‘The Last of Us: Complete Edition’ For PS4 Revealed By Online Retailer

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The Last of Us Easter Eggs

It seems like almost a monthly occurrence for online retailers to inadvertently shed light on the impending announcement of highly sought-after releases. Following GameStop’s possible posting of Batman: Arkham Knight‘s release date just weeks ago, it looks as though The Last of Us may be getting a similar treatment courtesy of Spanish retailer XtraLife.

Considered by many to be one of the PS3’s most poignant swan songs, gamers have been yearning to see The Last of Us make the transition to next-gen ever since its release. With the reveal that a PS4 release of the game is still a very real possibility, that previous hope was renewed. Now as if on cue, a listing for The Last of Us: Complete Edition has appeared on XtraLife’s website. As of the time of writing though, the link simply redirects to the site’s homepage.

While the listing itself on the site’s PS4 page seems to be offline, the ad for this next-gen release notes that it comes equipped with a ‘knapsack gift.” Whether this promotional item is exclusive to XtraLife or will be available to wider audiences should this listing prove true still remains to be seen, however the prospect of a “Complete Edition” is something that should excite gamers.

The Last Of Us Complete Edition Backpack

As stated in the recent rumor that The Last of Us’ PS4 release could come this summer, the game’s critically-acclaimed DLC “Left Behind” would be a logical inclusion in a PS4 re-release of the game. If the rumored PS4 version of The Last of Us does in fact come to fruition, this idea of a “Complete Edition” would make the most sense, especially after the successful and impressive re-release of Tomb Raider on next-gen consoles.

Whether this listing is simply wishful thinking or an accidental early posting of a yet-to-be-announced product, there’s no doubt that a next-gen release of Naughty Dog’s award-winning PS3 title is almost as exciting as the prospect of another iteration in the series. With E3 just around the corner, one of, if not both of these possibilities could very well become realities. In the wait that precedes the event though, rumors such as these should still be taken with a grain of salt – at least until official word from Sony or Naughty Dog is involved.

Do you think Sony will reveal The Last of Us: Complete Edition at this year’s E3? What improvements and additional content would you like to see included?


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  • Andrés

    Could we have a PC release, pretty please?

    • Dethfuse

      Why? So it could be pirated and modded?

      • Andrés

        So more people could play this game?

        • Dethfuse

          Do you not understand the point of an exclusive is?

          • Andrés

            Titanfall is an Xbox exclusive and is also on PC.

          • Dethfuse

            Titanfall is a console exclusive. Last of us is an exclusive. Completely different.

          • Steven

            Titanfall is not console exclusive. It is on pc and Xbox(both owned by Microsoft). And The Last of Us will only be on Playstation because Playstation owns Naughty Dog(the development team that made The Last of Us).

      • X32WaysToDie

        Funny thing about that, console games are pirated just as much as PC games, and have been for years… so your argument is invalid. Educate yourself.

        • Dethfuse

          Yea nice try retard. Do a Google search on game pirating at let me know what you find.

          • Andrés

            Actually, console games are pirated even earlier because retail copies have to be shipped out earlier for launch.

          • JonBoy

            I found a retard named Dethfuse.


    I want this to be true so badly! I’ve put off buying “Left Behind” and a second playthrough in hopes that I’ll be able to pick up a next gen Version on PS4.. I did exactly the same with Tomb Raider, will definitely Double Dip for TLOU.

  • COREY_1993

    please change the cover. i have the ps3 version already so a cover change would be good.

    • http://zrwebcomic.blogspot.com themysteryman

      I agree.. While I love the cover, it needs to be different

  • naz

    I swear if this is true I would rather have this and divorce my wife because this game makes me happier then she does.

    • Amjad

      Lol i have the same feeling

  • 8888

    I played 3 hours of this game then deleted it. It’s not bad, but I’ve seen everything it had to offer in too many other games. If you’ve haven’t played many survival/horror/stealth games before then you’ll probably have a blast. But, I’ve played so many of these types of games that I was bored pretty quick. The story seemed interesting and the tension from the music felt correct. The gameplay was just…. it needed improvement. Too similar to so many other games. 6/10