‘The Avengers’ Game Might Be Developed By Ubisoft

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Avengers Game In Development Ubisoft

Don’t take any of this report as concrete fact, but considering the amount of buzz surrounding the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s becoming more and more absurd that a video game isn’t being made to capitalize on the film’s success. So perhaps Ubisoft‘s registration of a new Avengers domain name may, in fact, confirm the inevitable tie-in has already begun to  be planned.

With every previous Marvel superhero film being accompanied by its own tie-in game – and the often insulting quality with which they were made – seeing the company take a bit of a break was certainly a relief. It seems like years ago that THQ’s failed Avenger‘s game was revealed and in the time since the movie has made up for any lack of gamer hype.

But the overwhelming success of the film, both critically and financially, must have the creative minds at Marvel thinking about just how much money was left on the table without a multiplatform game to tie in. So perhaps the discovery of an Avengers domain registration by the sleuths at Fusible shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

The domain in question, “avengersbattleforearth.com” sounds like a video game title if we’ve ever heard one, and is apparently tied directly to Marvel. What is most interesting is that the domain is registered on Ubisoft’s nameservers, implying a connection with the developer that has not been hinted at before.

Avengers Game Thor Skrull

Concept Image From Cancelled 'Avengers' Tie-In

Obviously this registration is anything but a confirmation, but Marvel did make it clear after THQ’s failed attempts that they were open to new game “opportunities” should they present themselves. Perhaps the quality of the film’s writing and story have convinced the company that the time has come to stop developing superhero shovelware, and do their characters’ video game incarnations justice.

A connection to Ubisoft is a strong sign that Marvel is hoping to achieve similar levels of critical and financial success, and if that’s the case, we couldn’t be happier. Aside from the fact that the gaming crowd has proven that they can’t be fooled by terrible movie tie-ins, we’ve long argued that comic book characters simply must have their own games.

What would you like to see from a potential Ubisoft Avengers game? Open world environments in squad-based combat, or something similar to what THQ was producing?

We’ll keep you up to date with any news concerning ‘The Avengers: Battle For Earth.’

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  • Jonathan

    I don’t know about this. I haven’t seen too many good movie-based video games and that worries me, due to the Avengers being so amazing and so popular. Ubisoft would need to do such an over-the-top job for this game to even compare to the movie or comics. If they did create this game, i think it would be in their best interest to make a game based on the comic, as it would allow them for a bigger story and a less-linear game.

    • Glandor

      well, the primary issue I find with movie based games is that they rush it to make sure it comes out alongside the movie. They’d theoretically be able to take as much time as they needed here.

    • jwalka

      watch the pre-alpha gameplay for this then eat your words b/c the game actually looked good (for pre-alpha). the only issue would be players fighting the skrull when they had nothing to do with the movie, unless this is just an avengers game and not a complete tie in. or it is a tie in but they stretch the story a little to kill time (like they did with the spiderman games).

      • jwalka

        this is the preview i was talking about (like the video says it’s an early build of the game so dont get your panties tied up over it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnaF9PSqER8

      • Robert

        Technically, those were Skrulls in the movie. They were from the Ultimates Universe were they go by a different name.

  • KeF

    they need to stop making games that are based on the movies and just make a game with its own story

    • Thor_Fan


    • jwalka

      watch the video i posted above, it seems like the only resemblance the game might have to the movie is the team uniting since they’re fighting various forms of the skrull (which they didn’t do in the movie).

      • Agent Tom

        Except that video is for THQ’s canceled game, not the one Ubisoft may be working on.

        • Agent Tom

          Also, after seeing the video, I’m glad that was canceled… it looks awful. Plus, I can’t stand 1st person for that kind of game. Something like the Avengers isn’t primarily a shooter game, so it should be in 3rd person.

          • jwalka

            who said they can’t/wont be using assets from thq’s version ?

            and like i said earlier that was work in progress, i can guarantee that if they had the chance they would have made the melee combat more dynamic and had smoothed everything out – pre-alpha = rough idea of what direction the game is going in.

    • andrew


  • Stark Industries

    “Just as long as SEGA isn’t involved!” (They really jacked my games up!) ~ Stark