrow, but it’s been a long four month wait for players who are impatient to find out what happens next.

Now another Telltale Games title is apparently nearly ready for its next installment. Telltale has announced on Twitter that episode 2 of The Walking Dead‘s second season is “just around the corner” and promised more information soon. The new trailer for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 was announced less than a week before its set release dates, which in turn were announced less than a week in advance, so if The Walking Dead follows a similar pattern we could see a trailer and a release of season 2, episode 2 in quick succession.

The Walking Dead - still not bitten

The announcement was accompanied by the above image of The Walking Dead season 2’s slightly older and tougher Clementine with her defiant statement: “Still. Not. Bitten.” Game Rant reviewed the episode, “All That Remains,” and we highly recommend it to anyone who fell in love with the game’s first season.

Clementine – who was previously in the guardianship of season 1’s protagonist, Lee – has taken center stage as the playable character of season 2 and has already faced down a multitude of struggles and dangers in her quest to survive the harsh world of zombie-ridden America. “All That Remains” ended on a tense cliffhanger and we’re very excited to find out what happens next.

Share your thoughts on Telltale’s release schedules in the comments: do you enjoy the anticipation that builds up between each episode, or would you rather just get each season in one big chunk?

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 is right around the corner… or so we’re told.


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  • Alter

    per episode is nice cause you can get the suspense though that does go away a few week after the would be episode

    • Andrés

      Four months later and I’ve already forgotten about suspense.

      • frank


      • Aasgo

        That’s appropriate for The Wolf Among Us, not The Walking Dead. So post it at a page which talks about TWAU

        • Andrés

          It’s relevant because it’s the same company developing both games. It’s entirely possible more delays will occur.

  • steffan

    I don’t mind waiting a little but 4 months is way too long. I don’t want to have to wait more than 3 weeks to a month.

  • http://google Yonder

    Yes it’s very very long and hard,in fact too long to take,but its so big and juicy I’ve got to have it the suspense is all too much.

    • Alky

      I see. And what are your thoughts about the game? lol

  • frank

    i love the game but would definitely prefer to have it all at once. ill decide whats a healthy timeframe of game play.

  • mchype

    Its good that there finally releasing episode 2 of wolf among us its about time i really hope for episode 3 they dont take another four months cause i like telltale games but the delays it has to stop dont take Four months to release one episode it kills the interest in the game.

  • dethfuse

    I hope this game gets a platinum and a sale soon.

  • Alky

    Jus bought the season pass, but take note telltale games, if that girl dies, I may give season 3 a miss!

  • Dee

    I seriously hope this long wait is a one off, can’t be doing with being patient wish I was a time lord

  • Karlee

    When is the official date episode 2 of the walking dead season 2 game Come out

    • juan

      thats the thing, they say around the corner… if u’ve been around long enough , you know what around the corner means. lol

    • http://gamerant Kirsten

      Hey karlee I too wanna know when it comes out I found a site that said march 5th but it’s still nowhere to be found.. I keep checking amazon but still nothing in.. Let me know of your able to find it and I’ll do same for you. :)

  • juan

    I can’t wait for this next ep., ugh!!!!!!!

  • DimpSpit

    “Healthy 2 hour chunks”? Not one episode of the first walking dead game justified waiting that long to play for just two hours. I believe that they either need to increase the length of gameplay, or decrease the wait time. Don’t get me wrong, the game was great, but think of your favorite video game. For example, GTA 5. Imagine the moment you got to play as Michael for the first time, the game was over and you had to wait 3-6 months to begin with the new character. On top of that, you have the job of making the first few moments of gameplay so spectacular that every person that picked it up would want to wait 3-6 months just to continue. I myself, completely lost interest in the game knowing I had to wait so long. Eventually the full game came out on hard copy for a fraction of the price to pay for it individually. If you pay for the season pass, you’re in it no matter what. Regardless if you like it or not.

  • Scott

    I love the game walking dead. I just want to know when the next episode is coming out. I can wait 1 month between episodes, but not much longer than that.

  • Midori

    I have been waiting since December for this Season 2, Episode 2 to come. I am dying from the overkill of anticipation. I cannot wait any longer. I want to be able to play it while I still can. Before my school work begins to pick up.

  • Midori

    Release The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 already! You have posted “Coming Soon” for two months now. Your worse than an one minute man!

  • Effi

    I bought a season-pass for 2nd season on my birthday, but when I started season one– it was already all out. I didn’t know about the wait or anything…My fault. I bought it, and now I realize, I can’t play what I bought, and the worst part– it they keep this up, we won’t be able to finish till 2015!

  • Sarah

    started playing season 1 last thursday and iv been waiting t carry on with the second season since sunday!! driving me nuts!!

    • http://gamerant Kirsten

      Hey Sarah I found a site that said it’s released early march around the 5th bit still can’t be found. I’ve been checking amazon but still nothing I wrote to em and they said they haven’t no plans getting it in yet! If you find it anywhere let me know and I’ll do same for you :)

  • http://gamerant Kirsten

    Please update about it’s release if you have one I heard it was around March 5th on xbox 360 but still nothing.. amazon has said they have no plans on getting it soon! :( how can a date be set for release when it hasn’t been released on that date?!

  • Crystal Morris

    I Want the whole thing at once. It’s frustrating to get to play for such a short little bit of time and then having to wait for the next one to come out. I really enjoy the storyline though.