‘The Walking Dead: Episode 2′ Gets A Release Date

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The Walking Dead Episode Two Release Date

Lee Everett’s story is slated to continue this week. Telltale Games finally dropped the release dates for The Walking Dead: Episode Two, entitled Starved for Help, and they’re much sooner than anyone expected. Gamers playing on Xbox Live can continue Lee Everett’s story tomorrow, while PC and PS3 owners will be able to play their respective editions this Friday.

The first episode, which focused on building relationships with other survivors and making quick, life-changing decisions, proved to be a well-written and entertaining title, and a massive hit with fans of the franchise. Starved For Help starts off three months after the end of Episode One, with the crew having taking refuge in an old motel. With their food supply officially at its end and more survivors seeking refuge, Lee will be facing several decisions which are guaranteed to upset some members of the group, and possibly sever relations beyond a state of repair as push ultimately comes to shove.

We got a chance to preview Episode 2 at E3 2012, and the first twenty minutes of Starved For Help proved to be a gritty, dramatic and well-written taste of what will come to consoles and PCs everywhere later this week. Moral dilemmas will further shape the choices gamers make, the outcome of which later becomes data Telltale Games will use to design the next episodes, ensuring that popular choices have game-changing consequences.

The Walking Dead Episode Two SurvivorsWhether to try and save people – or leave them to certain death – will be a choice you’ll have to make in Episode Two.

Episode Two was expected to release in late May, but development for the game evidently took much longer than anticipated. With such a massive reception for the first episode, Telltale Games was surely under a lot of pressure to make the second episode shine — but when each episode is supposedly hinged on monthly releases, doubling the production time is sure to irk fans of the game. Hopefully, Telltale will push through some overtime and have the third episode (ironically titled Long Road Ahead) release on-time.

We’ll have a review for The Walking Dead: Episode Two up this Friday. If you haven’t played The Walking Dead yet, you can buy each episode individually or simply purchase a Season Pass to get all five episodes, three of which are still to be released.

Will you be playing The Walking Dead this week? What do you think will take place in Starved For Help?

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 releases June 27 for Xbox 360, June 29 for PS3 and PC.

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  • Dmdragon

    Ps3 release date is the 29th not the 20th as per your article

    • Mike

      It says “The Walking Dead: Episode 2 releases June 27 for Xbox 360, June 29 for PS3 and PC.” At the end of the Article.

    • mark

      it clearly states at the end of the the article, XBOX 360 on the 27th and PS3 on the 29th, congratulations your an idiot.

      • justbill2020

        @mark… you’re*..

        In other news… What do they mean “Telltale Games finally dropped the release dates for The Walking Dead: Episode Two, entitled Starved for Help, and they’re much sooner than anyone expected”? I’ve been expecting episode two since the end of May. Considering that it was released at the end of April and its supposed to be released monthly! I really don’t like the fact Telltale Games is just ignoring all the complaints they have been getting regarding this! Great customer service!

        • AmazonKendall

          I highly doubt that Telltale is ignoring the complaints. Who’s to say that something didn’t impede their progress? I’m sure they are working hard in order to bring us the games as fast as they can. Problems arise commonly in game development. Deal with it.

          • Zuul36

            So, no one is ever supposed to complain about something they paid for in advance (Season pass)?

            Problems do arise commonly in game development, but the developer normally lets the fans know of said development setback. TellTale was very quiet on their own boards about the delay in their release of episode 2.

            I’m fine with there being setbacks, it happens… but let the fanbase KNOW what is going on, that’s all most of us are asking.

          • Gazman333

            Hey don’t tell him to deal with it. It says monthly and Tailtale hasn’t said a single thing about why it was a month late. If it was monthly episode 3 would be out by now.

  • Burn2457

    I like the first one and waiting for the second on friday.

  • beastly

    All I know is that as long as it’s taken them to release this the game better be longer than 3 hours. That was really dissapointing that it was so short. And no I don’t want to u play it over and over answering in diff ways. Crossing my fingers for a long episode 2 !

    • http://gamerant.com John Jacques

      It seemed around a similar length to Episode One, but had a lot more adrenaline-packed scenes.