‘The Avengers’ Marvel Tie-In Game is No More

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The Avengers Video Game

[Update: Check out the canceled Avengers game screenshots here!]

2011 saw two Marvel Studios blockbusters hit theaters to relative critical and financial success, but each also saw a crappy video game tie-in that rightfully didn’t earn as much love. We are of course,  speaking of the Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger movies, films that told the origin tales of each Avenger, and each that got a tie-in game with a standalone story: Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldier, respectively. Thor is a contender for worst game of the year, but Captain America actually offered something partially worth trying out for fun.

With The Avengers debuting next summer, the biggest film in the franchise to date, we’re all dreading the obligatory tie-in game that would poop on that brand name and potential such a property offers. From what we’re hearing now though, there may not even be a tie-in game for The Avengers anymore…

Kotaku had the scoop moments ago which indicated that THQ’s Brisbane studio, the developer working on The Avengers, may be shutting its doors today. They received an inside bit of info last night which explained that development on the game simply wasn’t working out and that it’s not been going well for a while.

Whether or not that was the case, THQ just confirmed that this studio, along with Blu Tongue (de Blob) and another are being shut down, affecting over 200 employees. Not good news for the industry or THQ, who just put an end to the Red Faction and MX vs. ATV franchises.

Focusing on the one high-profile game we knew was in development, if the plan for The Avengers game was for it to be ready for release alongside the movie next May then good riddance (not for the studio being closed, but for the game being canned). It’s better for gamers, for fans and for the long-term health of the brand for a rushed, low-budget tie-in throwaway game to not even exist.

Marvel The Avengers Video Game Characters

Marvel’s The Avengers – Potential Video Game Characters

If Marvel wants a good game for The Avengers, let a development team have the time and space they need to make a quality game first – not a timely game first – and we’ll go from there (see: Batman: Arkham Asylum). Forget tying it in with the release of the movie – it’s unnecessary and unwanted.

Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldier – each one tried and pretended to be something different, something “good” and every single one failed. Don’t do that to The Avengers – there’s too much potential for a great 4-player co-op action-RPG a la X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

We’re disappointed and saddened to see theses studios and IPs go away, but we are not sad to see The Avengers game seize development, assuming that license and related assets hasn’t moved. As one of our recent Game Rant Minutes explained, movie tie-ins shouldn’t exist, so we’ll let you know more as we learn more.

The Avengers movie hits theaters May 4, 2012.

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Source: Kotaku

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  • Nick

    “It’s better for gamers, for fans and for the long-term health of the brand for a rushed, low-budget tie-in throwaway game to not even exist.”

    No kidding. I’d much rather see a new make of the early 90’s arcade game Captain America and The Avengers than some tie-in game that’s only going to be thrashed by critics and fans before ending up trashed in the discount bin of misbegotten games.

  • jwalka

    its simple DON’T GET SEGA TO MAKE YOUR TIE IN GAMES, seriously, they suck at everything they do, both in terms of programming and animations/design.

    an avengers game similar to marvel ultimate alliance would have been cool – every character has their purpose (hawkeye for ranged, ironman for hacking, capt for plat-forming etc) but alas, it wont be hapening

    • TheAvenger

      I agree

  • TheAvenger

    Jees Rob! That was some heavy bashing IMO 😉
    I agree that if the game’s gonna be bad it shouldn’t be made, but for all we know it could have been a huge success! (Even though the evidence so far has proven otherwise.)

    I just hope Marvel realizes now that they should get quality publishers/developers to make their games (i.e. not SEGA). If Marvel were to invest a bit more money in these games… then who knows!

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      5 Failed marvel movie tie-ins in a row. Not going to give it a chance.

      Have someone make Ultimate Alliance 3 instead.

      • TheAvenger

        I’m also crossing fingers for MUA3. But they would have to have A LOT more characters and a LOT more costumes… make the game longer and make each character’s individual powers a bit better.

  • Ignur_Rant

    They should make a four-way co-op game on a 3D battlefield. Sorta like The Hulk Ultimate Destruction/Spiderman 3 open enviornment but also destructible. Each player would have their own storyline and some sort of survival level and spec ops esque objective based mission with all four heroes together.

    Cap would have a Leadership bonus giving everyone a extra strength and call in SHIELD back-up.

    Thor would put the butt of his hammer down causing ultimate destruction or a mega lightning storm taking out a large portion of air support.

    Ironman would have mega charged unibeam capable of taking out whole buildings and the ability to call the Hulkbuster armor for a limited time.

    Hulk’s bonus would be some incredible smash and juggernant mode lol

    The hardest thing about this game would to create a balance so that each character had certain strengths and weakness making each character great on their own but unstoppable together. I would like it to be based on the movie counterparts with some classic skins thrown in their. Take your time and make a great game. It come a whole extra year from the Avengers movie and still sell great if well done especially with the co-op replay value and possible downloadable content.